Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy Birthday Patti Astor!

So who came first, Patti Astor or Debbie Harry? Well Debbie Harry actually by about 5 years. But they seem to be one and the same person in my mind as both were all over New York city in the late 70's, early 80's and both had a major influence in the formative years of hip hop.

Here's a great little video about the life of Patti (in 8 minutes!) and you'd be surprised at the unseen archival footage as well as bits and doodads of Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quinones and Zephyr chatting about the great lady.

Monday, 16 March 2009

MS Word, yo.

A bit old but you may have missed it.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rock, Rock, Electro Rock!

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to visit the Hippodrome in London in 1985 to witness Mike Allen and his amazing technicolour Hawaiian shirt while he compered the legendary b-boy event that was Electro Rock.
Featuring some of the best-known UK artists at the time (spot a young Goldie credited under his real name of Clifford Price in The B-Boys crew) as well as a special appearance from the mighty Afrika Bambaataa, there are some great moments in this video.
I used to have this on vhs until someone skanked it, and my BBC doc A Hip Hop History and come to think of it my home-recorded, Westwood doc, Bad Meaning Good.
If you were in the crowd, shout out and let us know where where you are!
Highlights include (but not limited to)....

KC's flying headphones (22.14)
Bloke who used to be on Eastenders (28.10)
Mike's strange attire (5.38)
Junior Gee's mullet (8.01)
Strangely arousing legs akimbo action from Uprock (33.32)
Is it a girl, no it's Sipho (RIP) before they dropped although that doesn't explain the bizarre moves (35.40)
And my favourite, watchthecamera, watchthecamera, watchthecamera, watchthecamera...SHIT! (50.10)

N.b. According to Wikipedia, Mike Allen was born in 1942 which made him 43 years old when he appeared on Electro Rock. He's now 67.......!?

Monday, 9 March 2009

Master Ace chats about The Symphony

Master Ace* drops some science on the story behind the classic, The Symphony about how it all went down and who he actually replaced on the record.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace from D-Nice on Vimeo.

* spelt correctly. ABU! doesn't play that Masta Ase shite.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Masquerade - One Nation!

Who remembers the UK crew Masquerade? They were on Morgan Khan's Streetwave label back in 1985 and had two relatively underground hits; (Solution To) The Problem and One Nation which was mixed by none other than Mike Allen.

The Dazzler has kindly furnished us with a quality rip of the One Nation and with no less than 5 mixes and scans all from a cassette EP.
My pick is the DEF mix with it's nice rap and Good Times bassline steal.

One Nation (Def Mix) (9:16)
One Nation (P.A Edit) (7:18)
One Nation (Street Mix) (7:12)
One Nation (Extended Groove) (7:30)
One Nation (Horny Alternative) (4:21)

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