Sunday, 12 June 2011

Groove Records 2011

Things done changed.
Groove Records, Greek Street, London, W1 in 2011 sure looks a sorry and, yes sordid little place now.
Just what Auntie Jean would say about this I dread to think.

The sign on the door ain't advertising the new MC Shy D 12" either

Pics courtesy of Simon Harris 2011. Yes. THAT one!

Ageing B-Boys Are On Facebook

Well, it's true there ARE a lot of ageing b-boys on Facebook, but there is only one Ageing B-Boys Unite! group on there.
As the whole world and their dog seem to be spending half their life on it then it's only natural that ABU! should be a part of that cyberphonic presence as well.
There are chats and discussions that don't make it to the blog so if you feel you need to waste more time on the internet than you already do then may I suggest that you make your way over to the Facebook Group page immediately.
Hey, maybe it's time all you Luddites •coughRUSEcoughHomerJcough• got in on it as well ;-)


It's back! After last month's unbeatable return to life, the NO HALF STEPPIN night is almost upon us for another night of pure classic hip hop and funk.

Now, some events boast about their policy of playing these genres but Sure Shot Productions deliver and undoubtedly stick behind their promise. The hip hop is nothing but classic material - they don't stick in the odd new track to test the waters, it's strictly party bangers and jump-up stuff. The funk is dripping with the original essence of that block party flavour and brings that whole 1970's era of the South Bronx to, er, Norwich.

DJ Sure D of Def Tex is this month's guest so it's going to be another great night.
And read my lips, IT'S FREE! 

Saturday 18th June 2011, downstairs at the RUMSEY WELLS, Norwich. Be there from 8pm.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Next Podcast...Mike Allen Tribute Show. Help Needed.

I wasn't talking out of my butt when I said in the last Podcast that I wanted to do a Mike Allen Special. Nope.

After reading the PDF that LG put up recently got me thinking that Mike isn't likely to ever revisit the studios to take up his reign as (arguably) the King Of Electro.

So.....I want to do the next ABU! Disco Scratch Takeover Show as a 2-hour journey back into a random month in 1985 that Mike would be proud of.
That's right, I'm pulling out all the big guns here, people. I've tracked down the original source material as used on Allen's Army On Maneuvers and am aiming to make this a real trip down memory lane.

But I need you all to get involved just as you may have done back in those days.
Instead of calling 388 7919 I want you to either drop me an email to or leave a comment here at the end of this post giving a shout to your crew.

Now this can be real or imaginary. Or maybe you might want to shout out your old crew from back in the day? Come on, let's get our 80's groove on!
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