Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issues 19 & 20


Hip Hop Connection Magazine - August 1990, Issue #19
Icecube was this issue's cover star and the reason why is that he was just about to release his debut solo album, Amerikkka's Most Wanted. There's the usual smatterings of articles and doodads including pieces on Brit girls Monie Love and Betty Boo (!).
Jazz-Rap was suddenly on the rise around August 1990 and HHC have a big piece on it all as well as reviewing the Dream Warriors in the Singles section (this month also had the debut release from Hardnoise - yes, THAT one!).
MC Mell 'O' rounds off the mag with a breakdown of his Thoughts Released album.
All in all not a bad one this month.
Hip Hop Connection Magazine - September 1990, Issue #20

Say what you will about HHC but they did try to promote equality and report on the female section of the genre in a mostly male-dominated field. Ruthless Records' Tairrie B gets front cover shine (albeit under KRS-ONE).
More West Coast bizzle continues inside the covers with an interview with Kid Frost
There's an epic chat with KRS-ONE but let's face it, he's not a man known for his brevity.
All that and a bag of chips as some of us used to say in the '90s.

 More soon...




Saturday, 3 April 2021

Plastic Attack Quiz Booty

A little while back the legendary Plastic Attack Radio Show held their very first Hip-Hop Trivia Quiz. Twenty unbelievably difficult and completely nerd-appropriate questions of the highest calibre.
Being an unashamed fan of rap minutiae in general - I didn't choose the trivia life, it chose me - I was looking forward to this evening being in the company of my fellow geek brethren.
To prepare, I had recently boned up on Subway & Spraycan Art, David Toop's The Rap Attack, every early issue of The Source and Hip Hop Connection I could lay my hands on and listened to every piece of vinyl in my collection - including the wack UK remixes for every De La release from the late 80s.

I jest. I dropped the De La records. I'm not that desperate ;)
Anyway, long story short there was a tie-break by the end of the evening with me and long-time ABU fan WOCK both achieving the same highest score. Unfortunately, like Highlander there could be only one and we were given a special bonus question. We were read a lyric from a fairly esoteric Ice T album song and had to name the track.
I barely managed to type the answer into my email message before my finger was hammering the 'send' button off to the Plastic Attack HQ.
I tells ya, it was more tense than an X Factor final except I didn't have the gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger cheering me on and instead I had my 4 year old Shih Tzu, Pip, staring at me like I was raving mad as by now I was rocking on the sofa and shrieking and slapping my thighs like a pantomime dame.

The Plastic Attack top dog, big man, numero uno honcho and head cheese, DJ Laz-e read out the winner and I damn near fell off that sofa. L'il old Mr Reeps was crowned the winner of the inaugural
Plastic Attack Radio Show Quiz 2020.

A quiz of this magnitude needed to have some pretty damn impressive prizes and it did not disappoint. Pulling in favours from his multitude of names from his trusty black book Laz-e got donations from many, many faces in the industry
Here then is a breakdown of everything I received in one big-ass box that came this morning courtesy of my postlady.

Here's a group shot of all that booty

This is a great cap from STYLES

The first of a few goodies from Ken Swift's BREAK LIFE

Three tees from DJ Elemental

More BREAK LIFE merch from Ken Swift - some nice chisel-edged markers for those 'creative' moments, and a very cool pair of autographed and personalised sunglasses

The legendary Egyptian Lover donated a couple of fantastic prizes - the first being this double CD of non-stop tunes from the master himself

Dope beanie hat from Ken Swift

Ultra-rare collection of rap radio performances collated and mastered by Irish Craig and designed by graphic supremo LG


This is an awesome 7" single from The Egyptian Lover that not only looks amazing - a triangular 45?! - but he has very kindly customized the whole package, too

BreakLife stickers - mo' food for the record box

DIG MAG complete collection - a visual and literary heaven for the avid record collector with tales from fellow vinyl hoarders of obtaining that elusive piece of wax


Rare Tim Dog CDs - obviously produced before he passed away/ran away (delete as appropriate). And two CDs from DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick and Prozack Turner

More DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick merch courtesy of All City Records of Dublin

Crazy rare 45 from The Oddysy ft Chuck D, DJ Johnny Juice & Son of Bazerk. And signed by one of my favourite DJs, Johnny himself. Insane!

All City Records again with some nifty instrumental hip-hop from Kutmah

Big-up to DJ Undercover of Hijack (yes, THE Hijack!)  for this signed copy of Doing What We Wonna Do

Back again! More DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick pressure courtesy of All City Records

 New Jack Hustle's All City Anthem on
All City Records. Top Trivia: this single was mastered by none other than Thes One of People Under The Stairs

The final prize out the box is this gorgeous print of the 'Ultramagnetic MCs gig that never was' at Cafe Oto in Tokyo, 1990 courtesy of Martin 'LG' Lovegrove.

Apart from these prizes pictured above I also received a personalised outgoing voicemail message from the truly legendary G.L.O.B.E., and an equally-distinguished figure in the music industry, Man Parrish will master any track I produce in his state of the art studio.

I am truly blown away, not only by the fact that I was the winner of the quiz but by the generous donations and time given by each and everyone who took part in it.

Lastly a huge thank you and a massive b-boy hug to my fellow record-hoarder from across the border, Eric / DJ Laz-e for organising all of this. I know that he had a very worrying time getting this all together as there were so many moving parts involved but it all worked out and I am eternally grateful.
Right, I'm pooped. I need a brew!

Here's to Xmas 2021 at

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issues 17 & 18


More HHC mags this week - June (#17) and July (#18) 1990.
We've got Overlord X and Norman Cook's 10 favourite tunes, features and interviews with Blade, Gunshot, Outlaw Posse, NWA, Silver Bullet and a buttload of others. Remember Kash Da Masta? He's showing us all his favourite things in a photoshoot reminiscent of something out of Just 17 magazine.

HHC were never afraid to dip their toes into the more commercial side of rap and there are some articles on Technotronic, Snap! and MC Tunes if that's your bag.
Who wants to win an electronic personal organizer from Abbey National? Not so much a competition as a frankly blatant plug for this once ubiquitous high street chain.

A Tribe Called Quest fans will enjoy the song by song breakdown of the group's debut album in issue 18. And who remembers the ragamuffin hip-hop phase? It's all here.

June 1990 (17)

July 1990 (18)

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issues 11 to 16

I realised that I hadn't posted these issues to the blog (or anywhere) since I scanned them two years ago.

So here they are, issues 11 (December 1989) through to 16 (May 1990). Plus I have recently scanned issues 17, 18 & 19 which will bring us up to August 1990.

However there is one missing and that is #14 (March 1990). This is not due to me not having it but rather I DO have this copy, but it is STILL SEALED. I would've been buying two copies of HHC back in the day and using one copy to cut up and pull out posters with the other copy being kept in the 'good' pile. I must've battered the sod out of issue 14 then by all accounts.
I'm not going to open up this one just yet as this is obviously my retirement fund. Maybe in the future, who knows...
Top Trivia: Issue 15 (April 90) features a letter from one Louis Theroux writing under the alias, King Lou-E. He mentions this in his recent autobiography, We Gotta Get Theroux This.  His disparaging comments about UK hip-hop artists will prove to bring a huge backlash in a future issue (namely #17, June 1990 YO! letters page).

Anyway, here they are. More issues to come very, very soon.


Thursday, 4 February 2021

Captain Rock - To The Future Shock

 Another request. Everyone loves the Captain, don't they?


 Captain Rock - To The Future Shock

Cosmic Blast 4:54
Bongo Beat 4:10
House Of Rock 4:45
(Captain Rock) To The Future Shock 6:28
Return Of Captain Rock 3:58

You Stink

















(one week then it's gone... off into hyperspace!) 

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Break Machine - Break Dance Party (1984)

 This is from a request that was posted in the comments.

 Break Machine ‎– Break Dance Party (1984)


A1 Break Dance Party 6:34
A2 Street Dance 6:28
A3 Are You Ready 5:47
B1 Break Your Body Down 5:36
B2 Let Your Body Move 5:04
B3 Let's Break The Ice 5:05
B4 Break Dance Party (Part. 2) 4:20      

(For Anne)

(This link is live for 7 days)

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The Plastic Attack MASSIVE Trivia Quiz

 Greetings one and all.

Apologies for the lack of action around here lately. I'm tempted to blame it on That Thing but truth is I just don't use this platform any longer - and neither do many others any more, either authors or readers.

However, I thought I'd just mention this to anyone who doesn't use Facebook because you may want to get in on this.
You may be aware (I've mentioned it many times before) of The Plastic Attack Radio Show with DJ Laz-e. It runs every Friday evening on from 9pm and plays what I consider a really well-thought-out music mix - everything from old school rap, Golden Age, Electro to disco and funk breaks and Yacht Rock classics. Basically, anything that the right-minded DJ would play in a club.
Laz-e will also perform some of the illest blends you're ever likely to hear as well.

Right. Have I sold it to you yet?
If not then wait until you hear this.

On Wednesday 30th December The Plastic Attack will be having a quiz.
The reason you want to keep reading is this - the prizes. ONE person will be taking home EVERYTHING as the winner. This is huge.

What's up for grabs?

Ken Swift (autographed) Break Life hat & glasses.
Johnny Juice (Public Enemy), The Oddysy (feat: Chuck D) - Bang Bang, 12" (autographed).
Dj Flip (I.T.F. World Scratch Champion) - Dj Flip E.P. (autographed).
Shabba-Doo "Breakin" 11x14 (autographed) poster.
Mr Wave (NYC Breakers) - Mr Wave t-shirt.
Dj Elemental - 3 x t-shirts (Onreal, Tricore, Cool Synth).
L.G. 1 x set of (12) Dig Mags.
1 x (rare) A1 size, Ultramagnetic MC's poster.
1 x "Live On Air" (cassette).
Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt (triangle) 7", with hand drawn artwork by Egyptian Lover.
Egyptian Lover - New Pyramix Party (autographed) CD.
Dj Undercover: Hijack - Doing what we wonna Do, (autographed) 12"
All City Records t-shirt, plus 2 x releases from the All City catalogue.
3 x (rare) Tim Dog CD's.
Shambles (New album) +The Nemesis EP.
2 x Shambles Records t-shirts.
MC Globe (Soul Sonic Force) personalized answering message for your phone.
Man Parrish (Boogie Down Bronx) will master a track for the winner (provided, they are a recording artist).
Have you got that?!
Live on air this Wednesday 30th December, The Plastic Attack!
(Not sure if this'll work but here's a video of Laz-e himself reading out the prizes - )

Oh, and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
Well, whadyaknow? I only went and won the damn competition!
I'll post up photos of the booty as and when.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Haynesy - Freedom of Speech New Album

Hard to believe but there was a long wilderness where Haynesy was simply twiddling his thumbs and longing for the far off days of the SLR crew. Fast-forward to 2020 and you’ll find him still twiddling his thumbs, but now they are busy tweaking all sorts of options on his DAW bringing back the magic. After last year’s ‘Dope Beat Biz Volume 1’ Haynesy is continuing his audio blitz on the UK rap scene and this time has enlisted the help of wordsmith, JD (Will Sayer) on vocals.

Freedom Of Speech comes with 11 tracks which sound hugely pumped up with some phat mastering. You will need a pair of decent speakers or at least some fine-sounding headphones to appreciate the work gone into them - laptop listening should not even be considered.
I have always been about the beats so that is what I check for first. While there are no out-and-out classic breaks employed on Freedom Of Speech, the beats here are solid crackers with an abundance of brassy parps littered all around to make a sturdy foundation for JD’s melodious thunk with his sing-song rhyme style patter.

Talking of an unyielding base, the rigid beats that Haynesy has produced make Jabbathekut’s job so much easier. He slides over the drums with ease making the turntables sing a song of starving styluses being fed freshly-cooked rhythms. He’s certainly not being shunned either and in fact the DJ in this instance is pushed right into the spotlight just to remind you that turntablism is indeed one of the cornerstones of hip-hop.

The best part of having listened to a new album is when certain chorus refrains continue to linger in the cranium later when you’re doing the dishes or walking the dog. The cinematic rush of ‘Mullets’, the sax (and ‘whoops’) of ‘No Matter What’ or the ATCQ-reminiscence of ‘Something To Say’ are just some examples of why the set sounds better with repeated listens.
Would it be predictable to exclaim that ‘he’s done it again!’ with this latest album? It’s the first thought that comes to mind to these ears and it will be a sad day if it doesn’t.

Freedom Of Speech is available on August 3rd from all wholesome digital platforms as well as via Qrates for the vinyl collectors. Full-colour sleeve design artwork is provided by the ever-reliable digitalDyer.

For more Haynesy visit his Bandcamp page (


01 On Your Feet
02 Bass & the Treble
03 Freight Train
04 No Matter What
05 Mullets
06 Tell Em
07 Scream & Shout
08 Pedigree
09 Melody
10 Something To Say
11 Change

Friday, 17 July 2020

Run DMC & GM Flash Dioramas

Saw these on ETSY the other day. They look great but I'd file them under 'stuff that I'd love but probably stick in a drawer and never look at again for years'.
They are 3D pop-up cards. Nice.

Or there's this one which is a Build-Your-Own Toy Record Shop!
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