Thursday, 28 November 2013

ABU! Takeover/Podcast #36 November 2013

It's the return of the Ageing B-Boys Unite! DS Takeover/Podcast.
Broadcast tonight on Disco Scratch Radio at 9pm (GMT).
Featuring regular highlights; DJ Track Of The Month, The Roots Of The Roots, The Funk Trunk as well as electro, classic hip hop, breaks and some 80's pop, this is the one show you do not want to miss!

Live audio stream:


Thursday, 21 November 2013

ABU Stand-In Show on Disco Scratch - TONITE!

Disco Scratch is still having technical issues to I am opening a pop-up radio shop tonight at 9pm (GMT) for some funk 'n' hip hop sounds. for the audio stream. for the chatroom.

Repo La Rock

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ABU - The Album!

Over in the ABU Facebook group one of the members, Pom, came up with a rather brilliant idea just recently.
How about we pool our resources and see if we could create an album's worth of tracks?
Well, it has gone down well and we have a wealth of artists and producers wanting to get involved.

However as some ABU peeps are not on FB I must stress that this isn't exclusive to FB by any means. In fact a lot of you have been down with us long since Facebook was on the scene so I welcome you with open arms to come and get involved.

The basic criteria is.... keep that old school ethos. Electro, breaks, golden age boom-bap beats, human beatboxing, scratchin'...... maybe you have some unreleased stuff that you made years ago. As long as it is of decent quality then get involved.
I'm also thinking of having little skits all over the album so if you prefer that steez then go ahead.

The deadline is the last weekend BEFORE Christmas. Therefore I will give a special showcase /album launch on the December ABU Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio on Boxing Day evening.
It will be an mp3/download affair and there are some very fresh design bods working on the artwork so that you will be able to burn to disc yourself if you are that way inclined and have some cd-ready covers and inlays.

Drop me a line and send your stuff to


Kool Moe Reepz

Sublime Wizardry - 'Can She Be Heard' VIDEO

Fresh out the box is this new video for the thumpingly-dope track 'Can She Be Heard' from the excellent Best Of The Bunch EP which was released recently on Show & Prove Records (and reviewed here). Sublime Wizardry are cutting a unique path through UK hip hop culture.
Make no mistake, this is rap for grown-ups.

Available from iTunes, Amazon & all other online stores.
Directed by Simon Mclennan
Show & Prove Records 2013
Don't forget to visit for more info.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

No Half Steppin' in Norwich TONITE!

Once again it's on!
Tonight from 8pm is the return of the monthly No Half Steppin' night courtesy of Sure Shot Productions. As always expect funky breaks, proper hip hop and futuristic 80's electro beats.
Residents CHROME and JUST-1 will be there as well as special guest dj sets from MR EPS and yours truly.

Also, CHROME, alongside ILL INSPIRED will be filming the video for their recent single 'You Should Know' down there, too. Oh yes!

Downstairs @The Rumsey Wells, St Andrews St, Norwich 8pm - Midnight. And of course, FREE entry!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

No DS Show Tonight.

Due to technical issues - such as the whole Disco Scratch site being eaten up by beings unknown - there is no radio show tonight. Not even a chatroom to do a pop-up ABU show either. Crazy.

Bucket of soz.


Saturday, 2 November 2013


Apologies. There will be a better logo next time ;-)

A new feature just to keep you updated on ABU's fam and those who we feel need to shout about.

The always on-point Strictly Biz crew have a small upload for your ears. EPMD have always had tales about that 'Jane' bird, right? So my man Ric Flair has put a little zippy together with all their respective tracks and some of his usual wordz of wizdom. Check it out here.

Mike Cheque (who I think is the same guy I used to see on the OldSchoolHipHop forum way back when) runs the 'Fear Of A Wack Planet' blog and now and again comes up with some real dopeness.
He has posted a piece of SoundCloud audio with Big Daddy Kane in deep conversation. It is an arse-numbing 2.5 hours long so be prepared. Check it here. Or go to the source here.

The guys over at egotripland blog are one of many who are currently posting the latest in the Crate Diggers video series. If you haven't watched any yet then I'd heartily recommend them as not only do they allow you to see big-name dj's and producers' record collections but also you get to hear a lot of inspirational quotes - and not in a stoopid management-speak way either.
Check the latest one with DJ Scratch here.

My homeslice LG from the wonderful Style Warrior design blog is getting ready to produce another t-shirt reprint. This time around it will be the great Groove Records design. As always with Style Warrior, the designs are crispier than Gary Lineker's undercrackers and have been fully redesigned more closely to the original Groove logo than you could tell the difference.
If, like me, you are tired of wearing your old Groove bag around your sweaty armpits then this is the next best thing. Available in yellow (of course) or black, get over here and order one.
LG says if enough people click the "reprint" button on any design on the website then it may well come up again if you missed it first time around.

Lastly, I need to give a mention to Brighton's Theory77 who is busy making a niche place in hip hop's overcrowded market with some truly innovative and disturbing sounds. Having grown up in an independent video rental shop throughout his childhood, Theory always viewed the more lurid, gory horror vids with interest. These shaped him and everything since then has been in homage to these black, rectangular plastic boxes in a direct and sometime indirect way.
His latest album, Audio Nasties, is available on a limited edition cassette tape - yes, you heard right, tape! - as well as mp3 download. Check it here and get one for only 4 quid. It's a Billy bargain!
Full review coming soon.

If you have anything you want to promote then get in touch. ABU is very discerning so please be careful all you new jack wack emcees who think this is the right place for your 'sick new album'.

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