Thursday, 30 January 2014

ABU Podcast - Jan 2014 - TONITE!

Tonight at 9pm it's the return of the ABU Takeover Show.
Listen live at:
And join the chartroom:

2 hours of hip hop, funk, electro and general silliness.

ABU - we don't take ourselves too seriously. And neither should you, yo.

Love and hugz

n.b. Don't use the chatbox on the Mixlr page, use the Disco Scratch one - it's better!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bust The Facts - ABU Recommends!

Those in the mp3-sharing community of hip hop will surely know the name WARLORD who has been providing us with some of the meatiest slabs of downloads via various websites for the past few years.
His latest is Bust The Facts which is a homage to the original blog of the same name founded by Jimmy Smithson and others who kept this particular part of the internet alive with lost and rare tracks.
Warlord is uploading some truly classic stuff so if you are down with this, then get on down with this!

Check it here:

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Trevor Horn: Behind Buffalo Gals

This is a great little read from Red Bull about the making of Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals" via the record's producer, Trevor Horn.

Read it here.

Thanks to Steve Porter for this.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Impromtu ABU Show on DS - TONITE!

Head over to for tonight's Disco Scratch Session.
I'm playing stuff NOW.

The chatroom is in the usual place:

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Kurtis Blow joins ABU!


I had a member request from one Kurtis Blow asking to join the ABU Facebook Group last week.

He hasn't properly said hello yet.

Or anything, really.
Is it him?

Norwich By Nature

This is the official video of Chrome & Illinspired's latest physical release 45 'You Should Know' which was released late summer last year. It's still available on Bandcamp but as far as I'm aware all vinyl is sold out - and so it should be, this track is a fackin' monster.

I'm totally biased of course, although if I didn't personally know the lads then I would still rate their music because they make proper 'boom-bap', 'live breaks' whatever you want to call it. Real breakbeats, proper scratching and heavy but on-point vocal deliveries from them both.

Filmed totally in Norwich over the course of a few weeks at various hip hop events by AboveGroundMedia this should hopefully give you a nice flavour of All C 'n' I (see what they did there?).
I'm in there if you watch very closely but obviously my wicked b-boying (cough) got left on the cutting room floor. I think not.

So if you liked that then check this video out below. It's the lads again doing some support last year when Ultramagnetic MC's visited the city.
I won't keep singing their praises because I'm sure I'm just annoying you but you should really have a look as their routine will make you smile.
Thanks to JEDIWNE for the footage on this.

"Norwich By Nature" - ©Sizzle & Bit

The Return of No Half Steppin'

It's a new year, it's almost the 3rd Saturday of the month which means it's the first No Half Steppin' night of the year.
The Xmas special was, well just that, special. It was underground UK hip hop at it's finest as anyone who was there will undoubtedly attest.

This month is back to basics with Chrome & JustOne on the wheels and I shall be guesting again. Hosted by the freestyling and unique Illinspired, it opens at 8pm and is this Saturday (18th Jan) at The Rumsey Wells (downstairs) in Norwich.

You really should visit. Really.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

ABU Facebook Group Album Takeover Show Link

Apologies, the post title isn't the snappiest of post titles but nevertheless, here is the link to the ABU Disco Scratch show.!_Podcast_-_ABU!_DS_Takeover_Show_Dec_2013_ABU_ALBUM.mp3

All the techno-gods were happy and the show went live without a hitch last Thursday after the complete failure on Boxing Day. All submitted songs were aired exclusively and really went down a storm. Big props to everyone that got involved and thanks also to Waxer for giving up another slot in his show for me for a second chance.

I'm in the midst of preparing the album in readiness for download for everyone unfortunately I'm having a bit of trouble making the actual thing through iTunes.
Although I won't usually hear a bad word against Apple products/software, iTunes is incredibly useless. I avoid it whenever possible but I have no choice unless anyone can suggest an easier way. I don't mind admitting I lost a load of my collection into the truly bizarre way iTunes sorts your songs when I clicked on the wrong option just before Xmas. Oh they're still in my collection, just nowhere that they should be.....

Anyway, hold tight it'll be worth it!

La Reepz

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Santa - Live From Hermosa Beach!

What a surprise I had the other day when this little beauty popped through my letterbox!

Straight outta sunny California, Santa Claus delivered a special gift to me of an exclusive Ed Piskor-signed mini-comic produced exclusively for the Summer Wild Style Anniversary event last year.

A massive thank you to Patti Astor for sending me this. It will be treasured.

ABU Takeover Show - ABU Album Launch - TONITE!

As posted previously on the blog, the ABU Album is now seemingly almost complete and will finally get it's first airing TONIGHT (with all things going to plan, technically-speaking) over on the ABU radio channel at 9pm on 'Disco Scratch Thursday'.
It was of course all supposed to happen on Boxing Day but alas, it was not to be - a combo of Norman, otters and general bastodry deemed it necessary to jinx the whole kit and caboodle.

Tonight's show will be all the way LIVE like Memorex. There are some absolute stonking pieces of work as well as a few exclusives coming your way tonight and I'm super-amped about playing them for you.

Kicking off from 9pm, get in the chatroom and talk to other like-minded people. If you've submitted a track then you'll definitely want to hear the buzz when it gets played.

To all listeners, contributors, readers and haters of ABU, I will always appreciate your great support that you have shown and hope it will continue to infinity and beyond.....
Happy 2014!


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