Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Track Of The Day # 5 Xmas Rapping

So here it is, my one and onlt Xmas song for you. Kurtis Blow is our Track Of The Day. Can you believe this was in the charts 28 years ago?

Merry Xmas to everyone who reads this blog and a big, massive thanks for your all your support this year from Ageing B-Boys Unite!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mike Allen Show & UK Fresh mp3's

A massive thanks to Mr Bobby Dazzler who has very kindly been ripping some old cassettes of Mike Allen shows.
Check these out, the links are below as are the performing acts.

Mike Allen - The Best Of 1985 Part 1

Mike Allen - The Best Of 1985 Part 2

UK Fresh At Wembley Arena, London, Saturday July 19th, 1986

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 1

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 2

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 3

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 4

Acts performing at UK Fresh

Part 1

Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese

Steady B

The Cosmic Crew
Captain Rock

Sir Mixalot

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

Lovebug Starski

Part 2

Captain Rock

Grandmaster Flash

Just Ice

World Class Wreckin Kru

The Real Roxanne


Part 3

Sir Mixalot

Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese

Grandmaster Flash

World Class Wreckin Kru

The Real Roxanne

Part 4

Sir Mixalot

Afrika Bambaataa

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Track Of The Day # 4 Cardova

I feel a bit funky today so how about some Meters?
You can't go wrong with them and this is one of my personal favourites, Cardova.
There's something about Zigaboo Modeliste's ('tis his real name) super-syncopated rhythm that makes this so sexy. And the plucking bass combined with the gentle caress of the organ? Fuggedaboudit.

Steinski - Origin Sources

Yep, it's another Steinski post.
It has become an almost lifelong quest for me to find all the more obscure samples from Steinski's 'Lessons' records.
As the internet has come into play it is now much easier to find such information. I have a couple of YouTube clips below which may be welcome to any fans.

If you have any more clips, mp3's or info on any other samples then please, please, please let me know!!

Thanks to Jake for kicking this particular post into effect!

This one used on The Payoff Mix (Lesson 1) is commonly misquoted as 'Have faith children, what does it all mean?'. It is not the most clearest of samples but the actual phrase is, 'And say, children what does it all mean?'.
Apparently New York City Mayor LaGuardia read out the comic section to the city over the airwaves in 1945 when the newspaper delivery men went on strike.(I can imagine Boris Johnson doing this!)

Fast-forward to 1 minute 25s for the scoop......

And this one is found near the end of the James Brown Mix (Lesson 2). As much as I love the 'iz' way of speak, I still don't understand it fully. If anyone could translate this specific passage for me then I would be as happy as Larry.
Chug-a-bug along to 2mins 33 if you have an MTV-like attention span. For all the cool kids out there I recommend you listen to the song in full though.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Steinski - The Motorcade Sped On

As this song was never released commercially (or officially) it didn't ever have an accompanying (sp.) video.
So it's with great pleasure that finally someone has made one. Actually two someones produced this and has been a long time in the making (13 years). For more on the back story see here.

With thanks to Andy Turits and Lyndon Lorenz.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Track Of The Day #3

Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era (a.k.a. Danny Breaks) - Breaks Theme

From Wikipedia.....

"Breaks, real name Daniel Whidett, is a drum & bass DJ, producer, and record label owner from England, also known for his experimental instrumental hip hop production and early music career as breakbeat hardcore artist Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era.

Whidett began recording under the alias Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era during the early 1990s for now defunct record label Suburban Base, notably attaining a UK Top 40 hit with Far Out in 1991."

Hmm, so whadafuk is dis guy doing on dis blog?

Well, tucked away on the Flowers In My Garden EP is a track which slows the bpms down to a head-nodding level and gives Danny a chance to get back to his hip hop roots.

This song uses the famous Gangbusters break from the film Wild Style and drops some nice scratches over it such as Nice & Smooth, Sly & The Family Stone and MC Marvellous.
The rest of the EP is real hardcore breakbeat with a touch of jungle and a little rave-like but all tracks contain a good ratio of hip hop breaks (Lord Finesse, Fresh Prince, Main Source) and I would thoroughly recommend you seeking it out if you're a fan of the faster tempo.

It's not uncommon for a 'dance' act to have their roots in hip hop. Well, possibly not as much these days and possibly more often in the UK. Another which springs to mind is The Prodigy and it's musical genius, Liam Howlett. Liam used to perform in a little-heard UK hip hop group called Cut 2 Kill back in the mid-Eighties and although they had a few successful singles, he was cut out of the deal. He then concentrated on the Essex rave scene which was in it's early days.

I'd be very interested in hearing your views on this particular track as it seems to be treated like, to quote MC Serch, a step-child. The rave-scene think it's too slow and the hip hop crowd think it's shite because it's by a drum n bass producer.

Listen to it here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ebay Madness #1

From time to time I see the odd thing on eBay that is pretty expensive and a little ludicrously priced. Such as it was today when my 'Wild Style' search brought up this little beauty.

I bought my first copy (Animal Records) in the very early Nineties for £15. And picked up another one shortly after in my local second-hand record shop for a couple o' quid.
Now, it's not as if these are very hard to find as they turn up on eBay quite regularly so I'm reckoning that "pop2.0" is using Mr Freddy Fresh's rating of 4 out of 5 stars.
Still, £150 clams is a hefty chunk of wedge for anybody.

Being an aficionado/sucker for all things Wild Style I seem to have accumulated the following:

Soundtrack - Vinyl - Animal Records - 1982

Soundtrack - Cassette - Animal Records - 1982?

Soundtrack - CD - Rhino - 1997

Soundtrack - Vinyl - Beyongolia - 1998 x2

King Kut / Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie - Vinyl - White Label - 1991?

Wild Style 25th Anniversary Edition - CD - Mr Bongo - 2007

Grandmaster Caz & Chris Stein - Wild Style Theme Rap 1 - Vinyl - Chrysalis - 1983

Wild Style Instrumental Beats - Vinyl - Beyongolia - 1998 x2

Wild Style Sampler - Book - 2007

Wild Style Movie - VHS - 1998

Wild Style Movie - DVD - Rhino - 2002

Wild Style Movie - DVD - Mr Bongo - 2003?

Wild Style Movie 25th Anniversary Edition - DVD - 2007

DJ Black Steal The Original Wildstyle Breakbeats Album - Vinyl - Music Of Life - 1990 (in my younger days I did something rather foolish and rather embarrassing with this)

Wild Style Poster - from Tom in Mr Bongo, London - 1998

Wild Style Lesson EP - Vinyl - Mr Bongo - 2007

Cripes. That's the first time I've ever listed my stuff and I'm a little shocked.
And one of my two copies of the Beyongolia issue soundtrack albums is still sealed. Oh yeah. Box-fresh and oh so sexy.

If anyone's got anything else they want to share (or sell, ahem) let me know.

**UPDATE 3rd December**

And I forgot to include:

Wild Style Record Bag

Wild Style T-Shirt

Also, check out this link and you'll see a much cheaper one on eBay. And still sealed, too.

And I've just bought another copy of the Mr Bongo 25th Anniversary Edition on CD. Well, I had to really at only £1.95 with a Buy It Now. For the love of Herc, somebody stop me before I buy again!

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