Friday, 30 September 2011

Dump Koch!

Anyone who's a fan of early 80's hip hop movies should find pics these exceptionally brilliant.
Designed by LG of Style Warrior, you may remember his great Beat Street designs from a previous post.
No word on how these are to be used (tees? posters?) but you have to agree that they are iconic and capture the essence of Style Wars, no?

More details go to

ABU! Disco Scratch Takeover Show - September 2011

.....And here it is. September's (show #12) 2-hour bonanza of beautiful, bountiful, body-rocking, booming beats as heard last night on Disco Scratch Radio

Today kids, our topic is....
The chatroom was pure filth ('W*nk Wipes'!) as per normal and LG's eternal 'Are You Being Served' quotes went above and beyond the call of duty!

Download available via many servers because ABU feels your concern, yo.


Tracklist is in the 'Comments'.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ABU! Live On Air This Week #1

Back again after the Summer break. It's the return of The Ageing B-Boys Unite! Disco Scratch Takeover Show this Thursday 29th @9pm - 11pm, September 2011.

As you may know from the previous Disco Scratch show, this is the last regular one for a while, however ABU! will endeavour to be here at the end of the month (October) for a Hallowe'en Special.

Tune in on Thursday for some very tasty grooves, hip hop classics, legendary Electro tunes, b-boy breaks and a couple of selections that you won't expect to hear on any other show.
Get in the chatroom and join the banter. We welcome all newcomers.

Disco Scratch + ABU. Together Forever. Tougher Than Leather.

Direct link:

ABU! Live On Air This Week #2

REPO136 of Ageing B-Boys Unite! will be the special guest LIVE on air this week on Dublin's

Playing a selection of classic tracks and b-boy beauties from the 80's & 90's and chatting with The Plastic Attack Show host, DJ LAZ-E

9 - 10PM

Direct link:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I Can't Live Without My Radio....da-na-naaa

Internet radio. Do you listen to it?

Go on iTunes and fire up the 'Radio'. Just look at how many stations there are out there. It's daunting, isn't it? Click on Hip Hop/Rap and there are 299 channels available from ABC Rap to ZET Rock & Rap.
However if you aren't a fan of iTunes and just prefer to go straight to the source and listen to the music then read on.
There are some stations that I listen to on the reggy-reg. If you have any recommendations then post them up in the comments.

Future Radio

Tuesdays - 10pm-12am - The Hip Hop Sessions with DJ Just-1 - Future Radio

Norwich's own Just-1 controls the wheels of steel for the first hour which can sometimes be newer hip hop while Mr Eps is on for the final 11-12 shift playing the classics.
Future Radio is a community radio station broadcasting in the west of Norwich in Norfolk. You can however listen over the internet from the homepage.


Future Radio
Facebook Group

RTÉ Radio

Fridays - 9pm-10pm - The Plastic Attack with DJ Laz-E

Live from Dublin is Ireland's own DJ Laz-E who plays classic hip hop with guest hosts Raggaman Bob and DJ Cool C on rotation.
Expect some back-in-the-day rock breaks as well.

Broadcasting digitally on RTÉ 2XM and also over the internet, thankfully. If you visit the Plastic Attack Facebook page then you can get involved in the chatroom on a Friday.
The show is usually available for download shortly after the live broadcast.


RTÉ Radio
Facebook Group!/groups/133497096668184/

Disco Scratch Radio

Thursdays - 9pm-11pm (sometimes longer...) - The Disco Scratch Show with Waxer

You should all know by now the scoop on this one.
A weekly 2-hour show hosted by Waxer on his own Disco Scratch website with affiliations with Freestyle FM and Sensei FM.
The first and third week of the month are a mish-mash of old and new hip hop. The second week is the Heroes Of UK Hip Hop Takeover show with an emphasis, UK hip hop. The last Thursday of each month is yours truly, the Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show providing the beats and basslines.
The chatroom is really where the magic is though and you can sign into it whilst listening.
All shows are archived and are available for download shortly after the live broadcast.

The 29th September sees the last regular show on DSR for a short while whilst Waxer relocates and gets things settled then hopefully it'll be back to business mid-November.


Disco Scratch Radio

Send us your recommendations.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

They're Back! Disco Scratch Mugs! / DS Radio News

In case, like me, you missed out on the original batch of official Disco Scratch mugs earlier in the year then you better not sleep on this.
Back again in a limited quantity of 10, yes 10 only. And they may well be the last ones.

To paraphrase Mr Morgan Khan, is it going to be you that gets one - or some wally poser that moved faster?!?

Move your butts and get clicking to THIS LINK NOW.

And on a sad note, this may be the last month of regular Disco Scratch Radio shows.
Lord Waxer of Freshhiphopshire is taking the show on a hiatus due to real life commitments and won't be able to commit to a weekly spot for the forseeable future.
Therefore the final shows will be as follows:

15th Sept - Regular show - Waxer getting busy on the wheels of steel taking requests and schoolin' suckers.
22nd Sept - No show
29th Sept - ABU Takeover Show

As for the meantime I will still be continuing with the Takeover Shows although as I won't be actually taking over anything in particular then they will revert back to the ABU Monthly Podcasts.
I'm looking into maybe streaming the show live once a month then putting them up for download afterwards. Maybe. It'd be nice, but no promises.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And Here We Go.....Again!

Intro - "Eeeeeee, proper Bo"
Just barely over a month ago I wrote about my 'good friend' Carvelli and his tortuous attempt at trying to get ABU to promote his product.
Well, looks like some other idiot is trying to grab some of his spotlight and sent me a bog-standard email. After one listen to one of Intro's videos on YouTube I gather he is a dubstep/urban musician.

As his email did not specifically contain the sentence 'do not make fun of me on your blog' I will continue.......

"Hey whats going on ?"

Errr, I'm sitting in my lounge. Okay....? You seem a tad confrontational and I'm only wearing my pants. Back off, son.

"My name is Intro and Im an up and coming Artist/Songwriter/producer."

Well, that's just peachy. Perhaps you could add Bloke That Doesn't Actually Read Your Blog At All Actually to your list of 'achievements'.

"I was surfing through the net and came across your blog site and I thought that this would be the best site for me to build a great relationship with on journey in this music business."

Oh really? So you thought that ABU being that it is a blog specialising in the older school of hip hop would be just tops for sharing your dub-step music?
And if you want to start a "relationship" then it's gots to be Yorkshire Tea and a jammy doughnut, your treat.
And no tongues.

"I have tons of content .. videos , music , mixtapes......."

My, my, we do seem to have a rather large trumpet to blow, don't we?

"....but I need to find a home where I can provide content in exchange for some promotion currently i have about 208 video on my youtube channel with some pretty good traffic. 

You've made 208 videos and aren't a superstar yet?
Well, here's a tip, try contacting websites that actually give a fuck are best-suited to your musical needs rather than firing off blanket emails to all and sundry because that gives the impression that you aren't doing your research properly.
I feel a sense of de-ja-vu......

"Here are some of my links and you can be the judge of my work. Thank you for your time and I truly appreciate it."

Blah, blah, blah, my fingers are in my ears. I can't hear you, la-la-la-la.

If you ever visit this site again then you will see my reply, Mr Intro.
But you probably won't.



Disco Scratch Radio - Skool Is Now In Session

After his summer break, my homeslice, Mr Waka-waka-waka-Waxer is back behind the wheels of steel again this week.
After what seems like years we will be treated to some long-awaited funkin' hip hop power as we get back to our weekly fix of music pow-pow-power from the Disco Scratch radio show.

Set your alarms, tell your missus to do one as all roads lead to the Palace Of Villainy this Thursday at 9pm. Two hours of superb music and always great banter in the chatroom.

Click this link nearer the time, boys and girls.
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