Wednesday, 29 May 2013

This Thursday - Lovegrove's Library Special on Disco Scratch!

It's all change on Disco Scratch Radio again this week.
This Thursday (30th May) there will be no ABU Podcast due to technical issues. However LG has stepped in to save the day with a 2-hour selection of breaks & beats & bobs.
Tune into Disco Scratch Radio at 9pm for what I can guarantee will be a unique listening experience!

To listen, go to LG's Awdio page here.

Scroll down the main radio page for the chatroom.

Friday, 24 May 2013

ABU Podcast #30 (DSR118) April 2013

Better late than never.... here is the link to last month's ABU Podcast if you didn't catch it live.
This month features a Book Review of Patti Astor's 'Fun Gallery - The True Story' conducted by myself & Waxer. Also an EXCLUSIVE play of Agent Finch & Specifik Ft. Whirlwind D's brand new 'Broadway'.

01  MC Lyte - Lyte As A Rock
02  Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Remix)
03  Rola - Big Beat
04  UTFO - The Real Roxanne
05  DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie
06  LL Cool J - Eat Em Up L Chill
07  Boogie Down Productions - I'm Still #1 (Numero Uno Re-Recording)
08  Funkdoobiest - The Funkiest
09  Das EFX - Mic Checka (Remix)
10  Gaston & Purcell - Mr Handman
11  Sanny X - Splashdown
12  Dream Warriors Ft Gang Starr - I Lost my Ignorance

Album Spotlight - Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol 1 (1992) Requested by LG
13  Bonafied Funk (Feat. Main Source)
14  Death Threat (Feat. Kool G. Rap)

Book Review
(Patti's Choices)
15  Dooley-O - What You Know About Hip Hop
16  Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
17  Chrome - You Know Who I Am (DSR Exclusive Version)

18  Agent Finch & Specifik Ft Whirlwind D - Broadway

The Funk Trunk
19  Fatback Band - Keep On Steppin'
20  The Meters - Little Old Money Maker

21  World Class Wreckin' Cru - World Class
22  Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals II (Remix)

Roots Of The Roots
23 The Specials - Too Much Too Young

24  UMC's - Blue Cheese

Download the show:

ABU Live Radio Show #3

Well, last night's show was a strange one.
Due to my usual spot - - being out of action for part of yesterday evening I had to change over to the dodgy Ustream for a short time to broadcast on. This proved fruitless and luckily Awdio got it's act together (slightly).
Sound came and went a few times but the second hour seemed to go without a hitch. Thanks to all that kept with it despite the aggro.
I've edited the show to make it as seamless and calm as I can. The downside being that it is now at the reduced running time of 90 minutes.

There will be no show next week unless I can broadcast the end-of-month Podcast from my location on Thursday (I'm away next week).

And don't forget this Sunday 9-11pm (GMT) it's SteveB's Guided Minds Show on Purple Radio. Do not miss!

See ya later, alligator.


DSR122 Tracklist

01  Jimmy C. Newman - DJ For A Day
02  Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin' (Daily Diggers Remix)
03  The Beatnuts - Off The Books
04  People Under The Stairs - The Next Step II
05  Grandmaster Flash - Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel (Scratch Perverts Remix)
06  Fred Wesley & the J.B.'s - Blow Your Head
07  Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers - Bustin' Loose
08  DJ Cuetips & MC Dashy-D - Control
09  Princess Ivori - Wanted (Mantronix Remix)
10  Public Enemy - B-Side Wins Again
11  Jazzy Jay - Def Jam
12  Wisbey - The Ladies Bras
13  William Shatner - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
14  Easy Star All-Stars - A Day In The Life
15  John Bonham - Carouselambra (Isolated Drum Track)
16  Agent Finch & Specifik Ft Whirlwind D - Broadway
17  Jurassic 5 - Do It
18  Young Disciples - Step Right On
19  Eric B. & Rakim - In the Ghetto
20  Lloyd Charmers - I'm Gonna Love you Just a Little Bit More
21  Black Sheep - Similak Child
22  BDP - My Philosophy

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Backstreet Beats DJ Battles

If you've checked out the Backstreet Beats forum as suggested recently you may have seen a great new project they're doing.
Remember the legendary Ultimate Trax albums which featured a DJ battle on each volume with such heads as DJ Cheese, Jazzy Jeff, CJ Mackintosh and Chad Jackson? Well, BB are starting up a similar contest for fun - BUT OLD SCHOOL
It's open to anyone who's a member, just visit the link here for full details.
I'll be entering once I get some time to put something together.

ABU Live Radio Show #2

I'm doing a second live show as Waxer's stand-in on Disco Scratch Radio this Thursday 9-11pm.
They are certainly different to the usual ABU end-of-month Podcasts and pretty fun to do.

Check it!

Listen live -
Chatroom -

Sunday, 12 May 2013

BackStreet Beats - RECOMMENDED

I haven't RECOMMENDED a website for a while so here's one that certainly needs checking out.

BackStreet Beats is a forum where will you find music files and chat about the original Street Sounds Electro albums you would have bought as a young 'un after probably hearing the tracks first on Mike Allen's Capital Radio shows.
Also you will find forums for each of the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series as well as for all the Strictly Breaks and Dusty Fingers albums.
You will see that all these volumes are available to download in high-quality bit rates so get over there, register and SUPPORT. 

Visit now.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Whirlwind D - Bristol Built 12" - The ABU Review

Maybe it's the age of hip hop that we live in or perhaps it is because we're all a little more mature nowadays. That's the only reason I can think of because 20 years ago there was a lot of conflict and attitude, not to mention resentment, jealousy and anger.
I'm talking about us, the hip hop generation if you will.
When I go out to a gig (admittedly a lot less frequently these days) or hip hop pub night to rub shoulders (literally, this action might have once got you a serious Gas-Face) with like-minded souls, I feel calm, tranquil and happy in the knowledge that I can chat to anyone there because we are all in that one place for one reason - to acknowledge the music in an open arena.

It's a welcome change from the days of yesteryear. We seem to have got over the fact that there may be someone sporting some doper Adidas than you, or Fred had better moves on the dancefloor than Bob.
I think we call it growing up.
Now, with all this happy-happy-joy-joy permeating the events of today everyone is cool with one another. To paraphrase Sirus, no-one is wasting no-one. It certainly makes the prospect of going out a hell of a good time. And with all the positivity about then we can only hope for bigger and better things.

One feature that seems to be apparent is the amount of collaborations that are springing up these days. Case in point the brand new Whirlwind D joint that arrived on my doormat recently.
Entitled 'Bristol Built' this new wax is the outcome of an alliance between Solid 'n' Mind's Whirlwind D (flowing on the mic), Mr Fantastic (beats), Beat Route 38's Truck (added vocal flavour) and mic-master general Sir Beans OBE (turntables....huh?).

For the vinyl nerd, this package is seemingly sent from the Almighty above. First off, the vinyl is on a lovely thick piece of black wax which assures you that once on your turntable this sucker ain't budging.
Now a glance at the tracklisting. This is what we want; just two songs with vocal, instrumental and acapella for both. No needless remixes here just the facts, ma'am.
And the cover? For those with an ear to the UK rap scene the name Mr Krum needs no introduction. Mr Krum is hands-down the 'go to' choice when you need any sort of musical cover design having worked with DJ Format, Whirlwind D & Waxer, Oxygen, Soundsci and just about anything that has emerged from Slice Of Spice and DWG.

For anyone scratching their head to the funk then listen up.
He has created a simple but effective blueprint plan for the wax that is created inside the cover. Once again, Krum's work is best viewed on a larger canvas such as 12" vinyl rather than a tiny CD inlay card.

So onto the songs themselves. As mentioned earlier there are two songs on the release, Late Night Rhyme and Star.
Track one, Late Night Rhyme is a laid-back groove with almost a 'live-sounding' beat utilising a fat jazzy bassline which soon becomes the daddy of the break. The drum break is a great percussive, plodder with a cheeky hi-hat streaming the groove. Added twinkly keyboard stabs permeate throughout and instantly give the whole track its given descriptive title as a nighttime beat which wouldn't sound out out of place at a London bar on a late Friday evening.
My attention is always first and foremost with beats and track one is now my bezzie mate.
Whirlwind goes into a softer rhyme delivery to complement the groove and drops lyrics dealing with the fine balance of being a b-boy but simultaneously having parental responsibilities. 93 'til affinity.
We don't often have the time that we once did to spend alone in our record room just listening to tunes when kids and wives are elbowing for attention and D evokes this perfectly ("Four hours in the room when I had planned/To spend the evening with my dearest wife").

The flipside is a more 'hardcore sound' with a snapping break punctuated by a hissing hi-hat and thudding, moody bassline.
Joining D on vocals is Truck who both combine to judge how far they've come and give reminiscent tales of yesteryear and their own personal take on discovering hip hop.
Whirlwind is self-deprecating and admits that his attempts at breakin' and popping usually ended "really badly"while hanging out with Writers and BMX-ers. I can't say I would truly have appreciated being a schoolmate of his especially when he mentions that he used to throw Shuriken stars in class (usually the Ninja's weapon of choice) having just recently popped down Carnaby Street on a shopping expedition!
Truck handles his mic duties smoothly with no effort and proceeds to state that he is the same now at 37 even as a father, yet still making joints as if he were a teenager - although with less effing and blinding! He's led a busy musical life flipping alternative hip hop ("folk-rap with a diminished fifth") and coming up through the festival circuit to get himself known.

Mr Fantastic has given the lads a dope canvas for them to paint their expressive portraits of their experiences growing up. Held together with Beans on the cuts, never disturbing but accentuating the groove with his tight scratches and Rola engineering the session and Mr Krum completing the end product, this is without doubt an excellently produced and put-together package.

We may be mellowing in these increasing years but beneath our mature exterior lies a wealth of stories and experience that needs to be passed onto each generation.

Brizzle, stand up!

Whirlwind D on Facebook

Bristol Built available on iTunes

Don't forget to cop the dope WD-40 EP if you haven't already


Reepz 2013

Friday, 10 May 2013

ABU 'Stand-In' Show on Disco Scratch Radio

Last night I did an impromptu show that those of you who are regular Disco Scratch Radio listeners may have heard.
DSR honcho, Waxer is currently in the process of moving house - what is that statistic..? Moving house being one of the top stressful tasks in life? - and thus did not have the time (or working equipment) to do his regular show.
I volunteered to do a live broadcast to bridge the gap. It was a literally unplanned playlist and I bunged in loads of early 90's stuff as well as some trippy funk and a smidge of Electro bits.

This was the very first LIVE show as previously all the ABU shows have been pre-records. It was certainly a very fun experience and I appreciate the work that Waxer does now having done it myself.
Big shout to everyone who was locked in, the chat was great again. Respect to whoever cleverly changed the title of a certain Pumpkin track I played as it seemed to fit more perfectly - King Of The Pizza - and made me laugh, excessively and without the help of beer.

Two things though I have written a mental note of; plan my set, and turn the microphone up louder.

I'll be doing another one next week I think so try and tune in if you can.

Here is the link to the full show:

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Marley Marl's Classic Recipes

If you haven't been keeping up with this series on Youtube then familiarise yourself, pronto!

For the uninitiated, the man Marley Marl breaks down some of his classic productions and shows us how he made his beats. He recreates the track and even gives away some hidden secrets of how he did it.
So far he's shown us MC Shan 'The Bridge', Eric B & Rakim 'Eric B Is President' and LL Cool J 'Mama Said Knock You Out'.
The latest is Biz Markie's 'Make The Music With Your Mouth'. Jump on it!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

2013 R16 UK National Breakin' Eliminations

The 2013 R16 UK National Breakin'Eliminations are being held in none other than.... Norwich!

Yes, the globally renowned b-boying event R16 comes to the UK for the first time. 
The winners of the crew competition will go on to represent the UK at the European Qualifiers in Lille, France where they will compete against other European winners to get the chance to represent at the World Finals.

This is a whole day event with the qualifying heats taking place in the day and the finals happening in the evening.
There will be no holding back. The crews know that they need to bring out the big guns immediately and not hold them in reserve as every b-boy performing is just as hungry as the next man.

Just check this out. DJ's booked to perform will be:

DJ Format - Playing a set in the evening
Timber - BTC, Mighty Zulu Kingz
Sure D - DefTex/Marvel
Just 1 - Future Radio/Sureshot
Chrome - DefTex/Sureshot

The team of judges is more knowledgeable and feisty than Len Goodman and his cronies. 
Check 'em out: 

Battle - Mouse (Floor Gangz/Mighty Zulu Kingz)
Execution - Pepito (7$)
Foundation - ill Boogs - (Born to Rock/Breakin Bread)
Dynamics - Worm (Force 10)
Originality - B-Boy P - Bad Taste Cru

Now, I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but being a relative newcomer to the area (well, 6 years or so) I have to say that Norwich is fast becoming a hotbed of dopeness these days.
What with the monthly No Half Steppin' events, The Hip Hop Sessions with DJ JUST-1 every week, not to mention the jaw-dropping talent in the county of Norfolk such as wordsmith extraordinaire ILLINSPIRED and his partner CHROME, well the city is chock-full and bursting with hip hop spirit.

With Public Enemy playing in the city last week and Ultramagnetic MC's due to visit in July it looks like Norwich is shaping up to become the place to be.

Costs are as follows:

£5 per competitor (access to both qualifiers & finals)
£5 for kids under 16, for the 2-6pm qualifiers
£7.50 for 2pm-6pm qualifiers
£10 for 8pm - 12am finals
£12.50 for both qualifiers and finals 

For details and tickets go here.

Style Warrior - On Manoeuvres!

So, you wanna be walking down the block with the fresh, fly threads?

Style Warrior are getting busy with a couple of new t-shirt designs lately.
As always, you need to pre-order your item first - and you only have a limited time to do this because after that, they're gone.
Check these out........

First up is a nod to the UK writers of yesteryear.
If you used to grab a can of steel and let Michelangelo's soul control your hand then you may well be familiar with the name 'Car Plan'.
This was a choice brand of paint amongst the UK heads and is a great nod to the times. Think 'Halfords', 'baggy trousers', 'cold metal on legs' and 'LEGGIT!'.

Next up is an homage to London's EZQ aka Derek B. Available to buy as either a tee or hoody, this is a great simple design of the man from his Bullet From A Gun days.
LG, who runs Style Warrior, is completely legit and above board with his designs and regular customers will know that the quality is second-to-none and attention to detail is impeccable.
This is not some knock-off merchant that trades exclusively on eBay - have you seen those wick-wick-wack Hijack tees on there?? - but someone who has 'been there, done that' and still actively participates in the UK scene.
50% of the profits from the Derek B shirt will go to Derek's family. What's right's right.

The Car Plan shirt is available to purchase until May 12th, with the Derek B shirt / Hoody available for one week longer on the 19th.

They are available in a wealth of sizes from skinny minny to fatty-fat-fat*
Go straight here for all the details on how to order.

*not actual sizing options

"Lousy SPIT. Writes his name on EVERYTHING!"

Also, get over to the site and vote with your clicky mouse-fingers on this design as I personally think it's a dope as soap-on-a-rope.

Download - Hip Hop Sessions Show 30.04.2013

Here's the link(s) to Tuesday's Hip Hop Sessions Show. It seemed to flow better than I anticipated so
that made me smile.

The first hour is DJ Just-1 with some rare cuts. The winner for me is the last song he played which surprised me - and most probably everyone else once they found out - by being a pretty dope song from DMX. It's a demo he released over 20 years ago and it sounds better than anything he released since.
My set consists of Golden Era tracks for the first half-hour and finishing with some Electro in the mix.
Apologies (again) as the audio is a little 'on the loud side'. Not sure why because I checked all the levels before I recorded it. Anyhow, here it is:

01  Vandy C & Bill Blast - "V" The Viper (1986)
02  Biz Markie - The Biz Dance (1988)
03  Frick 'N' Frack - Jealous Girls (1986)
04  Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Butcher's Shop (1989)
05  Princess Ivori -  Crackpipe (Changed It All) (1988)
06  Ultramagnetic MC's - Ain't It Good To You (Remix) (1988)
07  Kev-E-Kev & AK-B ‎- Welcome To Dopeland (1989)
08  Live N' Effect Posse ‎- I'm Getting Physical (1988)
09  Main Source ‎- Atom (1989)
10  Cool C - Takin' No Shorts (The Gambler) (19)
11  King Sun - Soft Shoe Booty (1990)
12  Larry Larr - Keep on Ya'll (1991)
13  ESP (a.k.a. Tha Alkaholiks) Gitz Funky (1991/2012 release)
14  DMX - Three Little Pigs (1991)

01  Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mouth (1986)
02  Master Ace - I Got Ta (1990)
03  Camp Lo (ft Kid Capri & Run) - Black Nostaljack (Aka Come On) (1997)
04  Professor Griff & The Last Asiatic Disciples - Pawns In The Game (1990)
05  Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (1991)
06  3rd Bass - Gladiator (1992)
07  Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique (1992)
08 Mantronix - Who Is It
09 Malcolm Maclaren & World's Famous Supreme Team -  World's Famous
10 Art Of Noise - Beatbox
11 Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa's Theme
12 Chris 'The Glove' Taylor - Itchiban Scratch
13 Man Parrish - Hey There, Homeboys

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