Thursday, 28 March 2013

808's, 303's and 909's Documentary

There was an audio documentary on Radio 1 the other day that was brought to my attention by a friend on Facebook. Being that you are undoubtedly a fan of old hip hop then you will be aware of the Roland TR-808, or if not the name then surely the sound.
You may even be aware of other techno gizmos from the Roland range, in this case the TR-909 and TB-303 (drum machine and bassline emulator, respectively). Well, have a listen to the hour-long documentary below which attempts to show you their usage in popular culture.

I've never had the opportunity to own an 808 but it's on my Bucket List for sure. Using an emulator or samples with Logic is all well and good - Hell, I've even got an App on my iPod (DM-1) that lets you recreate rhythms with Roland drum samples - but I bet it's nothing like using the real thing.

I must warn you though that this doc IS taken from a Radio 1 (sorry I mean, 1FM) show - the target audience being 15 to 29 years old so don't expect anything like an indepth and properly researched programme. That said, there is a very brief segment with Premier adding to the discussion.
Stick with the first half, grit your teeth through the rest and listen to the last 10 minutes for a great chat with Don Lewis, a Roland developer who had a hand in creating the TR-808 with some interesting tales.

There is some time devoted to the 303 with it's acid sound which is cool but you know that it's just about that 808.

This text taken from the BBC website:
Listened to much hip-hop or dance music? If so, then you would have undoubtedly heard the sounds of either the Roland 808, 303 or 909 - but what are they and what do these numbers mean?
BBC Radio 1's Kutski discovers how three small electronic boxes from the 1980's sculpted the sound of both Hip-Hop and Dance music. He makes it his mission to track down the team that worked on the Roland 808, 303 and 909 machines to see if they had any idea their inventions would have such a massive influence on contemporary music.
He plots their integral role in the development of hip-hop, house and techno; and the myriad of sub-genres that have spawned from these. Kutski chats to DJ Premier, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, The 2Bears, Flostradamus and Pete Tong amongst others as he founds out why producers around the globe continue to be obsessed with these sounds, more than three decades after they were first created.

Listen HERE.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This Month's ABU Podcast - March 2013

Beats for y'ears

It's the end of the month tomorrow - as far as Thursdays are concerned - so you know that there's only one place to be: .

From 9pm get in the chatroom as the talk is gonna be as hot as the music. This month ABU is getting funky with breaks and 70's funk and library tracks. All mixed up in the inimitable ABU style.

Chatroom is here and here.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Whirlwind D At The Rumsey (March 2013)

I had the pleasure of dj-ing at the monthly No Half-Steppin' night in Norwich last weekend.
As usual it was a great evening with such top blokes as DesertRat, Bit, JimCee, Illinspired and Chrome all in attendance.
This month's special guest was the old school vinyl connoisseur Whirlwind D from Solid 'n' Mind spinning a variety of electro, disco rap and stone-cold classics. He even got in front of the decks and did an impromptu performance of 'Strong' and dropped some freestyles.

This is a once-monthly night held in the basement of The Rumsey Wells pub in the heart of Norwich and is free to get in. It really is recommended to anyone with a passion for real hip hop. Come on down and meet the crew, we're all old gits who like nothing better than to get hyped to old hip hop and moan at the out-of-place tossers who wander down the stairs pretending that they're hip.

And for my records, I've decided to reprint my tracklists here. Sorry no audio. You want to hear it? You got to be there!

Tracklisting for NHS 16/03/2013

01  The Russell Brothers (Fawlty Towers 'The Americans' over the top)
02  Brand Nubian - Slow Down (Pete Rock Remix)
03  3rd Bass - Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood
04  ATCQ - Scenario
05  Nice & Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies
06  DJ Shadow - The Number Song
07  Rupert The Bear
08  Cookie Crew - Got To Keep On
09  JJ Fad - Supersonic
10  Planet Patrol - Rock At Your Own Risk
11  Steinski - Lesson 3
12  Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun
13  James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
14  Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine
15  The Turtles - I'm Chief Kamanawanalea
16  CEB - Get The Point
17  LL Cool J - Jack The Ripper
18  Einstein & CJ Mackintosh - The Tables Are Turnin'

Oh yeah, I did an hour-long set over at Chrome's place a few weeks ago as part of his new 'radio show' as a way of promoting the nights. Listen below.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

The ABU!/DS Summer Madness Bash

Well, we've both talked about it, chewed the fat and given you hints but now both myself (Repo) and Waxer can finally give you the whole damn skinny on the event of the summer.

The date is Saturday June 22nd, the event is Summer Madness where you will find yourself maxing and relaxing in the company of other like-minded members of the whole Ageing B-Boys and Disco Scratch fraternity.
You need no reminding of how exactly it is that we roll. We put on no airs or graces and refuse to take the whole hip hop mindset as seriously as we may have once done as an angry young African Medallian-wearing teenager.
Just like the evening surely will be at Summer Madness, the mood is mellow now and all we want to do is kick back and chill with a cool bottle, can or glass of our favourite tipple, chinwag and listen to some great, classic hip hop and cot-damn funky breaks.
Whilst there you will be chatting to people that previously you may have only communicated with in the Disco Scratch chatroom but now you can see what they are like in person!
Pull up a chair, discuss the finer points of nodding your head on the up or downbeat with JimCee and Bit; discover just what goes into preparing the finest cookies with LG's Biscuit Roulette;  ask Mrs Waxer in person if it is actually a diploma or a degree? The sky really is the limit, folks.

We have purposefully decided NOT to call this event a jam because we are not booking any acts to perform. However due to the spontaneity of this culture we love (not live, c'mon unless you're Westwood) then if anyone feels like dropping some lyrical outpourings on the mic then, just like Aviva Insurance, we got your back.
We have plans for you all to get interactive up in here should you wish to. Two activities that are designed to keep you steppin', brother man, are Rap Karaoke and Scratch-aoke. Get on the microphone as the liquid refreshment is the key to unlock that patter you've kept locked in your dome for 20 years and unleash it over a familiar beat.
Drop that famous scratch you've practiced so many times over your favourite tune. Scratch like Eric B and win a prize!

Summer Madness will also bring to you something that Waxer and myself feel is almost unheard of, especially around hip hop circles.
This is an effort to get family together. The Disco Scratch Thursday Night Wives are cordially invited, nay, begged to attend this gathering. And not only that but if you have kids then WE WANT THE SHORTIES!
Yes, we are proud to give you a special event that will give your kids the opportunity to shine and be a part of the day. For two hours the music selection will be provided by the dj's of tomorrow. Your cherished offspring can play 4 or 5 tunes each and get a taste of what being behind the wheels of steel with a booming system is like. Don't have vinyl? We have Traktor. We got your tunes. We taking care of bidness, yo.

The sun will shine. And what else do we need to keep the funk flowing? This party needs a Hip Hop Pub Quiz, you say? Way ahead of you, tough guy. Like the J-Beez, we got it like that. Teams of 4 are needed here - however Whirlwind D is in a team of one, possibly bound and gagged to let everyone else in with a chance. Drop the knowledge and prove to your missus that all those years of reading vinyl run-out grooves have certainly not been in vain.

With the sun beating down on your baseball hat, we're sure the need for grub will be most anticipated along with your bring-your-own-beer. A BBQ with the sweetest meat this side of The Real Roxanne will be handled by a team of hip hop honeys to provide you with a mouth-watering selection of chicken, burgers, sausages and ribs.

And of course a Bouncy Castle and Water Slide for the little 'uns and a Hot Tub for the mums and dads.

The whole thing kicks off at 2pm with the booming system toned down to a chilled-level at midnight where we can carry on until the small hours.
The venue is in a large, spacious house with ample parking in a quiet lane situated in the South-East of England.

This is not only a family affair but a modest one, too. We are keeping the numbers down to 40 adults.
Tickets are £10 each and a Family Ticket is available at £30. A one adult/one child option is also available at £15.

Ticket Choices:
(The above Paypal button has cut-off the information on the Single Ticket option. It should read: Single Ticket (One Adult or One Child).
The last date to purchase, should there still be tickets available, will be Friday May 31st. Don't sleep on this.

This is a non-profit event and should any profit be made it will go straight back into the kitty to buy booze! How you like them apples?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

ABU February 2013 Show (#28)

Here's the link to the latest ABU! Podcast.
Two hours of funkin' hip hop power plus all the rest of that good stuff.

Check the Comments below and you'll find the tracklisting.

Thinking of doing a special-themed show for the end of March. Keep 'em peeled, as Shaw Taylor used to say.!_Podcast_-_ABU!_DS_Takeover_Show_%28DSR111%29_February_2013.mp3
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