Tuesday, 30 April 2013

ABU on the Hip Hop Sessions LIVE TONITE!

I'll be spinning some grooves this evening on the Hip Hop Sessions Show. You can listen live from 10pm by going to http://futureradio.co.uk/.
It's usually JUST-1 for the first hour with me doing the second.
Tune in, it's gonna be reet dope.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

ABU Show (#30) TONITE!

It's show #30 tonight featuring classic cuts as well as a Book Review of Patti Astor's 'Fun Gallery - The True Story' conducted by Repo & Waxer. Also an EXCLUSIVE play of Agent Finch & Specifik Ft. Whirlwind D's brand new 'Broadway'. Brap.

Tune into http://discoscratch.co.uk/radio from 9-11pm
And get in the chatroom nice and early http://discoscratch.co.uk/chat

Saturday, 20 April 2013

CAPTCHA Strangeness

They seem to be a necessary evil but lately these anti-spam devices have become rather odd. If you're not clicking on a boat, clock or house then you have to type out a brief, undisguised line of text.
Here is one such example I encountered recently.

ABU is 5! / Style Wars OST - Re-jigged

Well whaddyaknow, the ABU! blog is 5 years old this month. In fact it's THIS weekend.
Thanks to anyone who has stuck through from the beginning where there were some truly dodgy logo designs as well as strange posts.
You may remember that I used to post a lot of albums for download. Ahh, yes those rose-tinted, hazy, halcyon days of yesteryear.. until the DMCA slapped a warning on me - over a Mike Allen show, would you believe.

Well, in a throwback to my first ever post - and the fact that 'Scooter' was asking for a re-up of it - I've given my Style Wars compilation a face-lift (now in it's 3rd version) - mostly cosmetic, smidged the front cover a bit and added a back cover with listing.
I also swapped Beat Bop for a version that DOESN'T have my blatant advertising on the intro - apologies if you, like me, hated this. I really don't know why I thought it was a good idea back when I first compiled the soundtrack in 2010. Plus the fact that to alter this track in any way whatsoever is tantamount to treason. Listen to the full 10mins and 7secs in pure, untouched pleasure.

Thanks again for the support and who knows, I might do something really special for the the 10-year anniversary.



Friday, 19 April 2013

The WARZ Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio

Last night was a very special listening experience from a new contender to the 'Takeover' shows as heard on Disco Scratch Radio.
The man WARZ straight outta Style Warriorz Revenge blog got a chance to show his skills and he did not disappoint. After an amazing intro the rest of the show kept up the same brilliance displaying new and old tracks, comedy skits and some rather fancy scratchy-record tricks.
You can tell just how much time had gone into the finished product as this was a lesson in pure audio professionalism. It reminded me of the Coldcut mix cd 'Journeys By....' which was an epic adventure into sound.
In short you NEED to listen to this.

Play The Show Here!


Mista WARZ - Disco Scratch Takeover Show 18/04/2013
1. Intro/ Kids in Tracksuits - Bugged
2. 2wice The Trouble - Serious (DJ Quick remix)
3. Priority One - It's Groovy
4. Rhamel - Straight Out of Brooklyn
5. Geto Boys - Seek and Destroy

6. Master Ace - Letter to the Better (remix)
7. Mind Bomb vs. Jeep Beat Collective - Westwood is a twat (jeep beat scratch remix)
8. Paradox - The Brothers Beat
9. The Nile Kings - Dropping Bombs
10. Styly Cee and Cappo - Unwritten rule
11. DJ Fever - import
12. Manzel - Space Funk (Dopebrother 12 Inch Remix)
13. 3-6 Philly - The World Still Turns
14. Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud - I got a good thing (remix)
15. Sonz of a loop da loop era - breaks theme
16. Olde Scottish - Wildstyle (The Krush handshake)
17. Supreme nyborn - Versatility

18. Caveman - Cool (Cos I don't get Upset)
19. The Chosen Ones - Come And Get Some
20. Double Dee and Steinski - Jazz
21. Ugly Duckling - Eye on the gold chain (Cut Chemist mix)
22. Beats International - Babies Makin' Babies (Stoop Rap)
23. Koolism - JMJ til infinity
24. Main Source - Faking The Funk (Original Version)
25. Second Hand Audio - Got It Like That (Original) Feat. Dizzy Dustin
26. Oxygen - Diggin' by law (Main Original)
27. T.D.S. Mob - Dope For The Folks (Arok Remix)
28. N.M.C. & A.D.J. - Insane
29. DJ Cut La Roc - Jump Up & Down (DJ Jadell Remix) Feat. The B-Boys
30. Capitan Futuro -  Freak the Groove
31. Kid sundance and busy bee - hip hop icon (acapella)
32. Younger Generation - BreakLoose (Breakdancin' Mix)
33. UTFO - Leader Of The Pack (Special Instrumental Mix)
34. Zero one - zero one
35. Kid Frost - Terminator (instrumental)
36. Midnyte - Notts Rep
37. The Febreeze Brothers - The Pack Up (Part 1)
38. 2wice The Trouble - Come Out Feat. DJ Mink


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Download the ABU Funk Special Podcast (March 2013 #29)

The latest ABU podcast is here. As you may know it is a pure funk and breaks special this month, but with a hint of hip hop added to make that recipe even more spicy.
Apologies for the lateness of posting this but in this topsy-turvy, social media world I am finding myself posting more over on the Official ABU Facebook page - in fact this show was posted the next day after it was aired.
If you haven't signed up for the all-powerful behemoth that is Facebook then I heartily advise you to do so. Whilst there you can mingle with all the rest of the crew and bump into the Disco Scratch contingent. Not to mention such esteemed stars of the scene such as Patti Astor from Wild Style, Crazy Legs out of Rock Steady Crew, Globe of The Soulsonic Force and many others.
To go there, click HERE.

Here's the Funk Special:

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Graffiti Bar Set

This is a boxed set of chocolate bars commemorating the original legendary writers Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime79, Dondi, Revolt, Iz The Wiz, Lady Pink, SparOne and Stay High 149.

I originally bought it about 4 years ago, sadly second-hand which meant I never had the pleasure of tasting the undoubtably fine chocolate and instead only had the wrappers.
From what little information I can gather about them, the artists were paid to use their images and the profits went to charity.
Whatever your morals about this; corporates using any latest bandwagon to sell their goods, or just a nice idea to give some props and recognition to deserving artists, they do look damn good.

The makers are http://www.chocolatebarnyc.com although not much more info is there. However this short video shows a little bit more, including the chocolate itself, well almost.

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