Thursday, 5 March 2015

ABU Volume 2 - Eclectic Boogaloo

Hey party people.....

The ABU Album Volume II is now ready to download, for free.

A massive thanks to everyone who had any sort of hand in it. The ABU group on Facebook is currently lit up with pleasantries and accolades about it so grab your copy now.

Here's the tracklisting........

1 - Rock Steady Crew Side

01 ABU Intro
02 pomDeter - Eddie Cheeba skit
03 RJ Scratch & Bulli Space - Mantronix MegaMix
04 B.H.O.S.E. - Axel F DefMix
05 Banzai - Hip Hop Facts 1
06 Mr Mark Collins - Getting Old
07 Stubble - All I Know
08 pomDeter - The New Blow Your Caravan Egyptian Style
09 Banzai - Full Clippers
10 Bulli Space - ElectroZinc (Journey Into Bulli Space)
11 Ric Flair - It's Going Down
12 Repo136 - 'Alright...Fresh!' (A Beat St Viciousmix)
13 Banzai - Robbo's Correspondence
14 K-Sly - Excretions
15 Deathhop - Idiot at Work
16 Chrome - Johnny The Fox Cuts It Up
17 Ramses - Custom House Wharf
18 pomDeter - ABU Break 'n' Bells
19 Rj Scratch & Bulli Space Are Only Happy When It Rains

2 - New York City Breakers Side

01 Banzai - Introduction To Side Two
02 Juice MCs - Look What I See
03 RJ Scratch and Myk Apache Throwdown - Just Kut pt1
04 pomDeter - Drums Of Jericho
05 Banzai - Hip Hop Facts 2
06 Rob Jammin & Raychelle - ABU Is Back!
07 pomDeter - Bombin'
08 Vinnie Vagabond- Respect The Elements
09 DJ Demented Man - Lights In The Sky
10 Bomb Da System - Put The Ghosts To Rest
11 Banzai - Banzai And Robbo Come Again
12 Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - I Gotta Good Thing (SteveB's Guided Minds Remix)
13 Woo MC's - 4 Bad Brothers
14 pomDeter feat Nick Crumplebang - Crumpl Hip Hopapotamus
15 Skyborg - Request Line
16 Waxer - Wu Flowers
17 Ramses - Missing Tiger
18 Apache Throwdown - West Coast Cuttin'
19 Banzai - One Will Get Theirs

Friday, 27 February 2015

Jorun Bombay's Funky Drummer Edit

This was made almost a year ago by the genius producer Jorun Bombay. He finds the best pieces of Funky Drummer and explodes them further.

ABU Volume 2 - Eclectic Boogaloo - SOON!

ABU February Podcast LINK

Last night was the return of the ABU Podcast for February, show #48.
As it was half the running time of a usual show Deathhop kindly stepped in to provide the second hour.
The mix he showcased was good. In fact it was more than good, it was great. No, it was f***ing outstanding.
It was done by a Japanese guy by the name of DJ 440 and the mix is called Check This Killer Mix which is no mean over-estimation. There are some seriously precise scratches and edits employed in here which meld the many, many classic hip hop tracks together a treat.
Deathhop had not heard the mix beforehand so was essentially playing it blind and it was as much of a surprise to him as it was to everyone else listening in.
I urge you to download it here.

And a personal thanks to RUSE for the IT help he provided in the chatroom ;-)

The latest ABU Podcast is available here and the tracklist is below.

01  Ice T - Colors -
02  Dr Dre - Nuthin But A 'G' Thang (Club Mix) -
03  Chrome & Illinspired - The All CNI
04  Big Daddy Kane - On The Bugged Tip
05  3rd Bass - Gladiator (Main Mix)
06  LL Cool J - It Gets No Rougher
07  Herbaliser - Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
The Funk Trunk
08  Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (1971)
09  Jungle Brothers - What's Goin' On
10  Theory 77 & DJ Format - Oh, That Waxer
Roots Of The Roots
11  Madness - Night Boat To Cairo
12  Waxer - Breakin' On A Real Space Train
13  Chrome & Illinspired - Nerve Centre

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The February ABU Podcast

Tonight 9pm-10pm The ABU February Podcast.

A shorter show than normal this month....

Get the live stream at:
Get in the chatroom at:

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ABU Guesting Tonite on The Hip Hop Sessions

I'm guesting again tonight on Future Radio's The Hip Hop Sessions with DJ Just-1 from 10pm.
Expect plenty of classic hip hop, electro and breaks….

Listen live at from 10pm until midnight.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How The Latin Rascals Mastered the Megamix

Two extremely important guys in the world of electro

This is probably the most comprehensive study of the Latin Rascals you are ever likely to read/hear.

These two guys unwittingly influenced my young mind way back when in those heady days of my home-made pause-button tapes and later when making music and edits on computer. The dedication it took to do these incredible audio edits on 1/4 inch tape doesn't bear thinking about but I'm so glad that they did.

First of all click play below then go here to read the background, courtesy of

The Get Down - A Netflix original series from Baz Luhrmann

Sparse details at present but if this trailer is anything to go by then we could be looking at a very nice US drama in a year's time.
From visionary Baz Luhrmann, and told through the lives and music of a ragtag crew of South Bronx teens, The Get Down is a mythic saga of transformation in 1970s New York City. Arriving exclusively on Netflix in all territories in 2016.

'Doin' Time in Times Square' - Charlie A's NYC Home Video

Here's a genuine slice of authentic New York City history.
Allegedly shot from his 43rd Street apartment window from 1981 to 1983 - there are discrepencies in this as at one point you can hear Biz Markie coming from a boom box which must've been around 1988 - this 40-minute video was shot by film maker Charlie "Wild Style" Ahearn.
It's an interesting view of the seedier side of NYC life even if a little eye-opening at times.

Thanks to Dayle for finding this!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Record Review - Time Waits For No Man (45)

Whirlwind D - Time Waits For No Man - BLN011

A) Time Waits For No Man - produced by Phil Wilks cuts by Specifik
AA) One, Two featuring Rola & Specifik

White 7" vinyl

The Nicest Guy In Hip Hop© returns with another vinyl offering. This time it's a double-header 45 on the ubiquitous B Line Recordings label and my, my, it's certainly a grower.

The A side, Time Waits For No Man, is a broody, bass-rumbling, bluesy snorter with a sharp, snappy, snare-led break in a mid-tempo style and fashion.
Mic Master Whirlwind D dispenses with the boast-rap - something he has done more and more as of late; an evolving sign of resulting maturity, perhaps - and offers an ode to the perils of procrastination ("Time's up, you gotta act now or retire").
B Line honcho Specifik gets biz on the wheels in the chorus which is always a highlight of a good hip hop tune as far as I'm concerned. This practice is very much in vogue at present and any MC that is prepared to give the dj some shine is well worth some of your time.

Master Ace gave us examples of what to expect when posting high, D is merely trying to help us onto that same path but with a much more reserved British demeanour. Take heed.

 The flipside features a duet with Rola on the mic, who is arguably Bristol's most omnipresent legend (ex-Numskullz crew). The first thing that hits you when listening to this initially is the dirty, funky, porn groove that conjures up images of heavily-mustacheoed men in white overalls carrying over-sized toolboxes whilst flirting with lonely, clothes-phobic housewives.
Yes, the beat oozes that lazy head-nodding niceness that sounds great on the radio. This time around there is a heady aroma of street skills and bragginess spoken over 28 bars each (no real chorus as such) ("Conceived with a mic and a mixer in the womb, fed lyrics from a young age with a dual-speed spoon") which is a departure from the A-side and shows a variety rather than a monotonous stuck-in-the-same-groove tedium that curiously some artists think is what makes enjoyable listening.
Again, more super, superb scratch from Specifik who gets to do his thing after the lads have said their piece.

Overall another banger not only for Mr D but for B Line as well which further cements their proven track record for top quality UK rap product which should have them picking up the crown previously held aloft by Simon Harris' Music Of Life label.
The only snag about 45s is that musical sacrifices have to be made. In this case two great songs but no room for the instrumentals. However, like a can of Lynx deodorant from Poundland, it's a small price to pay.

Available now from on limited edition WHITE vinyl. Add it to your collection while you can.

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