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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Madness THIS SATURDAY!

That's right, there's just THREE days to go until the inaugural ABU & Disco Scratch summer bash which is taking place in Broadstairs, Kent.

It's just a tenner a ticket which will give you access to home-cooked, fresh from the butcher, lovingly-BBQ-ed, majestic grub, luscious surroundings, similar-minded hip hop folks, the ultimate no-attitude time to be had by all.
Their is a trampoline and waterslide for the younger ones and don't forget about the hip hop quiz - names will be picked out of a hat to ensure fairness.
And of course the music. Your kids are encouraged to either bring records of their own or we can check our vast ABU/DS library if you prefer to pick out tracks.
Their will be Rapaoke and Scratchaoke games to participate in. Exercise your mic or finger skills and win the adoration of the crowd!

That means that 11pm Thursday 20th June will be your very last chance to get your ticket.
Both myself and Waxer would really love to see as many of you as possible here.

And to those who have already bought their tickets.....see you there!

Ticket Choices:

We pride ourselves on being by the people for the people. This event is for you and others like you. It is by no means a money-making venture (unlike certain other events happening at a similar date being led by a charismatic, cult leader with a horde of brainwashed followers!)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The ABU!/DS Summer Madness Bash

Well, we've both talked about it, chewed the fat and given you hints but now both myself (Repo) and Waxer can finally give you the whole damn skinny on the event of the summer.

The date is Saturday June 22nd, the event is Summer Madness where you will find yourself maxing and relaxing in the company of other like-minded members of the whole Ageing B-Boys and Disco Scratch fraternity.
You need no reminding of how exactly it is that we roll. We put on no airs or graces and refuse to take the whole hip hop mindset as seriously as we may have once done as an angry young African Medallian-wearing teenager.
Just like the evening surely will be at Summer Madness, the mood is mellow now and all we want to do is kick back and chill with a cool bottle, can or glass of our favourite tipple, chinwag and listen to some great, classic hip hop and cot-damn funky breaks.
Whilst there you will be chatting to people that previously you may have only communicated with in the Disco Scratch chatroom but now you can see what they are like in person!
Pull up a chair, discuss the finer points of nodding your head on the up or downbeat with JimCee and Bit; discover just what goes into preparing the finest cookies with LG's Biscuit Roulette;  ask Mrs Waxer in person if it is actually a diploma or a degree? The sky really is the limit, folks.

We have purposefully decided NOT to call this event a jam because we are not booking any acts to perform. However due to the spontaneity of this culture we love (not live, c'mon unless you're Westwood) then if anyone feels like dropping some lyrical outpourings on the mic then, just like Aviva Insurance, we got your back.
We have plans for you all to get interactive up in here should you wish to. Two activities that are designed to keep you steppin', brother man, are Rap Karaoke and Scratch-aoke. Get on the microphone as the liquid refreshment is the key to unlock that patter you've kept locked in your dome for 20 years and unleash it over a familiar beat.
Drop that famous scratch you've practiced so many times over your favourite tune. Scratch like Eric B and win a prize!

Summer Madness will also bring to you something that Waxer and myself feel is almost unheard of, especially around hip hop circles.
This is an effort to get family together. The Disco Scratch Thursday Night Wives are cordially invited, nay, begged to attend this gathering. And not only that but if you have kids then WE WANT THE SHORTIES!
Yes, we are proud to give you a special event that will give your kids the opportunity to shine and be a part of the day. For two hours the music selection will be provided by the dj's of tomorrow. Your cherished offspring can play 4 or 5 tunes each and get a taste of what being behind the wheels of steel with a booming system is like. Don't have vinyl? We have Traktor. We got your tunes. We taking care of bidness, yo.

The sun will shine. And what else do we need to keep the funk flowing? This party needs a Hip Hop Pub Quiz, you say? Way ahead of you, tough guy. Like the J-Beez, we got it like that. Teams of 4 are needed here - however Whirlwind D is in a team of one, possibly bound and gagged to let everyone else in with a chance. Drop the knowledge and prove to your missus that all those years of reading vinyl run-out grooves have certainly not been in vain.

With the sun beating down on your baseball hat, we're sure the need for grub will be most anticipated along with your bring-your-own-beer. A BBQ with the sweetest meat this side of The Real Roxanne will be handled by a team of hip hop honeys to provide you with a mouth-watering selection of chicken, burgers, sausages and ribs.

And of course a Bouncy Castle and Water Slide for the little 'uns and a Hot Tub for the mums and dads.

The whole thing kicks off at 2pm with the booming system toned down to a chilled-level at midnight where we can carry on until the small hours.
The venue is in a large, spacious house with ample parking in a quiet lane situated in the South-East of England.

This is not only a family affair but a modest one, too. We are keeping the numbers down to 40 adults.
Tickets are £10 each and a Family Ticket is available at £30. A one adult/one child option is also available at £15.

Ticket Choices:
(The above Paypal button has cut-off the information on the Single Ticket option. It should read: Single Ticket (One Adult or One Child).
The last date to purchase, should there still be tickets available, will be Friday May 31st. Don't sleep on this.

This is a non-profit event and should any profit be made it will go straight back into the kitty to buy booze! How you like them apples?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The No Half-Steppin' Xmas Jam 2012

As I've mentioned a few times previously, this month sees the return of the No Half-Steppin' Xmas Jam.
Blasting beats out of Norwich is the Sure Shot Productions crew on 15th December at a free event in The Rumsey Wells in the heart of the city.
Doors open at 6pm and they will rock and don't stop - well, until midnight anyway.

Here's some shots of last year's event:

Live acts performing are ORIGINAL ONE (aka Def J), Solid 'n' Mind's own MC WHIRLWIND D (with Chrome on the wheels) as well as CHROME & ILLINSPIRED.
Resident dj's JUST-1 and CHROME provide some beat-bombs with support from MR EPS and REPO.
Remember that No Half-Steppin' only drops the classic hip hop steez so 'waiting for the good joints' is not an option.
And like all NHS nights, it's completely free.
See you there!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Strictly Business Presents...Jeru The Damaja

Representing the Gang Starr Foundation, Jeru The Damaja is hitting the UK shores on the 6th December 2012 (one day before the 4our Pillars jam).

As well as the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel there is a whole heap of talent on the bill performing alongside him and this is all being produced and promoted by my homies the Strictly Business boys.

“The sun rises in Finsbury Park on the 6th December as The Silver Bullet sees [Strictly Business] set the stage. The Lords of the Underground smashed it in Sept and this month we’ve got the dirty rotten scoundrel himself…JERU THE DAMAJA ||| Brooklyn, NY – Gang Starr Foundation ..Since his 1994 debut instant classic album The Sun Rises In The East, Jeru has continued to command respect from everyone with even a vague interest in hip hop – never compromising a shed of credibility in carving an 18 year career consisting of 5 top albums and regular incredible collaborations with Guru and DJ Premier.” Go buy your tickets here (BE QUICK) because is very limited and please check the Strictly Business event page......"

Here's some more info on the lineup:

PHOENIX DA ICEFIRE w/Black Chronicle & DJ Deceptakut

He tore the stage up with M9 back at Strictly Business #1, has recently worked with Chemo, Klashnekoff, Keith Murray, Dan Gough from Terra Firma to name a few. This boy is back and means business…

DJ DISTER - Berlin - Born 2 Roll [FULL AV SET]

His night Born2Roll has now invaded Berlin with that golden era hip-hop mentality and regularly hosts the cream of U.S rappers. Now this turntable wrecking, train-bombing beat junkie has come to London to remind you why you loved the boom bap in the first place. Expect a razor sharp mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, and Latin beats, from old to new.

GALAXY HIGH - Grand District

The Swedish born activist, artist & cultural ambassador Galaxy High will hit the stage to showcase his soon to be released EP Blast Ave which ft. Pete Rock, CL Smooth, DJ Premier & Gift of the Gab. Expect a unique blend of Jazz infused with African Rhythms & Senegambia sounds.

SONNY DELIGHT & DJ EveR - Strictly Biz Co-founders & Resident DJs

They'll be diggin deep into their 20-year collection to bring you the best strictly dusted classics & surprise instrumental business.

MUSKUT BEATS - Filth and flaunt / SK!NT

Hackney Based DJ/Producer Muskut Beats has supported Skinnyman, Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump & Warrior Queen. He’ll hit the decks to bring you the best of best beats, rhymes & baselines all wrapped in a badass bow.

Support this occasion as this is REAL hip hop!

4our Pillars - Part 2

After a bright and humble start, the organisers of the Four Pillars UK jam are pushing the boat out for their next one.
Being held on Friday 7th December in SE London this looks like the 2nd best jam of the year*.

Details are as follows:
"This is the second 4our Pillars 100% Hip Hop party following on from our launch party held in June 2012.

What we do is bring you the best in Hip Hop. Come see for yourselves.

This time we have an epic line up with live sessions by the UK's legendary Rodney P, MC MellO, Kamanchisly, MCM and Britcore crew Killa Instinct.

DJ Devastate (Demon Boyz), DJ BigTed, DJ StyleWarz, Bunny Bread, DJ Harry Love and DJ Mada (Hardnoise/Son of Noise) will be on the wheels of steel.

The Soul Mavericks (BBoy Crew) will also be throwing down in the cypher again!!

Aerosol Art on the walls of the gallery will be provided by the talented ArtJaz

Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance as space in the venue is limited.

Please spread the word and support the cause.

See you there.

Hip Hop lives"

The venue is:
The Underdog Gallery,
Arch 6 Crucifix Lane,  

Already the response from the ABU! and Disco Scratch posses is strong so expect to see a big turnout.

The 4our Pillars Facebook Event Page

The 4our Pillars Facebook Group Page

*Rumsey Wells, Norwich - news to follow

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lord Finesse Norwich Gig - Review

The Lord Finesse show last Thursday in Norwich was just what a hip hop gig should be.

Beginning in the city's first-choice shop for dope sneakers, Main Source, was an in-store preview evening for the re-launched Patrick Ewing kicks - sadly not for me, they're like feckin' moon boots. As the city's b-boys congregated to the sounds of Sure D and Just-1 on vinyl duties we awaited the presence of Finesse's dj. Boogie Blind arrived sometime after 8pm, plugged in his Serato and laptop and got busy on the decks. Sadly the touted in-store of The Man himself failed to materialise.

Now this is someone who has been going since before (sadly) over half the audience on the night were even born. The majority of the ticket-holders were students or at least that age group while the real old heads were sadly a small bunch.
Nonetheless, as Finesse said a few times throughout the gig that he would perform better on the energy that the crowd were giving him as it would give him something to feed off. This luckily was in abundance and the man rocked.

DJ Mike Smooth no longer being a part of the Lord Finesse camp was replaced by DJ Boogie Blind of The X-Ecutioners who acted as half-DJ, half-hype-man keeping the crowd amped.
Finesse hit the stage with no flim-flam or smug entrance and kept it all rather courteous checking out what the crowd was willing to give him, no doubt.

The night consisted of 2-hours of the the finest The Bronx could give us with top Golden Age selection after selection making me think of a few cuts that I'd not heard for a while. The only break Finesse had - of sorts - was when he let his man Boogie Blind aka The Rubber Band Man aka All My Money's On Him go to work on the turntables.
Well, he let him do his thing for 3 or 4 minutes then Finesse and BB got down to some serious double-team action. The Lord works in mysterious ways and proceeded to exemplify a real showman at work by demonstrating his skills on the 1's and 2's. Eric B, he ain't.

At one stage there was a history lesson on where Big L fitted into Finesse's career and he told us the anecdote of how L got a third party to tell him how dope he was which led to a proposal of L spitting lyrics in front of him in a record store making Finesse more or less sign him on the spot.
This was all interspersed with Big L's demo's booming out over the club system rather spookily and made you wish for a different outcome to what befell this extraordinary wordsmith.

A couple of strange moments at the Norwich gig aside - drunk student attempting to crash the stage and a supposedly dope MC pulled onto the stage to help Finesse out who was embarrassingly nothing near what his mates believed him to be - this was quite possibly one of the best gigs Norwich had ever seen of someone of this calibre. This is the founding member of the DITC crew who, as Finesse said during his performance were equalled only in terms of production in the 1990's to Wu Tang. Who could forget how deep and masterful the Diggin' In The Crates posse rolled: Finesse, Showbiz & AG, Diamond D, Buckwild, Big L.....

This was 90's hip hop at it's best. And with Finesse meeting and greeting anyone who wished to straight after the show, he showed he was someone who respects not only hip hop but his fans, too.

DJ Boogie Blind with Norwich's ageing B-Boy crew

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lord Finesse In The UK

The Funky Man from the Diggin In The Crates crew is visiting the UK this week and is dropping into Norwich this Thursday.

I mean, it'd be rude not to, right? See you there!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just Jam 5th Anniversary

Now THIS is a true-school old-school homage.

Just Jam began as most things do, small. It was a modest b-boy event which took place each month in the North-East of the UK catering for anyone who was into the whole hip hop ethic, from the dancers to the dj's to the mc's to the writers to just about anyone who was just down.

Being as Just Jam was preaching from the Book Of Bambaataa and playing musical treats that would light up the dancefloor then it was only a matter of time before this cauldron of fiery funk would bubble up and out.
And so it was that its popularity deemed it necessary to move to a new venue because quite frankly, Just Jam had a lot more tricks up it's sleeves and was begging to stretch it's crazy legs.

Now the Just Jam crew cater for EVERYONE who wants to be involved. For those that want to see a b-boy battle or get on the mic and freestyle or if you just want to immerse yourself in the whole vibe then you can get with this.
There is even a hip hop theatre!
This is truly a doowutchyalike experience and it's here in the UK.

You see the poster above? Look at that. See what they've done to recreate the classic Wild Style poster and you can just guess how much love and respect this lot have for the old school.
I put this photo up on the ABU! Facebook page and it caused a lot of interest. And none moreso than ABU!'s own original NYC b-girl, Patti Astor who loved it and was chuffed in the choice of her new replacement!

Now. Have a gander at this video. If you thought that was fresh...bust THIS!

For more information check these links:

Main Website

Facebook Group

Follow Just Jam On Twitter

The event is held on Saturday and Sunday 27th-28th October 2012.
The main website has details of accommodation also.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

4 Pillars Launch Gig - Upcoming

My man Lovegrove (see also this previous post) of Style Warrior has designed the flyer for an upcoming hip hop gig in London.

4 Pillars is the name, bringing together the original 4 elements of hip hop - and no, I refuse to acknowledge that 'beatboxing' is a fifth or even 'knowledge' as yet another (sorry Bambaataa, we need some quality control, old son).

The following is from the official Facebook Event Page:

'Bits, Bits, Doo-Dads Here And There'
"The 4 Pillars are the foundation of Hip Hop; each pillar represents one of the following:

Aerosol Art, MC’s, DJ’s and last but by no means least, B-Boys.

Many people claim to be involved in Hip Hop but only seem to represent one or two of the 4 pillars. Hip Hop cultur...e is EVERYWHERE and has touched EVERY genre of music. If the truth be told, Hip Hop is more than a culture; it’s a way of life and what we aim to bring to you at the 4 Pillars party is a night of pure Hip Hop in its true essence, whether you’re from the old school or the new school, we are one and all are welcome.

'You Do Doodle On The Paper'
In attendance are some very rarely-seen stalwarts of the early UK scene such as Kamanchi Sly of Hijack, DJ's Renegade & Mada as well as Son Of Noise, MCM of Caveman.

The legendary writer MODE2 of The Chrome Angelz (TCA) will be creating aerosol art alongside  Airheads, Hatch and Jaz. It will be auctioned at a later date and the proceeds will be donated to The Prince’s Foundation for Children and The Arts.
Mr LG will also be selling some of his own artwork (see the pics on the right-hand side for examples of his canvas work) on the night.He has a wicked sense of humour which is evidenced in his work with no small love of classic hip hop movie history


There will also be live B-Boying from the Soul Mavericks on the night, too.

The date for this initial launch jam is June 22nd 2012 and will be held at the Underdog Gallery, Cricifix Lane, London SE1 3JW.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

No Half Steppin Jam - May 2012

Sorry for inundating you with this, the third post in a day but I've been a bit slack in updating the blog as of late.

This coming weekend is the return of the brilliant No Half Steppin' night from Sure Shot Productions. It takes place as always downstairs at The Rumsey Wells pub in Norwich and kicks off at 8pm.
This month has resident dj JUST-1 with special guests ILLINSPIRED aka Billy Illa on the decks and taking time off the mic - although I can't see him leaving it alone ;-) - and also REPO 136 will be on the wheels of steel, too.

It's always a great evening of proper hip hop and funk with none of that "handbag hip hop" (® DJ Just-1) with plenty of classic joints and maybe a smattering of some "80's techno" (® chubby emo/hipster bint) otherwise known as Electro-funk.

It's free entry as always so drop in, you're all very welcome.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

No Half Steppin' Jam February 2012

Norwich's very own Paranoid Parker has graciously uploaded the latest installment of footage from the monthly No Half Steppin' series of jams.
Look closely and you'll see me spinning some electro beauties as well as some Golden Age 'bangers'.
The guy with the moves near the end of the video is the afore-mentioned legendary Paranoid Parker - who incidentally is the cameraman, too - who practically IS the embodiment of hip hop in Norwich.
Look and learn, flower.

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