Tuesday, 30 November 2010

With Music This Good The Title Is Irrelevant

I made this mix a couple of months ago but hadn't got round to putting it up.
It's made live on turntables but with a likkle bit o' computer magic just to tidy up the loose ends.

17 minutes of Golden Age classics with that angle of ABU! spice that you know and love.
You want tracklistings, too? Don't ask for much, do ya?

With Music This Good The Title Is Irrelevant by DJ Sureshot

1.    Jewel T - I Like It Loud (Jewel Records 1988)
2.    Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That (The Ultimatum Reconstruction) (Gee St 1988)
3.    Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics - Sally Got A One Track Mind (Chemistry Records 1993)
4.    Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump (Capitol Records 1989)
5.    Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (Tommy Boy 1989)
6.    Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity (Jive 1993)
7.    LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Def Jam 1990)
8.    Young Black Teenagers - Tap The Bottle (SOUL 1992)
9.    RUN DMC - Walk This Way (Profile 1986)
10.   Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Ruffhouse 1993)
11.   Public Enemy - Fight The Power (Motown 1989)
12.   Uptown - Dope On Plastic (Tommy Boy 1989)

Or if you like to listen but with 'chapters' then visit this link.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

3 The Hard Way Audio Promo

To tempt those of you who haven't yet bought your ticket I've put together a sample of the sort of tracks you can expect to hear in the 3 The Hard Way Christmas Jam in 2 weeks.
The music reflects what I may (or may not - I'm not giving up my secret tracks!) be playing on the night. Although I am by no means speaking for Ambush, Waxer, Cutloose, nor Ridla who each have their own unique styles that they'll be displaying on the night.

Don't forget that you need to go here to order your tickets.
It's shaping up to be a must-see event.
Buy or cry.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast #3


The 3rd Podcast is ready and waiting for your downloading pleasure.
The usual classic and funky old buggers' bag of hip hop awaits along with some off-the-wall shitz and giggles.

I decided not to give you a listing this time and instead hit you with it freshski so that it's all a surprise - a good one. Maybe I'll add one later. Maybe not.

Again, if you prefer to listen on your chosen mp3-playing portable device then download from here and transfer at your leisure.
However if you were spoiled as a child and given everything as soon as you demanded it then you will prefer the streaming option below.
I'm not here to judge, baby.

We've given this podcast a Code Blue warning as there is a chance that the listener may encounter some filth-flarn-filth during the broadcast. So unless your co-workers, colleagues, fellow bus passengers, gran or dog are groovy, down-with-the-kids, filth-merchants then be warned.

Special shout to CODE's mum, Flygirl Sue, we know it to be true.

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast #3 by Sonicity3


Download Podcast # 3

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MC Crazy Noddy & DJ Fingers / Pogo & Mell'O' / Monie Love

Right. Are you ready for some "black steel", "acetates" and "dub-plate pressure"?
I ripped this 18-minute segment off a tape from 1987. It's a recording of an early Tim Westwood show from his beginning days at Capital Radio.
Strange to think that even a legendary figure like Timmy could only make do with 30 minutes of airtime back then.
Marvel at the way he introduces the wrong title as LL's new song. You crazy diamond!

I somehow managed to keep my itchy trigger finger away from the pause button and recorded the whole set of MC Crazy Noddy & DJ Fingers from The Syndicate as well as Jus' Badd's DJ Pogo & MC Mell'O' without 'editing' it.
This is some rare London bizzle and hearing an MC over those original breaks'll put hairs on ya chest I tells ya.

And while I'm in the mood for some breaks and British vocals I'm gonna bless you with the rugged tones of Simone Wilson aka Monie Love and MC Mell'O' out of Jus' Badd and their highly-sought after 12" "Freestyle".
I haven't personally got this record but I'm guessing a certain Fagent Inch (cryptic name-change) has a copy.
Most probably doubles, too.
Still shrinkwrapped.

Talking of spoilt, British, loudmouth, tantrum-having MC's, did I ever mention that time I saw Monie Love in the Kings Road, London shopping for a frock and just stamping her feet in a rather quaint 'don't you know who I am?' kind of way?

Really. Really? Alright. Okay...ummm, well, on behalf of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, thank you. And goodnight.

Jus Badd - Free Style

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

RIP Derek B - One year on

Derek Boland.
15 January 1965 – 15 November 2009

Is it really a year since we lost Derek?
Today marks the day that his death was publicly announced exactly one year.

Below is a brief piece of audio from M1ke A11en's Street Talk show on LBC from 1988. This features an end snippet of Mike talking to Derek and wishing him luck on his then current success in the UK.

ABU! Facebook Page

You can now find ABU! on Facebook.
There's a new, dedicated group page where you can find other ABU! readers and even those who aren't regulars (shock!) and get down.

Click here to go straight there; you will not pass Go and you most def won't receive £200.

It goes without saying that you must already be a member of Facebook to join up. I know, sorry, Grandma, eggs..etc...
But you see these days companies such as KP Foods need to inform the general public that a packet of peanuts MAY contain traces of nuts so......!

Easy peas.

Xmas Jam Update

The tickets to the 3, The Hard Way Xmas Jam are now available to all.
As I said previously, these are in strictly limited quantities and once they're gone, they're gone due to venue restrictions.

I don't want to sound like I'm spamming here but I really am urging you all to come if you possibly can as it is going to be a really great night.
I say that genuinely because this event is being put on with pure love for the music and the culture itself.
Like-minded individuals all getting down to the music that we love and grew up with as youngsters with a clear aim; peace, unity, love and having fun.

This is truly shaping up to be the jam of the year and strongly urge everyone to make it because it's surely going to be the feel-good event of the season!

Go here for tickets!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3 The Hard Way - The Christmas Jam news

Click on the pic to see a massive version of the flyer

Well, it's been a tough road but we've finally reached the final leg and the finish line is in view.

Websta, Waxer and Lady have been scouting the whole of Birmingham and have found the perfect venue.
It will be held in The Munster Lounge in The Irish Centre, Birmingham on Saturday 11th December 2010.
Doors will open at 7pm but the main event begins at 9pm and goes on until 2am.

The venue is really nice, only a 10 minute walk from Birmingham new street station & literally right next door to Digbeth coach station.
Please respect the venue, it's got Waxer;s name on the contract & no playing up/tagging etc will be tolerated.
They have a nice selection of beers on tap, Strongbow, Guinness & Carling & your usual top shelf drinks.


You have a great choice of the most popular hotels, here are 3, book early to get 'em cheap!!!




Literally all within staggering distance or short ride in a cab.

Heroes Of UK Hip Hop Forum members have first chance at getting tickets, so if you are a member of the forum and would like tickets, please send Waxer a PM on the forum.
Otherwise, tickets go on sale to non-forum members in the Shop at the weekend.

Speaking of which, you should ALL sign up to Websta's forum anyway especially as there is a dedicated xmas jam thread where you can chat about it.

We will also be sending wristbands along with your ticket to avoid any confusion when people go out for a smoke, or need to leave for some reason as there will be door staff on. These will have the 3 The Hard Way logo printed on them and will be a nice little memento from the night.



Train is 10 minutes walk away, Birmingham New Street. Get your tickets from:


Coach is literally next door, get your tickets from:

DJs on the night: (We will add more information as we get it)


LADIES/GENTS please note... this is a Christmas party, we have kept the ticket price as LOW AS WE POSSIBLY CAN. We could not afford to do it any less due to the cost of the venue and cost of sound system hire. This is a not for profit event and should we have any money in the kitty left after selling the tickets we'll be putting that back to future events and/or maybe a drink behind the bar!

EVERYBODY NEEDS TO PAY, even if you want to grab the mic or get on the wheels of steel, the only way we can afford to do this is if everyone buys a ticket. TICKETS ARE LIMITED TO 100 ONLY DUE TO FIRE PRECAUTIONS SO PLEASE BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. WE CANNOT BEND THE RULES OF THE VENUE!!!

We've had e-mails and PMs from artists who would like to perform. We are not booking artists, this is just a load of like minded people getting together to have a wicked night!

This is your chance to meet me in the flesh. Yes ladies, dream no longer for you will be able to witness the fitness of the one and very much only, Repo for one night only.
And I will be signing autographs. For a fee.

It goes without saying that any news will be posted here as soon as I hear it.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Any Requests?

Podcast number 3 is coming up later on in the month. Let me know if you have any requests for tracks to be played.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Original Dope

It's a simple idea. So simple and yet so obvious.
To re-issue classic UK hip hop albums of yesteryear.

And really, not just re-issue them just as they were which would be pretty lazy but also add extra bonus tracks. And rare ones at that. Remastered, expanded, lavish packaging and exclusive liner notes.

Currently Original Dope are hot on the case of unearthing and blowing off the dust of some classic long-players from the 80's & 90's such as MC Duke's Organised Rhyme, Blade's The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength (No Compromise) and The Ruthless Rap Assassins Killer Album.

Original Dope is the brainchild of ex-HHC honcho Andy Cowan who edited the legendary Hip Hop Connection magazine from 1993 so you know that this isn't going to be some fly-by-night opportunist operation.

If you go to the website now you can also find exclusive t-shirts featuring Blade, Ruthless Rap Assassins as well as the official Original Dope logo.

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