Saturday, 26 September 2015

ABU Podcast #54 - Funk Special II DOWNLOAD

It was a great change to switch up the funk flavour on this month's ABU Podcast. Being that it was over TWO years since the last one I thought it was long overdue that ABU should revisit the cornerstone of hip hop and get back to basics.

You should know that first and foremost I am by no means a deep funk DJ - or a shallow one come to think of it. But I do love the dirty 70s sounds and enjoy hearing an original break or sample so my selections may be of the more known stuff than not. But it's all fantastic stuff anyway.

Also included in the show are a couple of new 45s I purchased this month (I'm not usually a 45 buyer) which fitted perfectly within the scope of music.

DJ Format has a brand new 7" which pays a superb homage to the legends Kool & The Gang. Taking all the best elements from the group (no Cherish, Get Down On It or even Joanna!) and creating a devastating result. Go here to get a copy. These WILL sell out soon.

Also on the new 45 tip is Jorun Bombay's newie. Entitled Break Edit #1, this is a funky-as-ya-like workout flipping the 'T' Plays It Cool break. The drums sound so clear and really dominate the little slab of wax that it almost surpasses the original.
Sadly this record is now sold out such is the popularity of Jorun stuff. This situation does tend to puzzle me though. The hype was always going to be big on any new 45 from JB so why only limited copies? Check Discogs where it's already going for silly money barely a week on.

And ABU plays an exclusive track for you. Brand-new from ABU crew member Myk Apache Throwdown (whom is also featured on the ABU album) is the new song, Lemonade. He's so dope he's even sprung for a fancy video.

Thanks to anyone who showed up in the chatroom and/or listened in live on Thursday evening.
Listen to the show in the widget above where you can also download for later.

Hold tight, here's the tracklisting.

01  Alen Tew - Money Runner
The Hanged Man Soundtrack (Contour, 1975)

02  Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top
Changes (RCA Victor, 1982)

03  James Brown - Popcorn with Feeling
It's A Mother (King Records,1969)

04  The Ides Of March - Vehicle
Vehicle (Warner Bros. Records, 1970)

05  Bob Azzam & The Great Expectation - Rain Rain Go Away
Bob Azzam & The Great Expectation (Audio Fidelity, 1968)

06  Uncle Louie - I Like Funky Music
Uncle Louie's Here (Marlin, 1979)

07  Gaz - Sing, Sing
Gaz (Salsoul Records, 1978)

08  Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across the Floor
Dance Across the Floor (Sunshine Sound Disco, 1978)

09  Michel Gonet – Flower Dance
Phasing News - Volume 2 (Tele Music, 1976)

10  Gary Byrd - Are You Really Ready For Black Power
Taken from Stand Up And Be Counted (Soul, Funk And Jazz From A Revolutionary Era Vol. 2) (Harmless, 1970)

11  Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle
Winter In America (Strata-East Records, 1974)

12  Jon Lucien - Ghetto Song
Mind's Eye (RCA, 1974)

13  Lafayette Afro-Rock Band - Darkest Light
Malik (America Records, 1972)

14  Johnny Harris - Paint It Black
Movements (Warner Bros, 1970)

15  Dick Hyman - Give It Up Turn It Loose
The Age Of Electronicus (Command, 1969)

16  Soopasoul - It's Just Begun (Pt.1) 7"
(Jalapeno Records, 2008)

17  Hackney Colliery Band - Prodigy Medley
Common Decency (Wah Wah 45s, 2013)

18  Earth, Wind & Fire - Brazilian Rhyme
All 'N All (Columbia, 1977)

19  Myk Apache -  Lemonade (2015)

20  Diplomat Feat. Kool Rock Ski (from the Fat Boys) - 1982 (2015)

21  Babe Ruth - The Mexican
First Base (Harvest, 1972)

22  DJ Laz-e - Old School Rant
Plastic Attack (RTE 2XM, 2015)

23  DJ Format - Kool & The Gangstarr Generation 7"
De-Ja-Vu Records (2015)

Roots Of The Roots
24  Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
Chess (RCA, 1984)

25  Jorun Bombay - A Break Edit #1 7"
(Soundweight Records, 2015)

26  Bob Dorough - 3 Is A Magic Number
Multiplication Rock (Capital Records, 1973)

27  Telltale ‎– Rainbow Theme
Songs From The Thames Television Children's Programme Rainbow (Music For Pleasure, 1973)

28  David Shire - Mini-Manhunt
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Retrograde Records, 1974/1996)

29  Ernst Arno - Outlines Part 3
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3 - Roaring Rare Grooves Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983 (ShowUp Records, 1975/2011)

30  Oddjob - Scorpio's Theme
Clint (The ACT Company, 2010)

31  John & Ernest - Superfly Meets Shaft
Watergrate (IX Chains Records, 1973)

32  Rhythm Heritage - Theme From S.W.A.T.
Disco-Fied (ABC Records, 1975)

33  Stevie Wonder - Too High
Innervisions (Tamla Motown, 1973)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

ABU September Podcast #54 Funk Special

ABU is proud to announce that this month's Podcast will be another Funk Special.

Thursday 24th September from 9pm is the date. Make sure you drop into the chatroom!

Monday, 7 September 2015

A Brief History Of Graffiti

An interesting voyage, albeit in condensed form, through the history of graffiti fromcrude marks left by soldiers in Germany right up to modern-day stuff from France's Blek Le Rat.
The legendary LEE Quinones has a great segment and shows us into his studio where there is a brilliant mural featuring some of his contemporaries such as Futura, Rammellzee, Fab 5 Freddy and Lady Pink.
This could so easily be turned into another 'stuffed shirt', BBC4, condescending view of the street art world but our guide (Professor Richard Clay)is ultimately enthusiastic and open-minded about the subject which makes the whole experience that much more entertaining.

Word of warning, as it's on iPlayer it is only available for a limited time - in this case until 24th September 2015. Plus if viewing from outside the UK there may be restrictions.


It is also available on Youtube.

Hell's Club

If you are a bit of a film buff then this will interest you largely.
It's a video mash-up featuring many famous movie characters in which they were featured in a nightclub in their particular film.
It's edited together exceptionally well and you'll have fun spotting many known faces - some just cameos - all to the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever (what else!).

Thanks to WAXER for spotting this.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ebay Watch: Street Sounds UK Fresh 86 Programme

This came up on my Ebay alert recently.
I know these are rare but is £72 the going price for a UK Fresh 86 Programme these days?
Meh, what do I know? This is a supreme piece of UK hip hop history so it's worth as much as what someone is prepared to pay for it. Plus it looks in good nick.

Also from the same seller is a very interesting magazine pullout from Record Mirror circa 1986.

 And if you missed out he also has for sale a Street Sounds Electro T-shirt (size L).

Check 'em out:
UK Fresh Programme:

Record Mirror Hip Hop:

Street Sounds Electro Tee:
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