Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hip Hop Family Tree

So a while back I got an email from Hurk telling me about a comic strip called Hip Hop Family Tree. The reason being is that I hadn't blogged about it when in fact I have been an avid reader since it began over a year ago. But hadn't blogged about it.......
This, ladies and gents, is slackness blogging at it's finest.

Drawn by Ed Piskor, this is a weekly strip found over on Boing Boing which documents the whole old school of hip hop with great art and fantastic nuggets of wisdom that maybe people didn't know about.
At the moment Ed has just finished a 2-part piece on the legendary Style Wars. Check it out here.

The first volume
All the individual strips were collated and put into a book and a 2nd edition is due to come out very soon. I haven't got one yet but they look very impressive. I have though got an autographed mini-comic featuring a depiction of Wild Style which was very kindly donated to me by Patti A when she met Ed Piskor himself.

It really is good stuff that you should be checking each week.
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