Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Inaugural ABUDS Virtual Movie Night - Trading Places

Shamelessly taken from Lord Waxington-Smythe's site.....
Tonight at 10PM (Saturday 14th December 2013), the chatroom will be open to all comers who want to watch the classic Christmas film “Trading Places”. After talking about it with Theory77 last week and listening to the intro music in the show, it got the old juices flowing and an idea popped up. So, Repo and I will be in the chatroom at 10PM tonight… So, grab your DVD/VHS/Betamax/Bluray or digital file (if you haven’t got it, go here: (don’t tell anyone!), link & file will be deleted at 10PM).
There’s a thread on FaceBook if you want to weigh in, have a look on my timeline:
Now at 10pm on the button we will be playing the movie and chatroom is open to all comers who want to be social about the film… hope to see some of you in the chat! Chatroom address is grab your eggnog/tramp juice and meet us there! Peace out & merry Christmas!

So who's getting into the Christmas spirit? What better choice of film could there ever be!
Trading Places holds a special place in my heart as I was a big fan of Dan Aykroyd having liked his work on The Blues Brothers, Twilight Zone - The Movie and of course, Ghostbusters (yes, I know it came out after TP but in those days we got whatever was to hand at the local video rental shop). And the fact that Eddie Murphy was so great in it (and would go on to become my go-to 80's funnyman) didn't hurt either.
From the opening intro (Mozart's Marraige Of Figaro) to the feelgood ending this could be the ultimate 80's movie. This decade truly came up with some of the best films, didn't it? Or maybe it's just my rose-tinted specs....

Don't be late. 10pm is curtain-up.

Friday, 13 December 2013

ABU - Coming Soon....Guilty Pleasures

I want to give you some news of what I'm planning for an upcoming ABU Takeover early next year. And I'm making sure that I tell you, the Blog Readers, first. I say that because these days I am constantly neglecting my dear blog in favour of 'social networks' such as Facebook which sadly I go to more often.

So this is a kind of exclusive if you will. The plan is that I intend to have a theme going on for one of the shows and that theme is (.....drum roll....) Guilty Pleasures.

Now, before you get all pervy up in here I shall explain.
I want you all to get thinking and send in your favourite songs that you normally wouldn't admit to liking in a million years. The rub here of course is that we shall all, as a collective, be washing our metaphorical washing out in the street so there will be no shame in your game.

I want you to be thorough in your choices. Reach deep down and think about when you were at your school disco and you were dancing with Big Bev to that Nik Kershaw tune with the bizarre lyrics. Or perhaps you sported 'curtains' in the Nineties and spazzed out to some Madchester sounds? It needn't be hip hop either, just anything you wish.
Whatever your pleasure be sure to send it (or them) to me at rather than in the comments. Let's keep it a secret between you and me. For now. If you want, use an alias.

I'm aiming to do this special either January or February and I'm sure there'll be a lot of requests. I honestly don't care what you choose - if you like a song then I respect that. I will be choosing some for myself, too so be warned, I am a connoisseur of cheese.

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