Friday, 31 July 2009

Magazine Scans part 3

Magazine Scans part 2

Magazine Scans part 1

Here are a few scans from The Street Scene magazine which you may or may not know was from Streetsounds big cheese, Morgan Khan back in 1985.
I've put up some of the more interesting articles and some other bits. Enjoy.

Don't forget to click for a bigger picture.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

DJ Superix - Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate

This is a great mix by DJ Superix.

He uses all of the tracks from the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series and cuts them up and adds some examples of where they've been sampled. He's no slouch either and all the cuts come correct and he never misses a beat.
I've only got part 2 here but that's good enough. If anyone has got the first one please let me know.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Back from holiday

So here I am just had a week away on holiday in Cornwall with Mrs Ageing B-Boy and the l'il B-Girls and I return to find much comments on the recent Style Wars post.

So, in turn:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":


Straight and to the point. I admire your stance. Check the top-right of the blog under NOTE.

tracey shaw has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

quality, I really like this, I saw something like this on It maybe the same person or a different graffiti artist ? I dont know it all looks good to me lol. xxx

It's all my own work. Thankyou.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

what the fuck is the password!?

Woah there, chief. I know I said I liked your no-messing style but let's be a bit more civil about this, shall we? Ask nicely.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

real great idea! dope

I'm glad you found the password at last. Thankyou.

dsfggsfgsdf has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":


Unless otherwise stated all files will use this password to unpack them:
And remember, a little thanks makes the Ageing b-boy, a Happy b-boy......

Nicely done, dsfggsfgsdf. I bet your signature's a scream.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

I can't expand the file, it says the structure of the archive is damaged... i'm on mac osx

As much as I love Apple and indeed crave my own Mac, I'm afraid I cannot help you here. Thanks for calling. Who's next on the line?

Lovegrove has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

Aargh, you beat me to it... I needed just a couple of tunes to complete the whole set.

Good job here though, thought the web address voice over was a bit annoying... I listened to it while working (one earpiece), so only heard it over one track... does it appear more than once?

I think the addition of a few audio samples from the documentary would have made it perfect!

Ta very much.

Your comments have been duly noted. I did the voice ident to kind of personalise it so that anyone ripping me off would have that there (in the voice of CAP MPC) "foreverrrr!".
I love the idea of adding some audio from the film, too. Who knows I may make a re-mastered version soon.

End Level Boss has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

The p-word ain't workin dunny.

"Dunny"? Is that an insult? Did you mean to say 'dummy'? I'm confused, please explain.

End Level Boss has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

Just tried it with Unrar-X - works like a charm!

I'm glad. Thanks, err, dunny.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":


Is that you, again?!

palli has left a new comment on your post "Style Wars - The Original Movie Soundtrack":

Password plz!!

And here we go again.......

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The King Of Pop 1958-2009

There's not much more to say that hasn't already hasn't been said, written or reported about the sad, premature death of arguably the world's greatest entertainer, Michael Joseph Jackson.

Anyone watching the Memorial Service live on television from the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday would have to have had a heart of stone not to have been moved by any of the performances or personal anecdotes. And most especially from seeing the anguish of Michael's 11-year old daughter, Paris' and her truly heartfelt words.

Even my wife, who is a staunch Jacko-cynic was teary-eyed by the event.

I don't think we will ever witness an event quite like it again in our lifetime which just shows you how much of an icon Jackson was. And will continue to be.

Clearly I could not let this momentous occassion slip by without adding my own personal tribute. And so I have compiled some of the many mixes that have hastily been posted up on various blogs.


I also give you two of my personal favourite Michael Jackson songs.
From the 1971 Jackson 5 album Maybe Tomorrow is the classic, old school, funky breakbeat, "It's Great to Be Here" heard -amongst many other places- on Bambaataa's "Death Mix".

And in my opinion one of MJ's most beautiful songs is "Human Nature" originally on 1982's legendary "Thriller" album and sampled by Nas on his debut album for the track "It Ain't Hard To Tell".

n.b. props go to the always amazing Underground Hip Hop Blog

Monday, 6 July 2009

Ultimate Breaks Volume 26

I don't mind telling you that this is a bit of a special moment.
I've been waiting for volume 26 of Ultimate Breaks & Beats for something like 18 years.
This is the 'lost' 26th edition of the legendary breakbeat series of albums from Street Beat Records and contains that same dusty funk that you know and love right down to the Kev Harris artwork and Louis Flores edits.

We begin with the rather lyrically disturbing Joe Tex track "You Said A Bad Word" in which he dubiously remarks to a girl that he won't tell her mother about her cursing if "you do what I tell you" whilst simultaneously sniggering.
You'll be singing "Su-per...Casanova...naaaa, na, na, na, na, na, na", when you hear it. Fact.

Moving quickly on is a nice old school break, "Ever Ready" by Johnnie Taylor and then a great break I never even knew existed. I wasn't even aware that Herbie Luv Bug had gone digging in search of inspiration for Salt N Peppa's "Push It". Well listen to "Keep On Pushing" by Coal Kitchen and you'll hear for yourself.
The epic "The Jam" is a slab of psychedelic sloppy funk from the p-funk-ish Graham Central Station. I remember finding this at a car boot some years ago and hearing the MARRS break for the first time. 'Twas mindblowing I tells ya.

Those yearning for the days of the Soul II Soul massive will dance in glee for it was this track that introduced that famous beat (05.09s) which was soon sadly plundered by everyone with an Akai sampler back in the early 90's (Jimmy Nail, I'm looking at you).

is the sort of band that every hip hop dj will have at least one of their records in their box. And we have a beauty here in the form of "Let's Get Small" with it's monster use of percussion. Eagerly used by such champs as KRS-ONE, Coldcut, LL Cool J and a staple in Kid Capri's repertoire.

Now apparently an original 7" copy of "Sexy Coffee Pot" by Tony Alvon & The Belairs goes for a price so high that only DJ Shadow and Keb Darge can fork out the cash for it without their bank manager shifting uncomfortably in his seat.
The title comes from the story that a coffee pot was the inspiration for the world's first webcam. The coffee pot was located in the so-called Trojan Room within the old Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. The webcam was created to help people working in other parts of the building avoid pointless trips to the coffee room by providing, on the user's desktop computer, a live 128×128 grayscale picture of the state of the coffee pot.
It's true. The internet never lies y'all.
However why anyone would deem a coffee pot to be 'sexy' is beyond me. Although on second thoughts the Computer Laboratory probably consisted of mainly blokes with bad hair and zits and the only offering of females would be Beryl the cleaning lady.

And so to end this volume is probably my pick of a very good bunch. Hank Carbo's "Hot Pants Part 2" is a mid-tempo shigger-fragger which you'll know instantly as being 'that Big Daddy Kane break '. Marley Marl is a frickin genius.

It's worth remembering that this album was originally produced in 1991 in the midst of hip hop's Golden Age™ so a lot if not most of the subsequent tracks in which these breaks were used are some of hip hop's greatest moments.

1. Joe Tex - You Said A Bad Word

2. Johnny Taylor - Ever Ready

3. Coalkitchen - Keep On Pushing

4. Graham Central Station - The Jam (Remixed)


1. Trouble Funk - Lets Get Small

2. Tony Alvon - Sexy Coffee Pot

3. Hank Carbo - Hot Pants (part 2) (Remixed)

Breakbeat Lenny R.I.P.

Check here
for more info about the individual editions and short history of UBB.
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