ABU!/Style Warrior Tee & Hoody Offer

Ladies and gentlemen, in conjunction with STYLE WARRIOR I am very pleased to announce that as from today there is a brand-new ABU! t-shirt available to purchase.

Featuring the much-loved and iconic font as found on many NYC b-boy and DJ crews in the 1970s, STYLE WARRIOR have given it their unique spin and have produced a perfect design for the ABU! massive.

Not only just a tee but also up for grabs is a top-quality hoody in the same colours and design which will be perfect for wearing during those nippy Autumn evenings.

Available in a range of sizes, head over to http://www.stylewarrior.co.uk/abu-shirt/ now to make your purchase as with all Style Warrior stuff, this is a pre-order item only. Plus you need to order ASAP as they will only be available for a limited time. In fact you have until Sunday 12th July to order. After that the option to buy is gone.

A big supa-dope shout to Martin @Style Warrior for the fresh designs.

You know you need one of these. Remember what happened when the original ABU! shirts sold out? Don't let it happen again!

Order NOW!


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships 2010

In case you didn't know, this year's Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships are currently taking place all over the world.
Now in its 15th year, the UK B-Boy Championships features the world’s best solo breakers, poppers, lockers and B-Boy crews from across the globe, including the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Holland and Scandinavia.

Before the finals, eight international eliminations take place where breakers compete to represent their country at the finals in October at London’s Brixton Academy .
Channel 4 is currently the road and filming footage from the qualifiers, as well as giving insight into the culture of B-Boy.

Some facts about the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships
  1. This is the 15th Anniversary of The B-Boy Champs.
  2. The 2009 winning crew ‘Endangered Species’ from the USA , appeared at the Oscars.
  3. The Prodigy used a photo from the B-Boy champs for the cover of the ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ single.
  4. The Championships has its own TV series on Channel 4.
  5. 2001 winner and superstar b-boy ‘Crumbs’, taught Justin Timberlake how to B-Boy.
  6. The B-boy Champs has its own video game called ‘B-Boy’.
  7. It is the biggest ‘All Battle’ competition in the world.
  8. Asics make the official ‘B-Boy’ sneaker.
  9. New Era make a bespoke B-boy Champs Cap.
  10. The most successful nation at the Champs is Korea.
  11. UK crew ‘Second To None’ won the first 2 B-Boy Champs.
  12. Host Crazy Legs is the most famous b-boy in the world, appearing in numerous movies and performing for the Queen.
  13. The winner of the Popping Battle at the 2007 Championships ‘Salah’ went on to win the French version of Britain’s Got Talent.
Big shout to Joe Conzo.
More news when we have it.


Official Website
Facebook Group Page
Youtube Page

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Holiday Break

Even Ageing B-Boys need a break.
See you in a week!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

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