Sunday, 30 January 2011

DJ Kool Herc Sick

This news item was just posted on the ABU! Facebook Group Page by my man, DJ Cutloose.

Details are sketchy but the father of hip hop, Kool Herc is very sick and is currently in hospital.
Being that the US medical system is different to the NHS here in the UK, he is badly in need of funds as cannot afford hospital insurance.

This is bad.

The FATHER of hip hop needs money.
The man who pioneered the music which we all love and live is in such a bad financial state that he may die over something as trivial as this.

This man stood and watched as those he had schooled, those who had gone to his jams at 1520 Sedgwick Ave, The Bronx took his teachings and pulled themselves up the ladder gaining worldwide fame and never looking back.

It makes me very angry that even the birthplace of hip hop could not even be saved by......well, I'm not even going to name anyone but you all know who.
Artists, managers in the hip hop industry, those with designer clothing labels, record labels...

Fuck it. I'm talking about Russell Simmons, Damon Dash, Master P, P Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye, 50 Cent, Eminem.....the list goes on.
Jeeez, Puffy and Jay-Z between them are worth a couple of mil short of $100 million dollars!

This is serious business and if not one of these big players can step up and help the man then I really don't know what to say.

1520 Sedgwick Ave HAS been saved by a $5 Million dollar loan!
Big shout to my homie, Jaz for this wonderful news.

Friday, 28 January 2011

ABU! Disco Scratch Radio Takeover Show - DOWNLOAD

So there we have it. Last night was the inaugural ABU! Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio.
It seemed to all go okay and there were quite a few thumbs-up in the chatroom.
Thanks to everyone who was listening in and hope there was something in there that tickled your fancy.

Remember I'll be taking over the airwaves each and every Thursday at the end of the month.

Listen again here.

The Cookie Crew - Born This Way (Let's Dance)
LL Cool J - I Need A Beat (Jazzy Jay Remix)
Daddy Freddy - Live Jam (from the Hustlers Convention Live Album)
Del Tha Funkee Homosapian - Sleeping On My Couch
Ice Cube - Jackin For Beats
Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Remix)
Run DMC - You Talk Too Much
Sir Mixalot - Square Dance Rap (Power Mix) 

*Comedy Spot* - Steven Wright

Young MC - Know How
The VHB - Beethoven's Fifth St Symphony (going out to Ramses)
Ice T - The Hunted Child
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - La Di Da Di

*DJ Sureshot In The Mix*
Malcolm MacLaren - Buffalo Gals
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats
Richie Rich - My DJ (Pump It Up Some)
K9 Posse - Ain't Nothing To It
Main Source - Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Video Mix)

*Funk Trunk*
BT Express - This House Is Smoking
James Brown - You Got To Have A Mother For Me

Mista Websta - Breakdancing At Dinnertime
Waxer - Deer Hunter (ABU! Exclusive)
T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat
Shabba Ranks, Cocoa T & Home T - Pirates' Anthem
DJ Mink - (Hey Hey) Can You Relate?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ABU! Disco Scratch Radio Takeover Show

Look at me being all colonial this year. Still in the first month and I've gone guns blazing into two radio stations twisting metaphorical arms up people's backs and taking over the airwaves.

The second one is this Thursday on Sensei FM at 9pm which as you will know is Waxer's Disco Scratch radio show.
From this Thursday and every subsequent last Thursday of the month you will hear my golden vocals wafting over the internets on the reg-reg. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen. Or rather heard.

There's some real stonkers in this month's show and I can guarantee that there'll be something for everything including some Ice T, Run DMC, some UK stuff and a blinding, little-heard James Brown break which will simply make you do a little dance in your living room.

All this and the usual shizzle makes for a couple of hours of b-boy ecstasy.

Lock in at 9pm this Thursday to and don't forget to jump into the chatroom.

The show will be available for download shortly after but try to get the first hit on Thursday if you can.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

And The Winner Is.......

.....Actually there are two winners as I have 2 prizes available.

The first out of the hat was AGENT FINCH closely followed by CHRIS ZERO.

Any regular Disco Scratchers will immediately recognise these two herberts as being down by law with Waxer's Thursday night show.

The answer was of course R-KEY who is Chrome's brother out of Def Tex and were both pioneers of the crew from back in 1987.

Both winners get a special mix cd from the man Chrome which features some classic UK stuff all mixed and scratched on vinyl.

All I need is Agent Finch & Chris to send me your addresses and the cd will be in the post soon as I can get them to the post box.

Well done, chaps!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Just For Kicks (2005)

Found this the other day. It's a documentary all about kicks, sneakers, trainers, pumps or whatever you call your b-boy footwear.
Some interesting facts are given throughout and talking heads include Run,DMC, Bonz Malone, Fab 5 Freddy, Damon Dash, Grandmaster Caz to name just a few.
Now, I know that the real hard-knocks like to have more than a few trainers box-fresh in multiple quantities stacked in the crib but some examples here are truly astounding.

The Sneaker Riots when Nike released a limited run of 150 pairs of Nike NYC Pigeon Dunks to certain stores in New York City is quite something espicially to those not deep into the whole sneaker collecting sub-culture.

I especially enjoyed hearing DMC's confession as to the real reason why 'My Adidas' came about. Blame it on Russell Rush!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Disco Scratch Radio 2011 & 3 The Hard Way Video Promo

So it's a new year and as we make our softly-softly approach through the initial month we are blessed with a quite literally stunning piece of audio wizardry from the Disco Scratcher himself, Waxer.
Watch the promo video below and witness the visuals taken from the 3 The Hard Way Christmas Jam with the dett new Disco Scratch Radio Show intro. I defy you not to get pumped up.
The Surgeon General of Chilltown, New York has determined that the sounds you're about to hear can be devastating to your ear.

He has also done a re-haul of his regular Thursday night Disco Scratch Show on Sensei FM - I'm sure you all catch that, right? - and it

Each week of the month will consist of one of the following in this order:

Waxer in the chair and on the wheels of steel spinning some new cuts and lots of classic and lost joints.

Special Guest Star Interview - ranging from top players in the game down to us fans of the scene.

Special Guest Takeover Show - Anyone can step up and stream a show or podcast during this particular week.

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show - ABU! takes control on the last week of the month. Yes, yes, we are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.

This Thursday just gone was an interview with King Of The Beats honcho and all-round shaker and mover, Pritt Kalsi. The re-up should be available soon on DS to anyone who missed it or wants to listen again.
This week sees a tasty session from Big Jim who has an almost scary collection of vinyl featuring everything you've been digging for for years.
The week after is the inaugural ABU! show. If you're a regular listener to the ABU! podcasts then you know what to expect - but this time we done gone double-time, yo. Two hours of old school goodies and funky freshness wrapped up lovingly with care by the Repo master.
This means the regular podcasts will be played live over the air first but you'll still be able to download the show later.

As you can see, things are changing for the better.

3 The Hard Way: Working Together To Keep The Old School Alive

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ABU! Podcast / Plastic Attack Takeover Show

In case you didn't catch the 2-hour New Year Special show last weekend due to other commitments such as, I dunno, sleeping *cough* *cough* and that. Here it is.
And look, you lucky fools. There's even a tracklisting in case you decide you don't want to listen.
Just download it now, you buttmunchers. It's in crystal clear 320kbps and sounds like the aural equivalent of bars of gold. It's like champagne for yer ears.

Part One

Part Two

01  A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We Got)
02  Roxanne Shante - Have A Nice Day
03  Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa's Theme
04  Timezone - Zulu Wildstyle
05  Malcolm McLaren - World's Famous
06  DJ Cash Money & MC Marvellous - The Mighty Hard Rocker
07  De La Soul - Jenifa
08  Richard C. Sanders - Afrocat
09  Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus
10  Henry Mancini - Police Woman
11  Chrome & Ill Inspired - Good For You To Know
12  Return to The Mardi Gras
13  Audio II - Top Billin
14  The Pharcyde - Return Of The B-Boy
15  Byron Davies & The Fresh Crew - My Hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
16  DJ Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
17  David Holmes - Gritty Shaker
18  Portishead - Sour Times (Lot More Remix)
19  Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
20  The Prodigy - Poison
21  Go Home Productions - Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have A Finger Of Fudge
22  The LA Dream Team - Rockberry Jam
23  Davy DMX - One For The Treble
24  Excerpt from the DJ Sureshot mix 'With Music This Good The Title Is Irrelevant'
25  The El Michels Affair - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
26  The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
27  Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Breaks Theme

Big shout to Ambush, Scenes, Waxer, Rabbi, Jim C amongst others who were in the chatroom and anyone else who was listening in.
And of course a massive thanks to DJ Laz-e who stepped aside to let me in the hot seat at Power FM Towers.

Monday, 3 January 2011

ABU! Takeover Radio Show NEW DATE

Ironically, due to a power failure at the radio station on Sunday, the Ageing B-Boys Unite! / Sonicity Takeover Show didn't go out.

However Power FM will - hopefully, as it's not on the air as I type this - put me on at the same time the following Sunday.

So make ANOTHER date in your diaries or your flashy, shiny, silver thing all you cool kids.

SUNDAY  -  9TH  JANUARY  -  2011  -  4.30PM GMT

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