Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tonight's ABU Halloween Podcast

This is it!
Tonight at 9pm is the ABU Podcast - The Mouth Breathers Mixtape - a homage to Stranger Things featuring LG of Style Warrior/Digging 4 Victory and Waxer of Disco Scratch and us, Ageing B-Boys Unite! all combining to bring you a 2-hour audio scarefest.

Get over to NOW and choose your media player to stream the show.

Also there is a new chatroom being trialed tonight in parallel with the show.
Go to and register (it takes seconds) so that you can interact with other listeners.

See you there. No excuses!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

ABU Podcast October Super Special

Ladies and gentlemen.....

This Thursday is the ABU Podcast Thursday. I am being welcomed by my fellow music men - LG from Digging 4 Victory and Waxer from Disco Scratch - as we do our second collaboration this year.

Now, over the summer all three of us were enthralled by an 8-part supernatural drama series on Netflix called, Stranger Things. In brief, it is set in 1983 and focusses on a little rural town in Indiana in the USA and a bunch of childhood friends of which one of whom goes missing.
Imagine a spooky tv series directed by Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter back in the early 1980s featuring a great period synth-laden soundtrack and you're halway there.

With Halloween on the horizon we decided to get together and produce a 2-hour mixtape with each of us concentrating on a specific part of the series of no more than 40-minutes long.

Make sure you tune in to hear the results this coming Thursday (27th) from 9pm on Groundbreaking stuff.

If Stranger Things has largely passed you by then check out the trailer below and see what you think.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling) - It Was James Brown

Fantastic single from Ugly Duckling's frontman, Andy Cooper.
'It Was James Brown' is a great little ditty showing how much of an influence JB has been on hip-hop - not that we needed reminding, but this is nicely-produced using short snippets of the 'Godfather''s greatest hits.
At just two minutes long though it leaves you wanting a whole lot more.

We Got Twitter, Yo

Ageing B-Boys....keeping up to date like it was 2009, yo.
We got our Twitter groove on. Just check to the right of the page - if you're on a laptop/PC.
Those fancypants kids on smartphones don't get this option unless you select 'view web version'.

Keep up to date with all the useless drivel that we're too lazy to write about in the blog.

ABU - we're gifted and we're goin' far.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

CrumplStock #5 Festival REMINDER

Just a reminder that it's the CrumplStock #5 DJ Festival starting tomorrow.
Head to the main CrumplStock page then select the RAYCHELLE'S ABU GET DOWN STAGE.

It kicks off at 7pm Friday.
Here's the revised line-up.

Friday 7th October (GMT)

1900 - Dren (
2000 - Kevin (
2100 - Jason (
2200 - Repo (
2300 - Deathhop (
0000 - Dayle (

Saturday 8th October (GMT)

2000 - Pom (
2100 - Garry (
2200 - Shan (
2300 - Berty (

Saturday, 1 October 2016

ABU Down By Law Podcast #63 Sept 2016 DOWNLOAD

Here's the brand-new Down By Law show from ABU.
Check it, it's a cracker!
Some classics as always, a few new cuts, a spotlight on the new breed of 'rappers' ("mumble rappers") as well as my exclusive 30-minute Style Wars megamix (which has only ever been heard once on a previous Guided Minds radio show by SteveB) all shoehorned together in that inimitable ABU fashion.

As always big up to Waxer @Disco Scratch.

01  Run DMC - Here We Go (Live At the Funhouse)
02  Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night (Jorun Bombay Remix)
03  Lovebug Starski - Live At The Disco Fever
04  Sweet Tee - It's Like that Y'all'
05  Nubian Crackers - Yes Yes Yall, You Don't Stop
06  Leaders Of The New School – Bring That Strong Island Sound Back
07  Grand Surgeon & Spoonie Gee – Yes Yes Y’all
08  Mumble Rappers
09  Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off
10  Kool G Rap And DJ Polo - Poison
11  Eric B And Rakim - Follow The Leader
12  Daddy Freddy On Record Breakers
13  SL2 - On A Ragga Tip
14  Jah Screechy - Walk And Skank
15  Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper
16  Eazy-E - Radio
17  Nas - Represent
18  Repo's Style Wars Mix for Guided Minds Radio Show

19  Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Multitrack Mix by Anton B.)

20  Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

Telmak Rap Attack!
21  Magic Wand
22  Buffalo Girls
23  The Message
(with special thanks to Dayle for these)

24  DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels)
25  Electro Rock Theme Tune (DJ Sugar E's remix)
26  Reeno - Where Is Georgio?
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