Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Brand New Double Dee & Steinski Mix

Now, anyone who knows me well, musically-speaking, will know that I am a big fan of Steinski.
Having been immersed in the creative mastermixes of the early to mid-80s from Steve Stein and Douglas DeFranco it's fair to say that pretty much almost my whole musical production style has been influenced majorly by these two.

I came across this mix the other day and thought it was just something that I already owned from years ago. Wrong. It's a months-in-the-making, fresh-out-the-box brand-new mix.

I present to you a cut 'n' paste mix spectacular from the two masters of the genre, entitled 'Insanity Clause Mix'.
Download it quick before it burns the Internet down. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Chrome's No Half Steppin' Mix - Oct 2015

To whet your appetite for this Saturday's upcoming No Half Steppin' night, CHROME has produced a fantastic mix to show you just what to expect.

No Half Steppin' - October 2015

Back to burn for October!
No Half Steppin' crew in effect with some massive tunes and classic breaks, beats and pieces.
Free entry all night in a wonderful little pub in Norwich.

Jump on it....!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

'Rubble Kings' - The Mixtape

This mix was compiled and assembled by Sammy Needlz, Rok One, DJ Tahleim, and the film's director Shan Nicholson (all incredible selectors and musical encyclopedias in their own right). Much like New York City itself, it is divided into five sections (based on the musical genres that influenced these notorious gangs). From the anthemic soul and funk of the Black struggle, to the salsa and Boogaloo of the Latin Barrios, to the gritty and abrasive psychedelic rock of White gangland. A true epic tale of war and peace, "Rubble Kings: The Mixtape" serves as a direct sonic glimpse into the heart and soul of this pivotal moment in the city's history.
For download and more info, visit

This is really great. The breaks at the latter part are well chosen and mixed brilliantly.

Listen here:

What Is 'Rap Music'?

Yes. Just what the fuck is this new music that all the kids are doing these days with their scratchy records and that?

Early days in hip hop's history with the written media. It was all so new and exciting.

Kool Covers A Mix by DJ Format

This photo is just for illustrative purposes only. Clicking will produce no audio of any kind. In fact the only sound that will occur will be the enraged fury emitted from your lips upon discovering that this is only a photo. Blame Mixcloud for their non-widget-embedding antics. Go on, write a stern email to them.

If you missed out on DJ Format's last 45 then this 30-minute mix of Kool & The Gang covers might be enough to keep you going until you can stump up the extortionate Discogs prices.

Featuring tracks from Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orch., Ed Watson & The Brass Circle, Grant Green, Zap Pow, St. Peter & Paul C.H.S. Shooting Stars Steel Band and more. This is highly recommended. And not to mention, free.

Jump on it:

Sophie Bramly's Photos Of The 80s Hip Hop Scene

Mike D, MCA, Adrock, Rick Rubin & Russell 'Rush' Simmons

Anyone reading this blog who had access to cable in the late 80s/early 90s will have eagerly watched their regular installments of the European version of Yo! MTV Raps with the French host Sophie Bramly.
Before she hosted the classic video show she was on the streets and in the clubs of New York City in the late 80s documenting on camera some of hip hop's legendary characters. She now makes "female-orientated" porn.
Lovely stuff.

These pictures are the sort of stuff that brings me out in a cold sweat, quickly spiriting me away to a more friendly place where creativity spoke louder than money. I was never there but one look at these photos make it seem as if I was.

To see the full set with descriptions visit the website here:

Also see:

Thanks to Dayle. And quite possibly, Brett.

The ABU Tee Gallery

Back in the summer there was an opportunity to purchase a limited edition ABU tee/hoodie from Style Warrior. Some of you were cool enough to snap yourselves in this funky fresh gear.

There are very limited stocks left:

1 x XL heavyweight shirt (17.99) 
1 x XXL lightweight shirt (12.99) 
1 x XL hoodie (23.99)

Contact Martin @Style Warrior

Thanks to everyone who supported.

Click pic to enlarge:

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