Saturday, 28 July 2012

ABU! Disco Scratch Takeover Show - July 2012

It was the last Thursday of the month so it was Podcast-time just the other day.

After the initial two tracks I decided to carry on the show with a continuous mix with some Hardnoise, Strafe and Chuck Chillout amongst others.
The DJ Track Of The Month was taken from Biz Markie's Goin Off album from 1988 and is Cool V's Tribute To Scratching which was of course, Cool V's turn to shine. There was another version released on Hot Chillin' a little while ago but I have to keep things original here and so used the album version.

The Album Spotlight is provided by The Pharcyde and taken from their great debut, 'Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde' from 1993 (Delicious Vinyl). Many thanks to Jim Cee for suggesting the tracks this month.

And of course, this month there was a special guest in the house. Regular listeners to Disco Scratch Radio will no doubt be familiar to one Schnoogly Boom Boom McCutiekins who is the producer of such hits as Puff Outta Tipton and his recent Fluff Tipton.
Now I say he was a guest "in the house" but in fact he was not actually live in the flesh but rather live via a Skype conversation. Therefore I cannot tell you what he really looks like.

So, all this plus various classic hip hop and Electro oddities await you in this month's edition. And I must mention that ABU! was blessed with two voicemails from two separate celebrities; one from K-Sly who gave us a really great drop for the show; the other was from Bionic of the London Posse who gave us a brief insight into the harsh pitfalls of living with Rodney P.

Disco Scratch and ABU! will now be taking a break for the summer with no live shows until September 6th when Waxer will return for the regular Thursday evenings.

The download for Thursday's podcast is below.
Left-click the Play Button and listen. Right-click and choose 'Save As' to download it for later.


EDIT: The tracklisting has been added to the Comments below.
Also this month's show contains some NSFW content due to the special guest ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dopeness...who is the fine specimen in the photo?

Repo said...

That, my anonymous friend, is none other than the gorgeous Rachel Riley from Channel 4's Countdown.

Anonymous said...

Great tracks, great show! Thanks for playing the entire track!!!

Repo said...

01 Above The Law - Untouchable
02 Poor Righteous Teachers - Shakiyla (Vocal)
03 Hardnoise - Mice In The Presence Of The Lion
04 Strafe - Set It Off
05 Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip - Rhythm Is The Master
06 Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalise Mine
07 Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
08 World Class Wreckin Cru - House Calls
09 (III) Most Wanted - Nitty Gritty (For Agent Finch)
10 Wu Tang Clan - Method Man

DJ Track Of The Month
11 Biz Markie - Cool V's Tribute To Scratching
12 Jungle Brothers - On The Run
13 K-Solo - Real Solo, Please Stand Up

In Interview - Schnoogly Boom Boom McCutiekins
14 Akinyele - In Your Mouth
15 NWA - Just Don't Bite It
16 Schnoogly - Puff Outta Tipton

17 Kid 'n' Play - Last Night

Album Spotlight - The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride To The Pharcyde
18 The Pharcyde - Passing Me By
19 The Pharcyde - Ya Mama

20 Latin Rascals - Disorderly Conduct

The Funk Trunk
21 Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra
22 Cymande - Brothers On The Slide

23 JVC Force - Stop-N-Listen

Roots Of The Roots
24 Hot Butter - Popcorn

25 Fab Five Freddy & BeeSide - Change The Beat (For Patti 'A')
26 Point Blank MC's - Hard To The Body
27 Sway & King Tech - Follow 4 Now (for Wock)
28 Big Daddy Kane - Rap Summary [Lean on Me]
29 Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul

ramses said...

Dope as ever Ben, the interview with Shnoogly & the Puff Outta Tipton track were a comedy masterclass plus I never tire of listening to House Calls and Brothers on the Slide. Also think that Kool Chip/Chuck Chillout LP is very underrated, although I must say I've never much liked Last Night.

Question: who is it that says "yes!" at the start of the ABU theme? Sounds familiar...

Have a great summer old son!

Repo said...

Indeed, Mark. I don't think I ever play much Wreckin Crew which is a shame as they were THE West Coast group I remember being really into at that time. If it didn't have heavy, rhythmic breathing in the tune then fugeddaboutit. And I do like a bit of DMX drums.

And that mystery voice at the beginning of the ABU theme is none other than comedy-Hobbit Bill Bailey. It's from one of his live shows I have on dvd.
Damn. Letting the secrets out... ;-)

ramses said...

Ah, thought it sounded familiar. Yes, I like this "Bill Bailey" of yours.

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