Friday, 18 October 2019

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issue 10

Dis This!

This is Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issue 10 from November 1989.

What have we got?

There's a first-ever appearance of The Powerlords (Mighty Shotgun, Magnum & DJ Big E). They sent a tape into HHC of their single - The Posse's Ready - which gets a favorable review

A couple of ABU FB members get their top 10 choices in the Readers Chart section

The Fat Boys reckon The Beastie Boys are wack ("they can't rhyme worth Jack Diddley")

Delicious Vinyl Records were blowing up and here's a feature on them

A poster of 3rd Bass awaits you in the middle pull-out section. However, that's NOT DJ Richie Rich with them. Who's the imposter?

Face To Face with LL Cool J who has some interesting thoughts on acting being that he hadn't yet made the transistion into that sphere yet

A competition to win a Fostex X-26 4-track recording unit with the most convoluted questions ever asked (incidentally, I bought the same model off Dave The Ruf in the mid-90s)

Stephen Hastie has the whole Letters page devoted to his own personal rants

More Connections hopefuls

Three starstruck schoolgirls from Cheshire meet the Demon Boyz for their school paper

The sharp ascent of New Jack Swing

Paul Oakenfold - when he was still into rap - takes some time to listen to tapes in the Demo Blaster section

And STILL no MC Jason Squires

Download the PDF here
pw = reeps

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Ultimate Breaks & Beats Instrumentals Vol. 2

This collection of dope instrumental versions of tracks from the legendary UBB series aren't actually THE instrumentals - c'mon, really? - but are instead super-tight cover versions from The El Michels Affair.
If you've heard their Enter The 37th Chamber (2009) album then you'll know what to expect.

1     Papa Was Too - Joe Tex     3:16
2     Give It Up Turn It Loose - James Brown     5:54
3     Let a Woman Be a Woman - Dyke & The Blazers     2:33
4     Sport - Lightnin' Rod     2:43
5     I'm Gonna Get You - Joe Quarterman     2:53
6     Break Interlude     1:28
7     Diff'rent Strokes - Syl Johnson    2:27
8     Hand Clapping Song - The Meters     3:20
9     It's My Thing - Marva Whitney     3:08
10   Break Interlude     1:48
11   T Plays It Cool - Marvin Gaye     3:57
12   You Got What I Need - Freddie Scott     3:18
13   Rock Creek Park - The BlackByrds     4:45
14   Break Outro     1:50


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Hip Hop Connection Magazine - Issue 9

It's been a while but I've decided to start converting my old Hip Hop Connection (HHC) mags again.


Here we go with issue #9 and rather fitting it is too as it's exactly 30 years old this month that it was published to a young generation of rap-starved b-boys (& gals).

What have we got?

4 Star General have closed down! Remember that? It was when George shut up shut from his Carnaby Street site and eventually ended up in Camden Town.

KC Flightt talks hip-house

A rather large, un-PC, full spelling on the abbreviation for NWA

Digital Underground chat about Sex Packets

Amongst the album reviews is Straight Outta Compton in which HHC feels that NWA are "no more radical than The Fat Boys"

Malu Halasa (be still, my beating heart...) kicks the "Science" on rap and religion

An all-too-brief feature on the history of London graffiti - featuring an incredible pull-out of MODE 2's 'The Lads Are Coming Home For Tea' piece

Interviews with Schoolly D ('popping boners') and Queen Latifah (from the top of the Empire State Building)

As usual everyone's getting in a hump over on the Letters page

Bernie Grant and the Beyond The 16th Parallel single

HHC takes a look at the Nottingham scene and features Sing A Song Records, MSD and The Rapper Groove as well as the local graf scene

Alas, still no MC Jason Squires

Download the PDF here

Thursday, 19 September 2019

BBC Proms - The Breaks

A few weeks ago the BBC televised this year's Proms. Unfortunately they decided not to televise the only concert that would actually be more beneficial from viewing and instead only broadcasted it via radio.
This was something different. Yes, it was an orchestra but it was an orchestra with soul, namely The Heritage Orchestra who can certainly parp out a fine rendition of a classic break or 2 (or 26 if we're counting).
Classic funk breakbeats being covered by an orchestra not populated by stuffy shirts is actually a pretty good idea. Who'da thort it?

Not only was there a fine group of musicians onstage led by the maestro, Jules Buckley, BUT there was a well-funky drummer AND, get this, a fookin' excellent turntablist (DJ Switch) to complement them. As if this wasn't enough there was also a gaggle of b-boys & gals (Soul Mavericks) throwing down. We'll never know how good they were thanks to the Beeb's odd insistance of not broadcasting the visuals during the whole Proms specials over the season on BBC Four. But from the sounds of things they did provide a perfect backdrop to this event which was held in the Royal Albert Hall. Plus I have it on good authority from our man on the inside that were indeed dope as gravy on chips.

However, you do have the chance to listen to the 1 hour and 45 minute show on the BBC website. Again, these are never given long and the opportunity will soon be whipped away - 17 days from now in fact.
If you happen to view this page sometime in the future (hey, how's it going! Is Trump still there? How did Brexit go? Did Marathons stay as Marathons after their limited edition experiment?) and still want to to hear it then hit us up. Yeah, it contravenes all sorts of copyright laws but seeing as this blog gets only marginally more views than the latest iPhone terms and conditions agreement then who gives a monkey's? Just like that irritating northern England broadband supplier, we'll do you proud.

These are the breaks... (sorry):

01 Apache (The Incredible Bongo Band)
02 It’s Just Begun (The Jimmy Castor Bunch)
03 Hot Wheels - The Chase (Badder Than Evil)
04 Space Funk (Manzel)
05 Think (About It) (Lyn Collins)
06 Goldfish (The Herbaliser)
07 North Carolina (The Poets of Rhythm)
08 Get on the Good Foot )James Brown)
09 Forty Days (Billy Brooks)
10 Freaky Dancing (Cameo)
11 All This Love That I’m Giving (Gwen McCrae)
12 Castles (The Futures)
13 Ashley’s Roachclip (The Soul Searchers)
14 Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin)
15 Give It Up or Turnit a Loose (James Brown)
16 Get Up (One Way)
17 Ready or Not (Herbie Hancock)
18 More Bounce to the Ounce (Zapp)
19 All Over Now (Alice Russell)
20 Rated X (Kool & The Gang)
21 The Mexican (Babe Ruth)
22 Night Of The Wolf (Esperanto)
23 Disco Connection (Isaac Hayes)
24 Dance To The Drummer’s Beat (Herman Kelly)
25 Beggin’ (Madcon)
26 Theme From S.W.A.T. (Rhythm Heritage)

Trevor's Rapper's Delight

Being that we have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release of arguably the first rap record, Rapper's Delight (it's not), BBC Radio 2 decided to shove out another of it's ever-so-informative hip-hop documentaries.
The usually-reliable Trevor (these days sans his mad hat) Nelson is on board to trawl out the old heads to chat about stories we've heard a million times before over safe, radio versions of commercial rap classics.
Morgan Khan pops up at one point to talk about the Streetsounds Electro series and mentions UK Fresh 86 where we learn that Mick Jagger was in the audience - it's one of those facts that you probably already knew but forgot.
Monie Love materialises and uses her Battersea Voice as she's addressing her British crowd which I thought was awfully nice of her. Trevor gets a bit flustered and thinks that Ladies First was recorded in 2006. No one bats an eyelid.

Anyway, it's a pleasant way to pass an hour if you're bored but note that this is a limited time listening only (at the time of writing just over two weeks left).

I won't give this a rating out of 5 but instead shall just say that normally I record/rip hip-hop-related programmes from BBC iPlayer for prosperity. This time I listened to it on the Sounds app and went on about my day afterwards.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Record Review - Haynesy Dope Beat Biz Volume 1

Haynesy aka DJ Cue Tips, returns with a fully-fledged album with help from some stalwarts of the UK rap scene.
At first glance one look at the tracklisting makes you involuntarily rub your eyes and do a double take. The calibre of artists on the cover seems like a wishlist rather than those on an already completed project as this actually is. It reads like a who’s who of current UK rap with artists such as Whirlwind D, Blade and Chrome.
Did I say Blade?
Yes, the underground master of the British scene is included here and seems well at home. This is not an old cast-off vocal that’s been hanging around on a floppy disk from 1995 either - it’s all new.
The content on this album is fresh in all senses of the word. Production is taken care of by the boom-bap brother himself, Haynesy in this follow-up to his Hip Hop Advocate debut from last summer.
There is a strong return from Scorzayzee (who was ever-present on the previous collection), taking up a quarter of the album beating fellow HHA alumni Dweller, who comes correct with a couple of cuts himself.
The production is really quite strong with nice slappy snares and deep, punching basslines. The fact that Haynesy is happy to use from familiar sources gives the album a real feeling of intimacy. You don’t have to be a nerdy trainspotter to recognise some of the audio steals and this makes it rewarding when you place where you’ve heard the music before.

What I noticed upon my first listen through of the album was that there is a solid pattern that emerges. Each track follows a simple formula; scratch intro, verse, scratch chorus, verse, scratch outro. And Haynesy has employed the turntable talents of South Coast maestro of the mix, JabbaThaCut, to keep this important element omnipresent. Jabs scratches everything that isn’t nailed down in the cut. In fact he even cuts up Chrome in the last bars of his own track, Start The Panic. It’s like he can hardly wait for Norwich’s boy wonder to finish spitting before he mashes up the place with Chrome’s own vocals.
The overall tone of the album is mainly positive vibes which are indeed helped by the upbeat production. The scorching sun outside my window whilst I listen to this really does help to elevate the experience, it has to be said. Certainly it would not sound out of place at a BBQ either.

In hindsight I would loved to have seen a DJ track purely to show off Jabba’s talents.
Also to offset the largely vocal volume of the album, an instrumental cut might have been a nice idea to break up the flow midway through perhaps. Haynesy shows he is more than capable of delivering a killer soundscape and a chance to spotlight his undisturbed beats would be more than welcome.

So who is this collection of tunes aimed at? If you’re reading this then you are more than likely the target audience. Whilst it would be fantastic to get a new, younger crowd on board I think it’s pretty unlikely as this type of hip-hop would sound as alien to them as most modern day stuff does to our own ears. Unless you’ve been feeding your kids a regular diet of the realness then it’ll be mostly down to us dad-aged, balding, waistline-expanding, sofa-enthusiasts who will be heading to Bandcamp to procure this album.

With nine different artists across 13 tracks there is guaranteed to be something for everyone here. You’ll soon be able to digitally download the album (from 06/09/2019) on Bandcamp ( and a vinyl release is also set to follow after this date.

Who’s on the album?

1 Put Me On - Geebag & Neek The Exotic
2 Trained Assassins - Scorzayzee
3 Back In The Day  - Suspekt
4 Use Your Head - Blade
5 Jungle - Dweller
6 Pioneerz - Scorzayzee
7 Pick It Up - ddubble
8 Tri Polar - Scorzayzee
9 These Days - Dweller
10 Now & Then - Whirlwind D
11 Start The Panic - Chrome
12 Evolution - Scorzayzee
13 W-E-G - Weg

See also:

Monday, 19 August 2019

72 ABU Show August 2019

Hey freaks!

Big shout to whoever is still checking out this dearly-departed, shell of a once-thriving communication hub.
Ahhh, ABU. The blog. The place that once connected me to so many of you. Sadly Facebook came along, took me to a bar, we got chatting and before you know it we were knocking boots. And it's been that way ever since. I cannot turn away from that sultry siren, my meandering mistress.

And so here I am, cap in hand. Foolishly trying to explain that I still have feelings for all of my faithful readership even though I've been playing away. I feel as if I need to apologise to you but it's a two-way street. Not to sound like a bad Cliff Richard song but it feels like we don't talk any more.
It's okay. I understand. We all lead busy lives so I guess we have different places we need to be nowadays. We can't stay in the past, awkwardly tring to rekindle those feelings we had at the beginning, can we?
Just know that I, Mister Reeps, will always be here for you.

That said, here is the latest ABU Podcast. It's show number 72 and tends to feature a bit more 1985 business than usual - no problem as far as I'm concerned, it was a great year.
There's some seldom-heard album tracks from BDP, Eazy-E and Beastie Boys as well as a nod to the recent UK Fresh 86 anniversary (its' 33rd actually - wow!).
I've been listening to the majority of the available (on the t'internet at least) radio shows featuring the World's Famous Supreme Team lately so have included some nice excerpts from them. One of them features a caller who tries to swear down the telephone but Just Allah The Superstar has razor-sharp reflexes!
We also focus on British composer and jazz pianist, Roy Budd who came up with some brilliant film scores over the years. Three songs are evidenced on the show which capture just how funky he was.
Plus the usual off-the-wall spoken word drops and crap scratching from me and that concludes the show.

Remember if you have any ideas, requests or a mix (30 mins max) for upcoming shows then get in touch by either leaving a comment or flinging over an email to

(or go straight here

Friday, 12 July 2019

Whirlwind D - Doin It Review

Here's the latest single from Whirlwind D, the stalwart and perhaps, flagship act of the south coast's leading rap label, B-Line Recordings.

Side A's DOIN' IT is the lead track which gets the video treatment and is an uptempo stormer. D does as the title suggests and conveys his feelings of still being involved in the scene even now as an elder statesman ("I might be old but it doesn't really matter, the beat gets fatter, my knees are being battered.."). I like that he doesn't shy away from the truth of the ageing process and is quite brutally honest ("..hairs out my nose and my hearing's all shattered, six-pack's gone, complexion's all tattered.."). If it wasn't for the dopeness of the beat then I might just sit here wailing in concurrence about the demise of my life.
But back to that dope beat. DJAR ONE is on production duties here and has provided a funky blank canvas for D's lines to be clearly heard without overloading it.
If this song was a cake then Djar One would obviously be Paul Hollywood with SPECIFIK undoubtedly channeling Mary Berry, adding the icing and cherry on top of the final mix with his super-sharp chorus cuts - The Great British Break Off, if you like.

The flipside is a real change around both sonically as well as literally. Djar & Specifik swap production duties this time.
Beginning with a snippet of a very slinky jazz number before heading into a boom-bappy, funk groove courtesy of Specifik, 'SOMETIMES' proceeds to kick off about those who continually seem to have had the jam taken out of their daily doughnut.
Social media - amongst other factors - comes under scrutiny here with D looking at the various ingredients which can make up our stress in modern times.
Djar One cuts up the chorus in fine style using a plethora of classic rap tunes all featuring this b-side's song title. Lovely stuff.

As always, with B-Line product, you know that the product is geared mainly towards the collector so you can expect high quality all the way from the photography to the packaging.

If this has whetted your appetite then rush over to the B-Line shop and purchase a copy before they disappear.

Well. There's nothing more to add except than, he's done it again!
Hip-hop is still alive and well, you've just got to seek it out.


Check out the video for Doin' It.

Soundclips available here on Soundcloud.



Monday, 1 July 2019

Funkbox Reload - The Summer Solstice 2019

Jorun Bombay returns with another dope hit of his Funkbox Reload show.
The Summer Solstice Edition features classic joints all mixed, cut and scratched the funk up in that inimitable style that he is known for.
I haven't listened yet but going on past shows this will be another doozy. I'm hoping the smug factor will be dialled down a notch but if I'm honest it probably won't be.

( or go direct here if you prefer)

Garbage Pail Digs tee

Mr LOVEGROVE has another superb new t-shirt design out and it's perfect for all you ageing diggers this summer
As always, it's available for a limited time only so get on it quickly (only 7 days remaining)

For all the info go right here.

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK?

Why DID more Hip Hop to TDK? Just like Smarties, Irish Craig has the answer in his always-fantastic, Random Rap Radio blog

Friday, 24 May 2019

DJ Telao's Old School Blog

Just discovered a great blog called
Contains stacks of Electro/Drum Machine/Mike Allen-era mp3s all for free download. Well recommended.

Dig in!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Infamous Alliance present Break It Down Vol 1

The East Coast is rocking again. This time to the sound of Ipswich's finest, Infamous Alliance aka Jimmy Green and DJ Ben Marr.
ABU recommends their fantastic mix, Break It Down Vol 1 which is a lovely blend of classic hip-hop cuts and their original sources.

Here's some words direct from them:
"We've been doing the Break It Down nights for two years now, and this is a condensed version of some of the music we've played on those nights. DJ Shadow, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Dilla, De La Soul, Golden Era Hip Hop, Classic Breaks and Beats, Public Enemy, and DJ Premier / Gang Starr.
We use four decks, some tracks are played all the way through, some tracks are cut up and messed with, but we play the original samples and the tracks that sampled them. Biggup The Smokehouse in Ipswich UK for hosting us.
More nights coming soon!"

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Interview with LENZ - Club International Mag 1995

Found this interview with graf writer LENZ hidden in an issue of Club International magazine (Vol 24 No 12, 1995).
Initially I assumed this piece was written by Drew Huge (of FAT LACE Mag) who some may know did indeed moonlight for top-shelf bongo mags in the 90s. It's actually credited to 'Matt Moore' who may or may not be the nom-de-plume of Matt Black & Jonathon Moore of Coldcut.

I make no apologies for the sauciness.

R.I.P. John Singleton

Sad news to hear of writer & director, John Singleton has passed away after a stroke.
He was only 51, too.

John was part of the Hollywood vanguard that blew up in the early 1990s with the emergence of films such as New Jack City (1991), Juice (1992) and Menace II Society (1993) amongst others.

Hard to believe that he was only 23 years old when he wrote and directed Boyz n the Hood (1991).

Monday, 25 March 2019

Chrome - Dopamine Hit (I need a hit) Smoove Remix

Local boy Chrome continues his ascension to surely the throne of hip-hop by the turn of the decade?
Indeed. Here he is with his latest sureshot single, Dopamine Hit from his recent album of the same name.
This solid remix by Smoove is aimed at dancefloors with its polished groove. Don't bother trying to get the 45 as it sold out in 3 seconds, more or less. For now though just check out this video which is enjoyable in it's simplicity. Love it!
The first release on No Half Steppin Records, too.

Sample Sources - BDP By All Means Necessary

I've been going through a sample source mood recently so decided to resurrect some files from the now-defunct Hip Hop Is Read website - the website isn't dead but the links are.
This place was a goldmine back in the late 00s and I plundered wildly. Sadly all the links are available only via Rapidshare (R.I.P.) so as and when I can I will re-up some of these tracks.

Starting off with this one, it's 11 sample sources from BDP's 1988 album By All Mean Necessary. The Fat Albert is worth the whole download alone.

01  Stanley Turrentine - Sister Sanctified ['My Philosophy']
02  Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water ['Ya Slippin''].
03  Jefferson Starship - Rock Music ['Illegal Business'].
04  Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Creativity (Sample @ 13_15) ['Illegal Business'].
05  Rhythm Heritage - Sky's the Limit ['Nervous'].
06  War - Galaxy ['Nervous'].
07  All the People featuring Robert Moore - Cramp Your Style ['I'm Still #1'].
08  Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Mickey's Monkey ['Part-Time Suckers'].
09  Stevie Wonder - Part-Time Lover ['Part Time Mutha'].
10  Wings - Let 'Em In ['Jimmy'].
11  The Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version) ['Jimmy'].

Full credit to original uploaders at Hip Hop Is Read. Respect.


(a simple thanks in the comments would be really appreciated)

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Boogie Down Under Vol 5 Australian Big Beat Hip Hop

I had the enviable position recently to get a sneak preview of the last Boogie Down Under mixtape.
Produced as always by The Shift, these are a series of audio showcases for some of Australia's biggest, best and unknown talent from the world of hip-hop.
He picks the cream of the crop and this selection ("Volume 5: Australian Big Beat Hip Hop") is no exception. Featuring chunky beats and booming basslines these tracks really pack a punch and are deftly blended together in that true 'mixtape' sense.

There are some great tracks and some feckin' DOPE tracks in the collection and every song is new to these ears. This will be the last in the series so once it's gone, it's gone.
It will be aired on the Hip Hop Show on Triple J ( and also available to purchase via cassette very soon.

Trust me. All killer, no filler.

Check out

Friday, 1 March 2019

71 ABU Show Feb 2019 DOWNLOAD

A big thanks to everyone who listened in last night on Disco Scratch Radio to our ABU Podcast. And an even bigger thanks to those that joined in the chatroom. It is honestly so much better listening live as you can interact with other listeners and spark off stories and irrelevant talk while the show plays.

Here's the link to the show.

The complete tracklisting is below:

71 ABU Show Feb 2019
'Fresh Out The Gate Again, Time To Raise The Stakes Again'

Richard C Sanders - Afrocat (The ABU Extended Kitty Litter Mix)
Album - Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul
Emperor Norton - EMN 7030

Roger Webb - Heavy Lace
Album - Music Dewolfe Volume 1
Megaphone Unlimited - MEGAUN001LP

CJ Mackintosh & Einstein - The Tables Are Turnin' 100
12" Single
Music Of Life - NOTE 4

DJ Format - The Meeting pt.1
7" Single
Giselle - 45-1001

Public Enemy - Son Of Public Enemy (Flavor Whop Version)
12" Single
Def Jam Recordings‎ - 44-06719

Gang Starr - Full Clip
Album - Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr
Cooltempo - 7243 5 21189 1 5

Intelligent Hoodlum - Arrest The President (Assault Mix) 123
12" Single
A&M Records ‎- 75021 7477 1

MC Serch - Here It Comes Again
Album - Return Of The Product
Def Jam Recordings‎ - O 52964

Linkin Park - Session
Album - Meteora
Warner Bros. Records - 48186-2

Johnny Harris - Odyssey
12" Single
Sunshine Sound Disco - SSD-4216

Boogie Down Productions - Illegal Business
Album - By All Means Necessary
Jive - HIP 63

Automation - Electro Rock (DJ Sugar E's remix)

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Extended Version)
12" Single
MCA Records - MCAT 949

Kid Frost - Rough Cut
12" Single
Electrobeat Records - EB001

In The Mix on ABU
Funky 45s Volume 1
A 30-minute live mix of funky vinyl 45s from blend king, Simon Cannon, part of the Get It Together DJ collective.

Main Sourced
Flippin' Bob (pt.1)
Kool And The Gangstarr Generation
DJ Format
Fat Back Boys
Boca 45
Soul On Top (feat Louis Baker)
Boca 45
Bump & Hustle Music
Tommy Stewart
Move Me Baby
Gwen McCrae
(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
The Fatback Band
Funky Hot Grits
Rufus Thomas
Sexy Coffee Pot
Tony Alvon & The Belairs
Kissing My Love
Spanky Wilson
It's Still Great To Be Here
Jorun Bombay
From The Krafty Cyde (A Krafty Kuts And Pharcyde Blend)
Simon Cannon
Since You've Been Gone
The Allergies
I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)
MysDiggi & DJ DSK

3rd Bass - Sons of 3rd Bass
Album - The Cactus Album
Def Jam Recordings - C 45415

Greencryptoknight - Superman
12" Single
Boot - BEP015

Dopamine Hit (I Need a Hit Remix by Smoove)
7" Single
No Half Steppin Records - NHS001

The Eagles - Those Shoes (The Long Run, 1979)
20th Century Steel Band - Heaven And Hell (Warm Heart Cold Steel, 1977)
Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool (Trouble Man, 1972)
Orange Krush - Action (1982)
Run-D.M.C - Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1) (Run-D.M.C, 1984)

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse On Broadway
Album - Swass
Nastymix Records - NMR 70123

The Fatback Band - Got To Learn How To Dance
Album - Yum Yum
Event Records Inc. - EV 6904

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
Album - Shake
RCA Victor - LPM-3367

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

71 ABU Show Feb 2019

Woop, woop! Ring the alarm. It's the first post of 2019 and it's only February.

No one reads these posts anyway, do they?
Anyway, just in case you do then I'm letting you know that I've done a podcast and it's going out on Disco Scratch Radio on Thursday at 9pm.
There will be a link to listen in afterwards (I'll do a separate post, yes, TWO posts in ONE week!) in case you miss it. However, to hear it tomorrow then go here:

Also, go here for the Discord chatroom which is where all ageing b-boys hang out:

I'm quite proud of this one. There's a load of good music - a mix of new and old hip-hop, electro, funk and eclectic stuff, too. There's also a really good mix by Simon Cannon of various funk and rap 45s all blended together in a steaming pot of audio soup.

Lastly, why aren't you on Facebook? That's where ABU is these days, sadly. Yep. We sold our soul to the corporation which is why the blog is so sparse. I wish it was a different story but that's just the way it is.
Go on. Fuel the fire and add to the further demise of the ABU blog by going to

Pip, pip!

Mr Repo of the 136th Platoon.
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