Thursday, 30 July 2015

TONITE! - The ABU! Podcast - July 2015 #52 1992 Special

It's the last Thursday of the month already and that means it's the ABU! Podcast tonight at 9pm.
This month we take a stroll down 1992.....

Listen in at from 9-11pm (GMT)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

UK Fresh 86

Did you know that today is exactly 29 years to the day since arguably the UK's biggest 80s hip hop festival took place?
Saturday July 19th 1986 was the date, Wembley Arena was the venue.
Playing live over two separate shows - one in the afternoon, the other in the evening were the following acts:


Word Of Mouth MCs


More punters
Aleem and Leroy Burgess


Captain Rock
The Furious 5

Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde

DJ Cheese

Dre & The World Class Wreckin Kru

Lovebug Starski


Mona Lisa with The World Class Wreckin Kru

Bambaata & Soulsonic

The crowd

Another crowd shot

Cheese signing autographs

Seating only

UK B-boys in '86

GM Flash

The Furious 5

Mantronik & Mike Allen

Mike looking sharp

Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde

I will always regret in never having gone as in retrospect this concert seems to be the greatest hip hop event that ever took place in the UK. However I have a tape-rip of most of the acts and many pictures of the day after scouring the 'net.
If I recall correctly I think I was doing my school Work Experience at the time of this in Sainsbury's in deepest, darkest Camberley, Surrey. I remember being in the warehouse out the back and listening to a Mike Allen show on my Walkman as a way of compensating.

As it's the 30 years anniversary next year wouldn't it be great if there was an event to mark the occasion? Street Sounds I'm sure are probably already aware. At least I'd hope they were. 

For more info on UK Fresh 86 go to Simmo's excellent Mike Allen website here.
And also please check this great recent post from the man, Waxer.

Also, whilst flicking through an old issue of Grand Slam Magazine I came across this ad for UK Fresh '03. Does anyone even remember this? I'm pretty sure it never actually took place.....anyone?

All photos are copyright A McGuire, Olaf & Simmo.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Disco Scratch - Polystylism

Recently on DISCO SCRATCH RADIO Thursdays you may have realised that there have been some new additions.
As well as the regular weekly shows from Waxer and the monthly ABU! Podcast there are a couple of fresh shows airing monthly; Polystylism and Digging 4 Victory.

Polystylism is a 60-minute personal music show from DS host, Waxer. It delves into his psyche and peels back this complicated individual's musical loves that are outside the characteristic hip hop and goes way deeper.
The latest show (#4) looked at a style of music called Synthwave or Outrun. This is a retro sound reminiscent of early 1980s New Wave electronic music which relied on a heavy use of synthesizers.

This is all-new, uncharted territory and together with LG's fantastic Digging 4 Victory show shows you why Disco Scratch rules in '15. You won't find this on any other radio station.

Disco Scratch - Digging 4 Victory

As with my previous post about new stuff going on at Disco Scratch this is a little piece about LG's fantastic Digging 4 Victory project which incorporates a podcast once a month (initially via DSR).

The ideology of Digging 4 Victory (explained here) is simple - to re-use music, to give new life to discarded vinyl and place it in a new context or even just a new owner. Participants are encouraged to go 'digging' in record shops, charity shops, car boots, recycling centres....anywhere where you might find old records and produce a compilation or 'mixtape' which their new-found treasure.
These results will then be the basis of the D4V Podcast.

Have a look at LG's previous Podcasts (here's Show #2 for example) and you'll see a wonderful visual example of what a typical playlist is like. Having said that, each show's playlist is not made in stone as by the very nature of digging you never know quite what you'll unearth. However you should expect to hear funk, jazz and hip hop.
The topics of the different sources of finding music ranges from 'Digging In The Pockets' (paid-for stuff), 'Digging In The Crates' (songs inspired by watching Red Bull Academy videos), 'Cheap As Chips' (Discogs finds) as well as internet-searching ('Digging Through The Net').

So far the Podcasts have been the fruits of LG's own searching so anyone else wanting to get involve is certainly more than welcome.

Get involved!


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