Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Boogie Down Under Vol 5 Australian Big Beat Hip Hop

I had the enviable position recently to get a sneak preview of the last Boogie Down Under mixtape.
Produced as always by The Shift, these are a series of audio showcases for some of Australia's biggest, best and unknown talent from the world of hip-hop.
He picks the cream of the crop and this selection ("Volume 5: Australian Big Beat Hip Hop") is no exception. Featuring chunky beats and booming basslines these tracks really pack a punch and are deftly blended together in that true 'mixtape' sense.

There are some great tracks and some feckin' DOPE tracks in the collection and every song is new to these ears. This will be the last in the series so once it's gone, it's gone.
It will be aired on the Hip Hop Show on Triple J (https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hip-hop-show/) and also available to purchase via cassette very soon.

Trust me. All killer, no filler.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/BoogieDownUnderRecords/

Friday, 1 March 2019

71 ABU Show Feb 2019 DOWNLOAD

A big thanks to everyone who listened in last night on Disco Scratch Radio to our ABU Podcast. And an even bigger thanks to those that joined in the chatroom. It is honestly so much better listening live as you can interact with other listeners and spark off stories and irrelevant talk while the show plays.

Here's the link to the show.

The complete tracklisting is below:

71 ABU Show Feb 2019
'Fresh Out The Gate Again, Time To Raise The Stakes Again'

Richard C Sanders - Afrocat (The ABU Extended Kitty Litter Mix)
Album - Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul
Emperor Norton - EMN 7030

Roger Webb - Heavy Lace
Album - Music Dewolfe Volume 1
Megaphone Unlimited - MEGAUN001LP

CJ Mackintosh & Einstein - The Tables Are Turnin' 100
12" Single
Music Of Life - NOTE 4

DJ Format - The Meeting pt.1
7" Single
Giselle - 45-1001

Public Enemy - Son Of Public Enemy (Flavor Whop Version)
12" Single
Def Jam Recordings‎ - 44-06719

Gang Starr - Full Clip
Album - Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr
Cooltempo - 7243 5 21189 1 5

Intelligent Hoodlum - Arrest The President (Assault Mix) 123
12" Single
A&M Records ‎- 75021 7477 1

MC Serch - Here It Comes Again
Album - Return Of The Product
Def Jam Recordings‎ - O 52964

Linkin Park - Session
Album - Meteora
Warner Bros. Records - 48186-2

Johnny Harris - Odyssey
12" Single
Sunshine Sound Disco - SSD-4216

Boogie Down Productions - Illegal Business
Album - By All Means Necessary
Jive - HIP 63

Automation - Electro Rock (DJ Sugar E's remix)

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Extended Version)
12" Single
MCA Records - MCAT 949

Kid Frost - Rough Cut
12" Single
Electrobeat Records - EB001

In The Mix on ABU
Funky 45s Volume 1
A 30-minute live mix of funky vinyl 45s from blend king, Simon Cannon, part of the Get It Together DJ collective.

Main Sourced
Flippin' Bob (pt.1)
Kool And The Gangstarr Generation
DJ Format
Fat Back Boys
Boca 45
Soul On Top (feat Louis Baker)
Boca 45
Bump & Hustle Music
Tommy Stewart
Move Me Baby
Gwen McCrae
(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
The Fatback Band
Funky Hot Grits
Rufus Thomas
Sexy Coffee Pot
Tony Alvon & The Belairs
Kissing My Love
Spanky Wilson
It's Still Great To Be Here
Jorun Bombay
From The Krafty Cyde (A Krafty Kuts And Pharcyde Blend)
Simon Cannon
Since You've Been Gone
The Allergies
I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)
MysDiggi & DJ DSK

3rd Bass - Sons of 3rd Bass
Album - The Cactus Album
Def Jam Recordings - C 45415

Greencryptoknight - Superman
12" Single
Boot - BEP015

Dopamine Hit (I Need a Hit Remix by Smoove)
7" Single
No Half Steppin Records - NHS001

The Eagles - Those Shoes (The Long Run, 1979)
20th Century Steel Band - Heaven And Hell (Warm Heart Cold Steel, 1977)
Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool (Trouble Man, 1972)
Orange Krush - Action (1982)
Run-D.M.C - Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1) (Run-D.M.C, 1984)

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse On Broadway
Album - Swass
Nastymix Records - NMR 70123

The Fatback Band - Got To Learn How To Dance
Album - Yum Yum
Event Records Inc. - EV 6904

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
Album - Shake
RCA Victor - LPM-3367

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

71 ABU Show Feb 2019

Woop, woop! Ring the alarm. It's the first post of 2019 and it's only February.

No one reads these posts anyway, do they?
Anyway, just in case you do then I'm letting you know that I've done a podcast and it's going out on Disco Scratch Radio on Thursday at 9pm.
There will be a link to listen in afterwards (I'll do a separate post, yes, TWO posts in ONE week!) in case you miss it. However, to hear it tomorrow then go here:

Also, go here for the Discord chatroom which is where all ageing b-boys hang out:

I'm quite proud of this one. There's a load of good music - a mix of new and old hip-hop, electro, funk and eclectic stuff, too. There's also a really good mix by Simon Cannon of various funk and rap 45s all blended together in a steaming pot of audio soup.

Lastly, why aren't you on Facebook? That's where ABU is these days, sadly. Yep. We sold our soul to the corporation which is why the blog is so sparse. I wish it was a different story but that's just the way it is.
Go on. Fuel the fire and add to the further demise of the ABU blog by going to https://www.facebook.com/groups/ageingbboysunite/

Pip, pip!

Mr Repo of the 136th Platoon.

Friday, 21 December 2018


Here's the download to Thursday's podcast which was broadcast on Disco Scratch Radio on Thursday (20th).
Massive thanks to Waxer for airing it and for everyone that tuned in. Also huge daps to Dayle who replayed it just 12 hours later on his Boogie Down Under show!

The tracklist is available on the show webpage.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Thursday 20th December 2018.
The ABU Podcast Christmas Special.

Listen in at 9pm at http://discoscratch.co.uk/radio/

Friday, 16 November 2018

Steven Hager - Hip Hop Book

I know that the viewing figures for the blog are not like they were in the heyday of this platform so this is a post mainly just to say thank you to anyone who still regularly visits.

Most people have simply jumped over to social media and use the ABU Facebook group now.
While this is all good, the Facebook group is not the sort of place where I envisioned ABU ending up when I began this blog in 2008. That's progress, I guess, and I'll take it how it comes.

However for you good people still holding off from the evils of social media here is a little digital treat for you.
For a number of years I've been after a particular book - Hip Hop: The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Graffiti written by Steven Hager. Unfortunately this has been long out of print and the original goes for a pretty decent price on Ebay.
A while ago I found that a digital copy was available online - sadly not for free - so I grabbed it as would be the closest that I'd ever get to owning the real thing.
This then is a little gift to you for sticking around. It's a ZIP file with digital copies in .MOBI and PDF formats. If you don't understand what these are then it's probably best you get back to your cosy chair and Werthers' Originals.

If you do download this please leave a comment just so I can see how many of you are interested in it. Cheers!

See also

Monday, 12 November 2018

Record Review - Whirlwind D - Beats, Bits And Bobs EP

Hip-Hop's 'Mr Nice' returns in familiar fashion with another release from the UK's B-Line Recordings. His brand new wax is an EP, Beats, Bits And Bobs and is a refreshingly diverse bunch of tracks.

Beginning with side A's lead track, LABELS, this has the customary hallmarks of previous releases (as with many recent rap tunes by our generation - 'reminisce-rap', anyone?) with boom-bap production and tales of yesteryear rhymes on the top.
Djar One provides the sweet beat for this with its really tight flow and light guitar lick. Specifik is on turntable duties.

REAP THE WHIRLWIND has a Raising Hell feel to it with it's sparse Billy Squier beat and rock guitar chugging powerfully over the proceedings. This track is produced by Phil Wilks who worked with D previously on his Other Side (2016) album supplying not just the beat but guitar, too.
DJ Tones is on hand with some deft scratch patterns.

The RUN FAST remix is quite disappointing and it's sparseness sounds rather weak compared to the original version from 2014 12". Mr Fantastic's previous production matched the frenetic pace of the piece while Miracle's interpretation is more abstract and never quite captures the immediacy needed.

A complete change of pace as RADIOACTIVE BASS rounds off the EP.
This is a journey back into the days of electro funk which keeps all modern production hallmarks as sparse as you like and thus sounds more authentic of the period it is trying to capture. Simply a drum machine, a synth and a vocoder.
This has great potential for a wicked remix as there are some nice elements that could be fleshed out even more.
Mr Wilks is on the boards again here and this cut demonstrates how deftly he flits through a variety of styles whilst coolly wearing his producer hat.

This is a great value for money purchase as it also includes instrumentals and acapella mixes on the flip-side - always a positive deciding factor for a thriftmaster such as I. In fact why would you not include instrumentals on a large 12" slab of wax? I remember there was a fad for chucking on (terrible) remixes in place of them back in the early 1990s on the UK releases. Luckily B-Line are sticklers for this tried and tested format and provide the full-fat treatment.
Once again John Dyer adds the finishing touches to the whole package with a dope cartoon-style illustration on this full-colour 12" sleeve which would look great in a record frame on the wall (buy two, folks!)

This collection ultimately displays what diverse musical influences Whirlwind D has in his record bag and proves he is nowhere near stopping anytime soon.

A1     Labels
A2     Reap The Whirlwind
A3     Run Fast (Remix)
A4     Radioactive Bass
B1     Labels (Instrumental Edit)
B2     Reap The Whirlwind (Instrumental Edit)
B3     Run Fast Remix (Instrumental Edit)
B4     Labels (Acapella)
B5     Reap The Whirlwind (Acapella)

Support your local record shop and buy Beats, Bits And Bobs in person. Failing that, you can purchase online from https://blinerecordings.bigcartel.com/product/whirlwind-d-beats-bits-and-bobs


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Electric Boogie (1983)

This is a rarely-seen short film about 4 members of a b-boy crew. They're from the Bronx, NY and is at once impressive, inspiring and sad.
Oliver, K-K and brothers Eli & Ken (the Electric Boogie Boys) are shown practicing their dance moves on the street, in a clothing store as well as in a skate rink competition and you can see how much love they have for it as well as each other. Their ambitions are quite high (a doctor and a priest) and the documentary shows a feeling of respect that a lot of other docs at the time would not have even wanted to touch on.
Being that this was produced by a European team (from the Netherlands) perhaps they were a little more forward-thinking and wanted to present the lads on a more human level than just some dancing muppets.

Well recommended.

Watch it here:

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 4: The Beat EP

It's finally here.
Double Dee & Steinski's new release is a continuation of their infamous 'Lessons' series from 30 years ago and is (unsurprisingly) entitled, Lesson 4.
Believe me this is a sprawling, full-on assault on your ears with breaks and samples hitting you from every direction and some 'just right' spoken audio carefully laid on top.
Now enlisting the talents of master turntablist, ADA, the group is untouchable. Lesson 4 has really been worth the long wait. Check out the bang you get for your buck. That's 5 versions of the song. And if you join the mailing list at their official website then you may even get a special limited, one time only discount code to download this fine audio swag.
This is going to take some close inspection to decipher a lot of what the guys have done here but who cares, the fact that they are still providing for their fans is just enough. Hell, they could've just released themselves coughing over a beat and I still would've lapped it up.

Listening back, I'm sure I've heard (and probably have a download) of an early version of this song as that guitar refrain is very memorable as is the Richard Pryor dialogue at the start.

Listen/Stream/Purchase Lesson 4 here!

- Repo -

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