Thursday, 31 December 2009

The B-Boys - "Girls - part 2" Repo's Remix

Here a little version of the classic Donald D track from 1985 that I've mooched around with. As usual a nice pair of speakers will bring out all the goodness or failing that a sturdy pair of headphones. Laptop speakers just won't do it!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Perils Of Baggy Keks

You're an ageing b-boy and like other ageing b-boys you like to keep it real by rocking those jeans low. Yeah, we're maybe in our 40's but we still represent. This is how we roll, yo.
But beware the dangers of doing so especially if you are one Hector Quinones, career criminal, as he found to his cost.
Check out this story here. And the last sentence is just priceless.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mike Allen-sampled track

 DJ Jazz T

I've had this great Mike Allen-inspired mp3 for a little while now and thought I'd share it.

"Where I'm From" is by Guildford's Diversion Tactics crew and is produced by The Last Skeptik and the UK ITF Champ, DJ Jazz T.
As you'll see, it's a great tale of yesteryear with a chorus from The Great Man himself.

Podcast Update

Due to weather conditions here in the UK, the Podcast has had to be put on hold for a short time.
There are various ways in which both Waxer and myself can make this happen but have no fear this is not over. Not at all. This is on like Donkey Kong and will definitely be worth the wait.

I know there are a lot of people holding tight for this and I speak for us both when I say we appreciate your patience.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Disco Scratch V. Ageing B-Boys - The Xmas Podcast

" I reminisce for a spell, or shall I say think back...."

Yes, yes, y'all, in one week's time the mighty Waxer from Disco Scratch shall be meeting the equally stupendous yours truly, Mr Repo from Ageing B-Boys Unite! to collaborate together on the first of hopefully many Disco Scratch Podcasts.
Being the holiday season and all expect the jingle jangle of sleigh bells, the chomping of many mince pies and possibly a special guest appearence from Santa himself* as we delve deep into the crates and bring you a selection of hip-hop classics from yesteryear and chat about the history of hip-hop from a UK perspective. Expect some nerd-like trainspotting as we dribble excitedly over codes and cryptic messages etched on run-out grooves and the redeeming points of The Phantom Menace.
Imagine the trailer to Rocky IV if you will. The bit where the two gloves come smashing together - one East, one West. POW POW! Who's who? That's not for me to say, but I'm already dashing about in the snow, doing pushups on  a wooden floor and sawing wood in freezing temperatures to bring you, the audience, tunes in their peak performance.

This will be recommended to all fans of the blog young and old. Well, not too young as some of the lyrical content may need parental advisory action. And not too old either as NO, WILL NOT TURN IT DOWN. Ageing B-Boys rock things at the drop of a dime, baby.

We need some interactivity from you heads on this in the form of feedback afterwards, too so get involved. And no moaning about the lack of freebies and competitions, either. Ageing B-Boys are thrifty mofo's, too.

If you have any requests feel free to let me know. Of course we will pay no attention to them and playwhatwelike cos Ageing B-Boys got it like dat, ya get me.

*will not actually happen.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Xmas News

Just a brief note to say there is something very exciting on the way between Ageing B-Boys Unite! and Disco Scratch.
More news soon but keep checking back as we've got a nice Christmas present coming for you.

But in the meantime here's the Audio 2 with A Christmas Rhyme from '85.

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