Thursday, 26 February 2009

Old School Dazzler Rips - Part 1

Some more tape rips and this time full of obscurities that have been long-lost and forgotten from Bobby Dazzler's archives.
There's 12 rips here in this zipped bundle including live audio from Melle Mel and some Mike Allen interviews (Real Roxanne, Doug Fresh....and more) and Mike chatting about the upcoming Fresh 86 show.

Dazzler Tape Rip 1

Mike Allen Tape Rips

I've been kindly sent a batch of Mike Allen shows from RUSE ONE.
I've tried i.d.'ing the tracks for your pleasure but have some gaps where some songs are elusive to my mind. If you know them, contact me (MAIL ME!)

MikeAllen_17_10_1986_Part1.mp3 (41.43)

1. Original Concept - Pump That Bass
2. Beastie Boys - Hold It Now Hit It
3. BDP - South Bronx (#6)
4. Steady B - Stupid Fresh
5. B-Fats - Woppit
6. Afro Recan Connection - It's Live
7. Afrika Bambaataa & Family - Funk Jam Party
8. Ron and the D.C. Crew - Ronnie's Rap
9. Run DMC - You Be Illin'
10. Just Ice - Back To The Old School (#2)
11. Disco 4 - Throwdown
12. DJ Shadow - not THE DJ Shadow but someone who keeps talking about 'killer bees'.
13. Afrika Bambaataa & Hardrock Soul Movement - Funky Groove (#9)

MikeAllen_17_10_1986_Part2.mp3 (45.22)

1. The Show Boys - Drag Rap
2. Captain Rock - Bongo Beat (#10)
3. Kurtis Blow - The Bronx (#5)
4. V The Viper - Vandy C and Bill Blast
5. Ice T - Doggin The Wax (#8)
6. Wooly Reasonable & Yo Culture - You're The Only One
7. Phase 1 - Laying Down A Beat
8. Duke Bootee - Broadway (#3)
9. Beastie Boys - It The New Style (#1)
10. The Move - Greedy Girls (Gold Card Mix)
11. Bose - Bass Overdrive

MikeAllen_17_10_1986_Part3.mp3 (45.44)

1. Fission - The King Of Swing
2. Glenn Miller-sampled track ?
3. Turntable Orchestra - The Manipulator
4. The Maniacs - Crack, Crack Don't Do It
5. Steady B - Get Physical
6. Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop
7. Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mouth
8. Mighty Rap Specialist - Order in the Court
9. Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor
10. Don't Be Flash (Inst) - Richie Rich
11. Kurtis Blow - Kingdom Blow
12. Just Ice - Cold Getting Dumb

MikeAllen_03_04_1987_Part1.mp3 (43.54)

1. Twilight Zone jingle
2. Marvin Hagler Record ?
3. Run DMC - It's Tricky
4. Spyder D - My Whole Life Flashed
5. T.C. Islam - Party Pooper
6. 3 Wize Men - Refresh Yourself
7. True Mathematics - After Dark
8. Rockmaster J
9. ? - Games People Play?
10. Public Enemy - Public Enemy #1
11. Egyptian Lover - Freak-A-Holic
12. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
13. Maceo - Cross The Tracks

MikeAllen_03_04_1987_Part2.mp3 (44.32)

1. The Classical II - Rap's New Generation
2. Fearless Four - You Can't Rock Us
3. Mr. Wax Master Torey & D.J. Sound Machine - 12 Inches The Hard Way
4. Marley Marl Ft MC Shan - He Cuts So Fresh
5. A UK track, possibly Simon Harris??
6. California Girls - Cali Boys
7. Ultramagnetic MC's - Travelling At The Speed Of Thought (#12)
8. Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz (#3)
9. Numarx - Rhymes So Def (#1)
10. L.A. Dream Team - Citizens On Patrol
11. Noel Rockwell Featuring The Poet - Beat You Down
12. Jungle Fever - Kinkina

Chew on these for now. There's more good music coming soon.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Is Your Child A Tagger?!

Click pic to see it properly in a new window.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Streetsounds Electro Vol 10 & 11 / Exciting Streetsounds news

I thought it was time to add some more Electro's to the blog and rather topically we arrive at Electro Volume 10. Topically in that it contains one of the best electro b-boy classics to ever grace the series which is currently flavour of the month courtesy of Cadbury's marketing department.

Electro 10 is actually quite a good volume to own as it contains The Most Expensive And Rare Electro 12" Ever Probably™, namely Star Raid.
The volume starts off exceedingly well with Tricky Tee and oozes mastery with Mantronik on the drum machine - check out those snares and clap on the intro.
The Queen Of Rox is in fine feisty mood on Bite This and has a nice go at all sorts of artists as she reclaims her throne over a very nice Marley Marl production. The Dynamic Duo bring on a sense of history with their King Arthur-alike Knights Of The Turntables. I love the little JB samples mid-way through the track.
Run DMC start off the beeside with their not-really-recorded-live, live-sounding Together Forever - listen to that 808 kick, uuuugh! Craig G provides this album's only 'meh' track, although with the competition as high as it is here then judged on it's own is still a worthy contender. Takes you back though with the 'Robots in disguise' sample. My man Optimus Prime.
DJ Born Supreme Allah changes the mood to a scratch session. Like the use of scratch-panning.
This brings the album up to a close with the last track Don't Stop The Rock which as I've already mentioned is a doozy. Currently on tv now and previously completely ripped off by The Freestylers, this is a seriously fine example of what Electro was.

A1 Tricky Tee - Johnny The Fox
A2 Roxanne Shanté - Bite This
A3 Dynamic Duo featuring Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables
A4 19th Fleet - Star Raid

B1 Run-DMC - Together Forever
B2 MC Craig G - Transformer
B3 DJ Born Supreme Allah - Two, Three, Break
B4 Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock

And so onto Electro 11 and you can now, in retrospect, see a change in the music. Concentrating less on space-age themes and twirly synths and more on real-world issues, albeit not exactly serious ones (Success Is The Word, Butt Naked).
Kicking off with a well-sampled intro in Roxanne Shanté's Def Fresh Crew which features an early appearance from the Diabolical Biz Markie. A crashing, thundering and very much Monster Beat from the Awesome Foursome follows and Captain Rock states his anger of smelly butts ("wash your ass" or at the very least give it a wipe).
Get Busy is a track I love with a very nice drum machine beat. And Electro 11 is the first time we were told of a guy named KRS One in the studio group 12:41 which also featured Scott La Rock and B-Boy Records labelmate LEVI167. The other great thing about this record is that Mantronik was also involved - well it was on Sleeping Bag!
What about the B-Boys' Girls?? In my prepubescent years this was err, an awakening, ahem.
Now, the 2 Live Crew was either one of those groups you loved or hated later on in their career but in the early years they weren't as extreme. I would listen to the Scratch Version again and again just not believing Mr Mixxx' tricks.
It's a case of 'always the bridegroom never the bride' for Hashim's Primrose Path as Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) is always the tune that gets put on the latest breakdance compilation rather than this one. I like it though as it has a nice quirkiness to it.
What were Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde all about anyway? Fun, that's what! Who would sing about being in their birthday clothes these days? Coldplay? Girls Aloud?

A1 Roxanne Shanté - Def Fresh Crew
A2 Awesome Foursome - Monster Beat
A3 Captain Rock - You Stink
A4 Disco Four - Get Busy
A5 12:41 - Success Is The Word
B1 The B-Boys - Girls - Part 2
B2 Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet
B3 2 Live Crew - What I Like
B4 Hashim - Primrose Path
B5 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Butt Naked

Electro 10

Electro 11

And some good news you may have heard a whisper about is that Morgan Khan is getting back in the game again.
'Tim' left some comments in the 'Demise Of Streetsounds' post about the return of Streetsounds.
"Streetsounds is about to relaunch in the UK on CD and Limited Vinyl in 2009 more than 25 years later.
The new series will focus on and be entitled "Electro Breaks - Volume 1"

Check out the new website "

If you check the bottom of the page of the website you'll see the first Streetsounds Electro Chart. And who's number 1? Well thanks to Cadbury's, who else could it be. The rest of the top 5 are actually really good as well, still keeping the real electro elements.

Future releases include an official UK Fresh 86 release? Can you believe that?
Check out the forum as well which is pretty empty at the moment and needs your help to fill up. Get over there people! I'm there already, saps! Look out for me under REPO136.

n.b. Just realised I never posted volumes 8 & 9.
Here they are:
Volume 8
Volume 9

Unbelievable MC Sound-a-like

You won't believe your ears. I'm telling you. You won't.

Is this not working? Go directly to the source here.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dez from Style Wars

Remember DEZ from Style Wars, the guy who was mentoring TRAP ("I think he's going to be a little Picasso")?
Well he's still around but now makes his living on New York's Hot97 as DJ Kayslay.
He used to be a really skinny dude but here he is still remembering his roots.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Run DMC Live!

This is a concert recorded in 1987 (?) at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.
Originally broadcast on Dave Pearce's A Fresh Start To The Week on Radio London 94.9 Nite FM it features a 22-minute performance from Run DMC. However the rest of the concert (not broadcast) consisted of The Beastie Boys, Whodini and LL Cool J.

Listen out for dodgy Jamaican accents and "dick-grabbing time" during the performance.

And now my 'obvious Dave joke'.
Ahem, "Dangerous" Dave Pearce? - the only thing dangerous about him now is the amount of cholestorol from all the burgers he continues to shove down his mush.

1. Here We Go
2. Together Forever
3. You Talk Too Much
4. Raising Hell
5. Peter Piper
6. Rock Box

Another sureshot ripped & edited by Bobby D.

Herbie Hancock Live!

This is a 45-minute performance of Herbie Hancock and the Rockit Band, Hammersmith Odeon, London, Jan 30, 1984.
Listen as Grandmixer D.St hypes the audience before going into the his ubiquitous 'Rockit'.

MP3 ripped and edited by Bobby D, oh yes.

Part 1

Part 2

Ebay Madness #1.2

Just a quick post to say good old "pop2.0" is re-auctioning his Wild Style album for all you unlucky saps that missed out last December.
He originally put it on for 150 British quid but now has knocked off a fantastic £30 to bring the total down to a bargain basement, credit-crunching £120!
What are you still reading for? Get yourself there pronto and Buy It Now

I reckon he spends the rest of his life - whilst not busy dreaming up laughable ebay prices - as a part-time comedian. Why? Check out the jaw-dropping prices of his other items.
Now, I prefer Bruce Willis The Actor to Bruce Willis The Singer though I'll happily hum along to his rendition of Under The Boardwalk. But I draw the line on paying £85 for one of his cd's.

Break To The Beat - Fat Albert

For the break fiends out there, this is for you.
Try to identify the tune based on the break.
There is a vocal snippet from the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids show followed by Jefferson Starship's "Rock Music" (1979) before the tune based on these starts at 2min 40s.
If you get it before then you are an old school master.

When you hear the sample during Fat Albert it'll definitely make you smile as it's so unexpected. Give it a listen!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Steinski Tribute - Lesson Z

I recently received an email from Bulli which contained a link to his website where I could check out his own personal tribute to Steinski.

Entitled Lesson Z (as in Zed, bed,'s British, yo) this is one hell of a mix. Utilising a lot of the same samples as heard in the original Steinski 'Lessons' and then some, you'll hear even more than Steve put in his tracks.
Martin (aka Bulli) has pushed the envelope to include some original dialogue from the same Vietnam documentary that Paul Hardcastle plundered for his famous 19 single from 1985. To say I'm a little envious don't even cut it, bud. Bulli's got it like that, people.

It all adds up to a brilliantly-crafted piece of sexiness which if I could, I'd quite happily take out for dinner and invite back for coffee.

Listen to Lesson Zed below. Your life might just depend on it.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Star Wars/Coming To America

Now I'm assuming the ABU massive comprises of:
  • Thirty-somethings
  • Those who appreciate da original Star Wars trilogy
  • Old-skool Eddie Murphy Fans
If so, then you'll enjoy this.

Star Wars Coming to America - Watch more Funny Videos

Coming Soon....

Apologies for lack of Blogs recently but I should be back with a vengeance shortly as I'm finally going to have some time to catch up.

Bobby Dazzler has been busy with his C-90's and I'll soon be bestowing you all with some of his hidden gems of yesteryear such as Herbie Hancock & Grandmixer D.St, Run DMC and Public Enemy all live shows, as well as some old LWR and Mike Allen radio shows.
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