Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Hip Hop Sessions - ABU! Guest Spot - Download

Here's the show from last Tuesday when I guested on Just-1's Hip Hop Sessions show.

Just-1 did the first hour and played tracks from 1991 - and not just the big hits you'd expect.
I took over for the second hour and provided a mish-mash of Golden Age and Electro.

This show is going from strength to strength. Remember, every Tuesday 10pm - Midnight on Future Radio


Just-1 - 1991 Selection

01   Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man (remix)
02   Paris - The Hate That Hate Made
03   LL Cool J - Eat Em Up L, Chill
04   Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man (Blunted Remix)
05   EPMD - Crossover (Trunk Mix)
06   ATCQ - Verses From The Abstract
07   Gang Starr - Check The Technique (Remix)
08   Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Good Life
09   Kid Capri - The Joke's On You, Jack
10  The Jaz - Hypocritters
11  Double X Posse -  On A Mission
12  Organised Confusion - Fudge Pudge


01   Double D & Steinski - The History Of Hip Hop - Lesson 3
02   The Real Roxanne & Hitman Howie Tee - Bang Zoom Let's Go Go
03   Brand Nubian - Slow Down (Pete Rock Remix)
04   Cash Money & Marvelous - Ugly People Be Quiet
05   Byron Davies & The Fresh Crew - My Hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
06   The Majestic Crew - Thee Untold Story
07   Style - The Assassinator (Paralyzing Mix)
08   Schoolly D - PSK
09   Gangbusters - Wild Style Instrumental
10   Hardrock Soul Movement - The Beat Is Mine
11   Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem
12   Gang Starr - Words I Manifest (Remix)
13   Eric B & Rakim - Follow The Leader (Dub)

Download the show here
128     320

Halloween Show Download

A big thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Thursday to hear the show live. A big shout to those listening outside of the chatroom and an even bigger shout to the man who makes all this possible, Lord Waxer, he is the Master,  the big beat-blaster, the Hob-Nob dunkin', scratchin' to the funkin', homeslice. If you could see the behind-the-scenes shizzle that goes on to bring you the noize each month you wouldn't then even believe it.
The show was being transmitted from a lonely BT exchange in deepest, darkest Kent on a cold, dark night with only the ghost of Norman (one year this month RIP) for company. Old Norm was quite well-behaved bearing in mind that he could've easily gone all out on the trick or treat biznizz. However he only decided to mess with the Disco Scratch Player which was easily combated ('press pause, then play again').

Lots of new people in the chat including a legendary and pioneering ex-writer from Guildford, BANZAI (SSB).

Lots of Halloween, spooky tracks with eerie tv themes from the 1970's - they were a great time for kids shows, weren't they?
If you missed out or want to grab one for your collection, the mp3 is available for download now.

Tracklisting in the Comments.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Disco Scratch ABU! Halloween Takeover - Taking Over Your Radio Pt2

And it continues....
ABU! is on the airwave hijack next week. As you know, your Tuesday evening is already booked as you'll be locked into The Hip Hop Sessions from 10pm. But being that next Thursday is the last Thursday of the month that means only one thing. Yes, it's the Takeover Show on the mighty Disco... (Disco....Disco...) Scratch.... (Scatch...Scratch...).

And have we got a show for you! I've gone all out on this one to give you maximum thrills and extreme chills with freaky cuts that you won't have heard for yonks.
Listen closely and you shall also hear again some stuff that you might have heard as an impressionable nipper. But we're not talking happy, dreamy music but long-lost, banished to the back of the noggin, eerie tv themes and the like.

So, in short, get over to Disco Scratch Radio on Thursday 27th October for 9pm. Darken the room, light a candle and stand in front of a mirror and say 'Candyman' five times.

This is going to be the most alarming, terrifying, petrifying, hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling, bone-chilling, horrifying, nerve-racking, fearsome, unnerving, creepy and spine-tingling Halloween yet.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Future Radio ABU! Takeover - Taking Over Your Radio Pt1

ABU! is transmitting live next Tuesday from the Future Radio studios.

Witness the fitness as I gets busy on the 1's and 2's in the guest dj spot from 11pm.
If you're a regular to The Hip Hop Sessions on a Tuesday (and if not, why not!) then you'll know the deal. DJ Just 1 is live from 10pm playing new and old whilst Mr Eps gets to shine in the second hour.

However ABU! are in the house, bumrushing the show and cold stomping 'em as REPO flexes and vexes with the classic vinyl assortment for an hour live late in the mix.

If you live in the Norwich area tune in on your radio to 107.8FM. If you're outside then you can still listen by going to the station's website at
But do not listen on laptop speakers because it's a crime. Hook ya shitz up to ya boomin' system or plug in your £2000 Dr Dre headphones.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Lord V Tees

My man LG has yet another design to hit you with. Those familiar with Overlord X will undoubtedly be pleased to see this print.
All looks well and it could soon be going into production but before it does he still needs your support.
If you want to see a Lord V t-shirt then vote with your fingers and CLICK HERE to say that you think it's a good idea.

More details here.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mark B's Old School Hip Hop Tribute Single News

"JDL the place we dwell, Easy A.D
Thru the gates of hell
The Gods who fell to earth then made heaven
Legacy of legends NY seventy-seven. "

Some news straight from Mark B now. His latest production is a tribute to the Cold Crush as you may have guessed by the above graphic.

In partnership with DIALECT, the single  'FRESH, WILD, FLY & BOLD (Cold Crush: It's a Must)' has just been released this Monday.
Available on 45, too.
Available on limited edition 7" vinyl on Pritt Kalsi's legendary King of the Beats Records and also as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Nokia and Bandcamp.

I had a listen on Bandcamp and sounds nice and fresh with cuts by my homie, Jazz T.There's a great flute sample running through the track which bounces off a dirty-sounding gritty Clavinet. Top drawer stuff.

More info is available in the following links:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

UK Rap MP3 Flood


The files are now gone. They don't exist any longer.
They weren't mine and I don't have any new links. 


I recently found a LOAD of UK rap mp3's on the interwebs.
Yes, yes, some of you can't stand digital stuff and wholeheartedly raise your fist solidly to the medium of vinyl until the day you die.
Wake up, grandad. Download these shitz. It's what all the cool kids are doing, innit. Bruv. Blud.

N.b. I've only skimmed through the list and haven't yet had a good, thorough go yet.

Batch 1 3 - coming through clear.rar tame & doc savage.rar Lyrics - Shotgun Wedding.rar Posse - Live Like The Other Half Do.rar Posse - Tell Me Something.rar Love - monie in the middle-CDM.rar Love - It's A Shame.rar Love - It's A Shame-CD.rar Love - Monie In The Middle-CD.rar Luv & DJ Rob - Silk Smooth.rar Wac - Murder 1.rar ethnicz - Any R'ddim.rar ethnicz - Harmony hall.rar Duke & Dj Leader one - I'm riffin-Rmx.rar duke - sweet power-Advanced copy.rar mell'o' - open up your mind-Rmx.rar Buzz B - The Last Tree.rar Wildski - wonderful world.rar posse - outlaws in effect.rar Posse - Stop The Negativity.rar posse - ii dam funky.rar X - You Outta Get Rushed.rar X - Powerhouse.rar E Unknown - JC 001 & D-Zire - Alone.rar Rap Assassins - And It Wasn't A Dream.rar Boy Business - I Play For Keeps.rar Boy Business - chasing competition.rar jusdis - just wanna make it ruff.rar ninja - this mic`s for hire.rar ninja - war bytes-EP.rar inc - in the mix.rar Rich - geeks revenge.rar 2 - we go subsonic.rar Troopers - Knowledge.rar & K.O. Posse - Feel No Pain.rar MC's - Elevate my mind.rar MC's - what is soul.rar of nubia - pump your fist.rar Rockers - On Stage -1197-1-JD.rar Rockers - Give It A Rest-Why Mix.rar Rockers - Do Dat Dance-US.rar Rockers - Do Dat Dance.rar Rockers - hands across the ocean.rar Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine-NC-Rmx.rar Dynamic Guvnors - I Cant Live Without You.rar Dynamic Guvnors -Rock The Discotheques.rar powerlords - the posse's ready.rar Royal Family - Freddy's Back.rar Criminal minds - guilty as charged ltd.ed.rar Blapps Posse - Dont Hold Back.rar Blapps Posse - Don't Hold Back-Rmx.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

Batch 2 - Dont Know The Time.rar tone committee - Beings From A Word Struck Surface.rar 59 - trouble on my mind.rar D - Still Kickin.rar Radical MK11 - sumarli.rar Radical MK11 - Sign Of The Beat.rar - Delivering the Answer.rar - B.O.O.M.rar eyes - soul tip.rar the bass - love so true-EP.rar crew - Back For More.rar - im ready.rar - victory.rar To The Nation - Pay The Price.rar Crew - Love Will Bring Us Back Together.rar Crew - secrets (of success)-CD.rar 2 kill - listen to the basstone.rar 2 Kill - Its A Heat Up.rar 2 kill - jus' coolin.rar Freddy - The Crown.rar Freddy - Daddy Freddy's In Town.rar charge - silver fox.rar Tex - Master Blaster-EP.rar - Keep Da Crowd Dancing.rar force - Criminals.rar force - raptivity.rar Penalty-The EP.rar - serve tea then murder.rar ski & mo rock - the long awaited paroxym-EP.rar offence - round n round.rar 'n' k-zee - jam.rar's - U.B. Nice.rar frontal assault - bloodfire assault.rar - Crime Story & No Sell Out.rar - daddy rich.rar - serve tea then murder.rar Cotton - Facts Of Life.rar 22 - Diary Of A Blackman.rar With Skellaton - Taken To Heart.rar 60 - kaos from order.rar 3-Hard Times.rar 3 - destroy all the stereotypes.rar 3 - don't be misled.rar - see monkey do.rar Posse - Jump Around.rar - The Real Thing.rar duke - the royal male-EP.rar Buzz B - Never Change-Promo.rar Buzz B - Never Change-12mix.rar McLaren - Romeo And Juliet.rar - tales from the southside-EP.rar Love - Work It Out-CD.rar - The Band Played The Boogie.rar - Radioactivity.rar - 3 bad brothers-EP.rar youth - backway a talk.rar Rhyme Masters - You Need Discipline.rar MC - The Wickedest Sound.rar ninja - ninja dawn-EP.rar ninja - hellz a place i know-EP.rar ninja - lethal variations.rar - who got the last laugh.rar Rap Assassins - Less Mellow.rar Rap Assassins - Justice.rar bullet - undercover anarchist.rar bullet - Ruff Karnage-Tape.rar bullet - ruff karnage.rar bullet - ruff karnage-7in.rar - the one and only sirus-EP.rar Troopers - Systematic Terror-EP.rar troopers - (breaking out in a) cold sweat.rar of noise - son of noise.rar of noise - master of menace.rar of sha'bass - take it or leave it.rar & the mighty ethnicz - youre out there.rar 2 - the unsung heroes of hip hop.rar power - its too late.rar C - Greed Is The System On Tow.rar Brotherhood - descendents of the holocaust-EP.rar Korperayshun - Microphone Nutter.rar Criminal Minds - Tales from the wasteland-EP.rar sindicute - wont change.rar decision - make a living.rar - History Rewritten.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

 Batch 3 Philly - Those Flags Offend Me.rar philly - funky alcohol.rar Proof - Different Neighbourhood.rar Of Swing - Rap Game.rar - 92 salute.rar Like Outlaw - Trapped into Darkness.rar Creed - Helluva.rar the illusion - where will it end-EP.rar - fat head-EP.rar prophetz - chapter one.rar - survival of the hardest working-EP.rar Empire - Cross the border.rar Crew - Brother Like Sister-CD.rar - Talking About Street Life-Profile.rar crew - my in sense is burning.rar II - Machine Language.rar - this ones 4 u-EP.rar master - the drunken-EP.rar 'n' black - discretions.rar force - we're ready.rar yess & d crime - nothing's gonna stop.rar yess & d crime - keep it underground.rar boyz - glimity glamity.rar - serious public disorder.rar j - just save it.rar II - Break Out The Vaseline-Promo.rar Freddy - Haul And Pull.rar n K Zee - Lord Of The Dance.rar n K Zee - brothers that know.rar frontal assault - atomic airaid.rar - killing season.rar levy - dem no wicked like we.rar & dj d-zire - sea of mcs.rar dj maxi jazz-movin up-EP.rar instinct - The Bambi Murders.rar instinct - Den of Thieves-EP.rar 22 - dark epoch-EP.rar 22 - return to the fundamentals-EP.rar & cus - split-7inch.rar Of Rap - stix n stones-EP.rar Of Rap - Jazz it up.rar Of Rap - Hip To The House.rar Lyrics - The Persuader.rar pizza - tired of fussing & fighting.rar Dominant - Pushed 2 Da Limit-Promo.rar fresh connection - mind blowing decisions.rar - tales from the southside.rar mello - mello gone crazy-Promo.rar Evaready - Straight To The Point.rar - sad affair.rar Posse - Partytime-1992.rar Blank - Planting Semtex.rar MC - Rich Ah Getting Richer.rar MC - The Governments Fail.rar ovation - shadows of mayhem.rar of fury - the golden years.rar of noise - negative forces.rar of sound - like a scientist-EP.rar Original Squad - All The Blacks.rar Brotherhood - Wayz of the Wize - Bite it.rar Brotherhood - descendents of the holocaust.rar decision - Rap Sings The Blues-EP.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
 Still here....?

Batch 4 - ruff life-EP.rar - lose your illusion-EP.rar like outlaw - good vibrations.rar english klik - hard core beats.rar - clear the way.rar - clear the way - ltd.ed-EP.rar Empire - Cross the border.rar - ghettogedden.rar - ying yang.rar tex - herbs & verbs.rar 11 - y ya tryin to play me.rar 11 - the amazonian one.rar 11 - doggin me around.rar - What's Not Yours.rar Freddy - Respect Due.rar Freddy - Daddy Freddy-EP.rar hoodzmen - rhyme ripper.rar Down - ill Gotten Gains-EP.rar - mind of a razor-EP.rar - mind of a razor-DJ Promo.rar - children of a dying breed.rar - ganxta mai dae productions-EP.rar HC - Big Trouble In Little Asia.rar - vibe holds jah tribe.rar & dj d-zire - all my children.rar instinct - whispers of hatred-EP.rar effect - borderin' insanity.rar 3 - we don't go pop like bubblegum.rar Posse - supermodel.rar Posse - Hows Life In London-EP.rar Love - Born 2 B.R.E.E.D-CDM.rar ethnicz - can i get a deal.rar jay j & dj devious d - different styles-EP.rar - all about eve.rar Force - Chains-TOK 3.rar Kingdom - Good Times.rar - syncopated noisy music.rar A La Mazon - build a wall around -EP.rar cut core - raw break.rar - under suspicion-EP.rar - Lyrical Juice-EP.rar Carriers-The Haemorrhoid Fry Up-EP.rar Parks - Parks-EP.rar Criminal Minds - whitehouse.rar brigade - the first blood-EP.rar rudies - real skills.rar decision - it ain't clever-EP.rar - The Ruffneck-EP.rar British underground-EP.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

Batch 5 - better late than never.rar blue - The story begins-EP.rar eyes - straight from the uk.rar - troublemakers-EP.rar hoodzmen - da hoodzmen-EP.rar Freddy - Pain Killa.rar Freddy - Pain Killa.rar - yabba dabba doo.rar - dead funny.rar crew - got you on my mind.rar squad - 6ft under-EP.rar Down - Mad Dogs & Englishmen-EP.rar & the coalition - the coalition-EP.rar - colour code-Rmx.rar - colour code.rar snypes - the trials of life.rar ii kill - massacre-EP.rar of darkness - a taste of venom.rar identity - blunted pumpkin buskers.rar - Clear The Stage.rar - Hang 'Em High Vokal Rekall.rar Rex - Yang Yang & What U Wanna Do.rar 22 - 22 steps ahead.rar instinct - escapizm-EP.rar 3 - herd out da gate-EP.rar 3 - on tempo.rar 3 - Who You Know.rar Shade Of Brown - hey dj.rar - the cynic-EP.rar ni - all in the mind mass confuzion.rar ni - sit back relax.rar disorda - mental disorda-WL.rar element - reflex reaction.rar eclipse - dont judge a book-Promo.rar risk - this is stone risk.rar - bury the ~lol~-EP.rar & The Binge - Mr. Kinkleton.rar - ladies say ow!-EP.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

 Batch 6 - free man.rar - trouble on my mind.rar blue - Cancel 'Em All Out.rar - planned and executed-EP.rar Snatchers - Genocide-EP.rar - inject intellect.rar Madness - Mind Over Matter-EP.rar Large & DJ Anton - Feel The Real-EP.rar Slaughta - Always Remain Hardcore-EP.rar parker - b-boy antiks-EP.rar Hill & JC-001 - Evolution.rar - recipes for disaster.rar Genius - Unbelievable.rar eclipse - psychological enslavement.rar Brotherhood - alphabetical.rar delinquents - outta control-EP.rar - The Harmony Of Nature.rar heroes - first instalment.rar

1996 Brothas - Kronik Kutz 1.rar Hard Bastads - Hard As ~censored~-EP.rar crew - cold rockin' with the krew.rar - the flawed hip hop-EP.rar in the desert - can you feel it.rar madness-intelligent madness-EP.rar instinct - the penultimate sacrifice-EP.rar pink & Mr blonde - payin tha price.rar of sound - landmine situation.rar Brotherhood - One shot - Promo.rar Brotherhood - One shot-Rmx.rar Brotherhood - One shot.rar Brotherhood - Punk Funk-CD.rar Brotherhood - punk funkmad headz.rar Click - Scandalous.rar principle feat silent eclipse - the damned-EP.rar

1997 in progress - give me a break.rar in progress - give me a break.rar - rhyme bomb.rar - future years-EP.rar - new & improved-EP.rar effect - man bites dog-EP.rar pink & mr blonde - jamaica crimewave.rar family - the mud files vol 1.rar

------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------

 Just to advise the legal beagles out there - yeah the Mofo DMCA - all these files are NOT held by me. They are OUT THERE in the internet. I'm just passing out links, mmkay?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Ideas From Style Warrior

Seems like LG is getting his mojo on recently with a great number of ideas straight outta the Style Warrior think-tank.

Groove Records, Mike Allen and a new Hijack design. And that's just this week!
Cop a load of these and if you would like to perhaps buy one in the not-to-distant future then please click on the links below which take you to a very short - and I mean very short - questionnaire. This is just a survey to gauge interest - it is not a commitment to buy.

What do you think? Pretty abso-bloody-lutely firing, would you agree?

Here are the links to the surveys.
Remember, if you don't vote for them,  then these designs may just continue the rest of their existence as jpegs* on a Mac. If you want to see them on a t-shirt then demand it, godammit!

Hijack Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

Mike Allen Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

Groove Records Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

* or PNG....or AI...... ;-)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Son of Noise 2011 T-Shirt

As mentioned during the latest ABU Show, Style Warrior's next batch of fresh tees are due to be a new tweak on a previous design - Son Of Noise.

As always they are for pre-order only which only increases their exclusivity - you have until Sunday October 9th to put your order in. Once they're gone, they are gone. 
£20 + free shipping and lovingly printed on gorgeous tuff Navy, loose fit 205gsm shirt.

For more details check

The ABU! Plastic Attack Show / Bonus Disco Scratch Show

Last Friday was a bit of an internet radio-fest to say the least.

From 9pm was DJ Laz-e's Plastic Attack show featuring yours truly and my own musical selections for an hour.
If you're not aware, there is the option to use the 'chat facility' on the Plastic Attack Facebook group page whilst this show transmits every Friday evening. Go to the page and select 'Chat To Group' - obviously you need to be a member of the group in order to do this.

Unfortunately time flew by and out of my 15 track choices only 10 got aired.

DJ Laz-e - Live on RTE Digital Radio
01  Steinski - Lesson 3 [History of Hip Hop]
02  Hassan & 7-11 - Cold Rock Stuff
03  BDP - T'Cha - T'Cha
04  Ice T - Reckless
05  Kid Frost - Terminator
06  Davy DMX - The Dmx Will Rock
07  Hijack - Intro, Phantom of the Opera
08  Gang Starr - Jazz Thing(Video Mix)
09  Mixmaster Gee And The Turntable Orchestra - Manipulator
10  Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince -  Rhythm Trax - House Party Style

It was an entertaining time; me holding a phone to my ear for an hour; Laz-e sweating profusely and hitting switches as he was performing a one-man show on Friday.

Waxer on Friday evening -
actor used to employ likeness.
Now during the latter part of the show, Mr Waxer showed up. He then decided to keep the party going by doing a very impromptu Disco Scratch bonus show live on the air not long after the Plastic Attack had finished.
It was a very special evening as anyone who was listening will attest. You can catch the show in it's entirety as I managed to record the whole show.
Drink was flowing and everything was played off 100% vinyl. Hopefully the atmosphere can be recreated by just adding a spirit of your choice to your favourite glass as you press 'play'.

Download - The Plastic Attack Show - Live with ABU!

Download - Waxer's Disco Scratch Bonus Show Live!
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