Monday, 22 November 2021

Cyber Monday Sale - Part 4


I'm currently selling these tapes. They are a collection of newly-bought and previously-owned cassettes that have been stored in my loft for the last fifteen years, although prior to that were displayed proudly on shelves.
I've decided to sell them now as they're being wasted sitting in boxes when someone else could own them who's been after a particular one for ages.
As you can imagine, the condition of plastic boxes after 25+ years is never going to be gorgeously pristine, but I have kept them all as clean as possible. Therefore, expect blemishes such as scratches or the odd crack - I will detail any bad faults.

How to buy

Each cassette has a price. There is no bidding. What you see is what you pay - this price includes postage, which is 1st Class (Large Letter). If you prefer some security, then you can pay for 1st Class Signed For (which is an extra £3.15).
Please note that there is no compensation available on standard 1st Class post, whereas 1st Class Signed For will allow you to claim loss or damage up to £50. The choice is yours, but I would recommend paying that bit extra if you're buying the more expensive tapes.
 All purchases must be paid for through PayPal only.

I want it. What do I do now?

First thing to do is send an email to stating your desired tape(s). I will tell you if they are still available and give you the total amount due and the PayPal address where to send it.
If there are multiple takers for one tape, then it will go to whoever emails me first.
As each tape is sold it will be removed from the page, so theoretically what you see is what is still available.

Anything else?

Unfortunately, these are only for sale to UK buyers only. Sorry.
Also, as it's 2021 and online payments are a thing now, then all purchases must be paid asap. I will be checking my email account regularly to see if there are any takers and responding forthwith.
No timewasters please.
All tapes are UK pressings unless otherwise stated.



Electro 16

Electro 15

Electro 13


Electro 12

N.b. hairline scratch/crack on box spine (see photo).

Electro 11

Fresh '86 hype sticker! 
Fun fact: Electro 11 was mixed by Simon Harris & DJ Froggy.


Electro 10
£25 £20

 Some classic tunes on here. And Star Raid.

Electro 9
£25 £20

Everyone has their favourite Electro and this is mine.
Doug E. Fresh, Bad Boys, D.St, Kid Frost, World Class Wreckin Cru, Mantronix, Fat Boys and Rockmaster Scott. Legends, each and every one. 

Electro 8
£35 £30

Electro 7
£35 £30

Electro 6
£50 £40

Regarded by many to be their favourite volume of the series. With such great representatives of the scene at the time such as Real Roxanne, UTFO, Captain Rock, Roxanne Shanté, Egyptian Lover. Whodini and Dougé/Dougy Fresh, it's no wonder.

But who was 'Bobby Broom'? He is a jazz guitarist and composer who seems (on paper at least) to be from a different world than most other inhabitants in the world of Electro. This little oddity was an anomaly, as his previous single from 1981, Niqui, is a straightforward bit of jazz-funk. Nevertheless its inclusion on Electro 6 is well-deserved.

Electro 4
£40 £30


Electro 3
£35 £30

UK Electro 
£50 £45

There were two pressings of the UK Electro tape - one with a blue print on the cassette shell and the other with red. This one is the RED

Crucial 1
£35 £30

Crucial 3
£30 £25

This has got to be in my top 3 of all the mixes in the whole Electro universe. The selection is perfect and the transitions are absolutely seamless. Thank you,  Mastermind Herbie.
Also contains Full Force's Alice with the most annoying line known to man, "baby, I'm your carpenter, please let me lay your tile". I may have been an overeager and desperate, spotty teenager back in the day, but I never felt so compelled to use that chat-up line in my local Cinderellas.

Street Sounds Edition 15

This is the regular Street Sounds series, which mostly steered away from the Electro style and instead kept busy with the soul/disco selection.
That said, Morgan Khan still couldn't resist shoehorning in his protégés, Masquerade with their One Nation single.

Street Sounds Rare Groove Vol 2

There weren't a lot of decent funk compilations out in 1988 but Street Sounds had a very worthy attempt with their Rare Groove series - sadly this was the last one.
(N.b. slight staining on shell and a faint pen marking of "G" inscribed also)

Street Sounds - Gotta Go Go (1986)
One day Go-Go shall have the spotlight it so richly deserves. Until then this Street Sounds comp has some bangers to keep you dancing, including the immortal Redds And The Boys song, Put Your Left Hand In The Air, Put Your Right Hand Down Your Underwear. Words to live by, indeed.

Shortcuts to Cassette Sale

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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