Friday, 28 December 2012

Retro Show Link

Here it is.... it's a corker.

And the mad thing is, I've got enough material to do another Retro show as well. Maybe next year.

For full tracklist see Comments.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The ABU December Takeover Show - RETRO SPECIAL **TONITE**

It's the last Thursday of the month, it's the last Thursday of the year...... it's only right that we push the boat out and make it an end-of-year-special, no?
Yoink that booze, prepare your comfiest easy chair and strap those headphones to your ears.
As always, the two websites you need to be at by 9pm tonight are of course:

For the audio -

And for the chat -

If you can't make it then hold tight as the download will be up very soon after the show has been broadcast.

Really hope to see you in the chatroom.......


Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Xmas! / Future Radio Xmas Hip Hop Sessions

I want to wish everyone who visits ABU! a great Christmas and hopefully you'll be getting a least a couple of days rest.
Thanks especially to the following blog-readers and generally nice people....

Agent Finch


Howard G CRAZE

Irish Craig
DJ Just-1
DJ Laz-e

Mex Luthor
Mr Eps
Mr Poindexter
Paranoid Parker
Patti 'A'

Rob L
Ric Flair & The Strictly Business lads

Tommy B
Whirlwind D

And if you think I've forgotten your name, I haven't, 
you are just too cot-damn important for this list x

While I'm on, here's the full 2-hour set from last Tuesday evening that I guested on at Future Radio's Hip Hop Sessions Christmas Special.
Just-1 and Mr Eps did the first hour or so and I did the remaining time. Christmas and hip hop don't traditionally go together so my collection of Crimbo hits is a little sorry to say the least so I apologise. I did burn a cd crammed with Christmas stuff that I was going to use as well but for some reason it played up after I'd dropped my Xmas Intro. Maybe I'd just put too many files on the cd-r? I dunno, I'm not used to Pioneer CDJ's really.

And don't forget that next week is the last Thursday of the month, in fact, of the year so ABU will be dropping the monthly podcast on you. And being that it's that weird time between Xmas and New Year where each day just blurs into the next (or is that just me?) I have prepared a special Retro Special to keep the holiday cheer going.

Thursday 27th December, 9-11pm Disco Scratch Radio.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year.


(Christmas pic at top courtesy of Dave Pyestar)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

ABU! Xmas Guest Spot - Hip Hop Sessions Radio TONITE!

Just a quick message to tell you that I will be doing a guest spot alongside DJ Just-1 tonight on the Hip Hop Sessions Radio Show on Future Radio at 10pm.
As it's the last Tuesday before The Big Day then this will feature a heavy Christmas flavouring of tunes to celebrate the season of goodwill and all that jazz.

Check out tonight (Tuesday 18th) 10pm - Midnight.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

2012 World Championship B-Boy Battles in Rio - Live Stream

The 2012 World Championship B-Boy Battles are happening today and it is the finals.
Broadcasting directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, be sure to check out this page to watch the live stream here on ABU!

Live: Starting at 7:50 p.m. BRST / 4:50 p.m. EST / 1:50 p.m. PST on
In UK terms that means 9:50pm... I think. I'm assuming "BRST" means Brazil Standard Time which is 2 hours behind Britain.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The No Half-Steppin' Xmas Jam 2012

As I've mentioned a few times previously, this month sees the return of the No Half-Steppin' Xmas Jam.
Blasting beats out of Norwich is the Sure Shot Productions crew on 15th December at a free event in The Rumsey Wells in the heart of the city.
Doors open at 6pm and they will rock and don't stop - well, until midnight anyway.

Here's some shots of last year's event:

Live acts performing are ORIGINAL ONE (aka Def J), Solid 'n' Mind's own MC WHIRLWIND D (with Chrome on the wheels) as well as CHROME & ILLINSPIRED.
Resident dj's JUST-1 and CHROME provide some beat-bombs with support from MR EPS and REPO.
Remember that No Half-Steppin' only drops the classic hip hop steez so 'waiting for the good joints' is not an option.
And like all NHS nights, it's completely free.
See you there!


The November ABU Takeover Show

Slackness alert.
The show went out last Thursday but I realised I hadn't posted the link up yet (although the Facebook crew will already have it). Oops.

2 hours of freshness, boogie beats, ill drops, some comedy turns from The Jerky Boys and Micky Flanagan as well as yours truly in the mix. There's even a hint of Christmas about this month's session as well. Gobble, gobble.

Oh yeah, I realised my mistake about Jan Hammer's past musical endeavours when it was too late. Blame old age for that ;-)

Tracklisting as always is in the comments below.

Download Show DSR101/ABU25 November 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Strictly Business Presents...Jeru The Damaja

Representing the Gang Starr Foundation, Jeru The Damaja is hitting the UK shores on the 6th December 2012 (one day before the 4our Pillars jam).

As well as the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel there is a whole heap of talent on the bill performing alongside him and this is all being produced and promoted by my homies the Strictly Business boys.

“The sun rises in Finsbury Park on the 6th December as The Silver Bullet sees [Strictly Business] set the stage. The Lords of the Underground smashed it in Sept and this month we’ve got the dirty rotten scoundrel himself…JERU THE DAMAJA ||| Brooklyn, NY – Gang Starr Foundation ..Since his 1994 debut instant classic album The Sun Rises In The East, Jeru has continued to command respect from everyone with even a vague interest in hip hop – never compromising a shed of credibility in carving an 18 year career consisting of 5 top albums and regular incredible collaborations with Guru and DJ Premier.” Go buy your tickets here (BE QUICK) because is very limited and please check the Strictly Business event page......"

Here's some more info on the lineup:

PHOENIX DA ICEFIRE w/Black Chronicle & DJ Deceptakut

He tore the stage up with M9 back at Strictly Business #1, has recently worked with Chemo, Klashnekoff, Keith Murray, Dan Gough from Terra Firma to name a few. This boy is back and means business…

DJ DISTER - Berlin - Born 2 Roll [FULL AV SET]

His night Born2Roll has now invaded Berlin with that golden era hip-hop mentality and regularly hosts the cream of U.S rappers. Now this turntable wrecking, train-bombing beat junkie has come to London to remind you why you loved the boom bap in the first place. Expect a razor sharp mix of hip-hop, funk, soul, and Latin beats, from old to new.

GALAXY HIGH - Grand District

The Swedish born activist, artist & cultural ambassador Galaxy High will hit the stage to showcase his soon to be released EP Blast Ave which ft. Pete Rock, CL Smooth, DJ Premier & Gift of the Gab. Expect a unique blend of Jazz infused with African Rhythms & Senegambia sounds.

SONNY DELIGHT & DJ EveR - Strictly Biz Co-founders & Resident DJs

They'll be diggin deep into their 20-year collection to bring you the best strictly dusted classics & surprise instrumental business.

MUSKUT BEATS - Filth and flaunt / SK!NT

Hackney Based DJ/Producer Muskut Beats has supported Skinnyman, Dr Syntax, Stig of the Dump & Warrior Queen. He’ll hit the decks to bring you the best of best beats, rhymes & baselines all wrapped in a badass bow.

Support this occasion as this is REAL hip hop!

4our Pillars - Part 2

After a bright and humble start, the organisers of the Four Pillars UK jam are pushing the boat out for their next one.
Being held on Friday 7th December in SE London this looks like the 2nd best jam of the year*.

Details are as follows:
"This is the second 4our Pillars 100% Hip Hop party following on from our launch party held in June 2012.

What we do is bring you the best in Hip Hop. Come see for yourselves.

This time we have an epic line up with live sessions by the UK's legendary Rodney P, MC MellO, Kamanchisly, MCM and Britcore crew Killa Instinct.

DJ Devastate (Demon Boyz), DJ BigTed, DJ StyleWarz, Bunny Bread, DJ Harry Love and DJ Mada (Hardnoise/Son of Noise) will be on the wheels of steel.

The Soul Mavericks (BBoy Crew) will also be throwing down in the cypher again!!

Aerosol Art on the walls of the gallery will be provided by the talented ArtJaz

Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance as space in the venue is limited.

Please spread the word and support the cause.

See you there.

Hip Hop lives"

The venue is:
The Underdog Gallery,
Arch 6 Crucifix Lane,  

Already the response from the ABU! and Disco Scratch posses is strong so expect to see a big turnout.

The 4our Pillars Facebook Event Page

The 4our Pillars Facebook Group Page

*Rumsey Wells, Norwich - news to follow

More From The ABU Gallery

I was recently sent this great design from the man, WARZ - the driving force behind the wonderful StylE Warriorz RevengE blog - and I have decided to include it in the ABU! Gallery (see also here and here).

A brilliant piece and I love it. Cheers once again, Mista Warz.

I'm sure you've all checked out his site and visit on the reg-reg for rare UK rap mixes, forgotten DJ mixes, DJ Shadow rarities and just the all-round sort of stuff that gets the ABU! thumbs-up.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

From Here To HHC Fame!

I thought that I was a funny fecker back in the old days. This was when I went by the name of DJ WHIZDOM and sent a letter into esteemed UK hip hop mag, Hip Hop Connection (HHC).
Funny thing is, I don't even remember Lenny K doing either of these.

I've got 20+ cassette tapes volumes in a cardboard box entitled 'Whizdom Cuts It Up' which I'm scared to revisit and trying my best to avoid, too.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

LG's Takeover Show #2

As I was at the Finesse gig (see previous post) I had to miss the Disco Scratch radio show on Thursday. And it was the turn of DS-regular and Tesco-enthusiast, LG.

I got a chance to listen back on the show and it was just as I expected. A mish-mash of new and old hip hop, breaks, library funk and spot-on movie and comedy dialogue - I felt right at home!
Also it features an exclusive - the absolute dynamite mix from Websta's Heroes Of UK Hip Hop Mix Swap mix, previously only available to the few who were part of this mix swap last year.

You have to check this out. If you heard LG's first show then you know what to expect.

This was the 99th show on Disco Scratch which means next week

Listen to the show here or download to your chosen music player for later.

The New ABU! Banner

You may have noticed the new banner which adorns the top of the blog.
This was designed exclusively for us by legendary Surrey writer, Banzai. If you are a member of the ABU! Facebook Group then you will have already seen it being used there.
I decided to keep the same branding on both sites as frankly it is so dope.

This is a great banner and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Keep on keepin' on.


Lord Finesse Norwich Gig - Review

The Lord Finesse show last Thursday in Norwich was just what a hip hop gig should be.

Beginning in the city's first-choice shop for dope sneakers, Main Source, was an in-store preview evening for the re-launched Patrick Ewing kicks - sadly not for me, they're like feckin' moon boots. As the city's b-boys congregated to the sounds of Sure D and Just-1 on vinyl duties we awaited the presence of Finesse's dj. Boogie Blind arrived sometime after 8pm, plugged in his Serato and laptop and got busy on the decks. Sadly the touted in-store of The Man himself failed to materialise.

Now this is someone who has been going since before (sadly) over half the audience on the night were even born. The majority of the ticket-holders were students or at least that age group while the real old heads were sadly a small bunch.
Nonetheless, as Finesse said a few times throughout the gig that he would perform better on the energy that the crowd were giving him as it would give him something to feed off. This luckily was in abundance and the man rocked.

DJ Mike Smooth no longer being a part of the Lord Finesse camp was replaced by DJ Boogie Blind of The X-Ecutioners who acted as half-DJ, half-hype-man keeping the crowd amped.
Finesse hit the stage with no flim-flam or smug entrance and kept it all rather courteous checking out what the crowd was willing to give him, no doubt.

The night consisted of 2-hours of the the finest The Bronx could give us with top Golden Age selection after selection making me think of a few cuts that I'd not heard for a while. The only break Finesse had - of sorts - was when he let his man Boogie Blind aka The Rubber Band Man aka All My Money's On Him go to work on the turntables.
Well, he let him do his thing for 3 or 4 minutes then Finesse and BB got down to some serious double-team action. The Lord works in mysterious ways and proceeded to exemplify a real showman at work by demonstrating his skills on the 1's and 2's. Eric B, he ain't.

At one stage there was a history lesson on where Big L fitted into Finesse's career and he told us the anecdote of how L got a third party to tell him how dope he was which led to a proposal of L spitting lyrics in front of him in a record store making Finesse more or less sign him on the spot.
This was all interspersed with Big L's demo's booming out over the club system rather spookily and made you wish for a different outcome to what befell this extraordinary wordsmith.

A couple of strange moments at the Norwich gig aside - drunk student attempting to crash the stage and a supposedly dope MC pulled onto the stage to help Finesse out who was embarrassingly nothing near what his mates believed him to be - this was quite possibly one of the best gigs Norwich had ever seen of someone of this calibre. This is the founding member of the DITC crew who, as Finesse said during his performance were equalled only in terms of production in the 1990's to Wu Tang. Who could forget how deep and masterful the Diggin' In The Crates posse rolled: Finesse, Showbiz & AG, Diamond D, Buckwild, Big L.....

This was 90's hip hop at it's best. And with Finesse meeting and greeting anyone who wished to straight after the show, he showed he was someone who respects not only hip hop but his fans, too.

DJ Boogie Blind with Norwich's ageing B-Boy crew

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lord Finesse In The UK

The Funky Man from the Diggin In The Crates crew is visiting the UK this week and is dropping into Norwich this Thursday.

I mean, it'd be rude not to, right? See you there!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Repo's Rumsey Rubadub Mix

When I did a session at Norwich's Hip Hop night at The Rumsey Wells the other Saturday I thought most of the tracks seemed to flow well with each other. And since it wasn't recorded I decided to have a crack at recreating the mix at home.
Golden-Age cuts along with some beats for the dancefloor b-boys.

Have a listen below or right-click and Save for later.

Repo's Rumsey Rubadub

If anyone has any mixes of their own featuring a similar style, genre and era - I cannot stress the word 'era' any more importantly (well, I can put it in bold) - then let me know and I'll happily feature it.
I think you are all knowledgeable on what to send, yes? Anything clearly destined for my spam folder will be held up and ridiculed - I reserve that right.



P.s. Tracklisting in the Comments ------->

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The October 2012 ABU Takeover Show - DOWNLOAD

Disco Scratch was back on the air on Thursday - although a few, me included, had issues trying to connect - and it was the ABU Takeover Show.

Once again it was the DS chatroom that proved where where the action is. And due to the lack of female interest last night, it was a rather sweaty, heaving, testosterone-heavy onslaught of filth certainly not recommended for the uninitiated. And remember, what happens in the chatroom STAYS in the chatroom...!

A couple of Halloween treats this month rather than the full-on scare-fest that was last October's Show. along with the usual Album Spotlight, Funk Trunk, Roots Of The Roots (double-helping) and all manner of general hip-hop silliness that accompanies the Takeover Show.

Click on the link just below to listen or right-click and save to keep it for later.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Patti Astor Show Tracklisting

I didn't put up a tracklisting for the last ABU Show so I've been through it and made one. Probably the most varied one you'll ever hear.

01  Gangbusters - from Wild Style OST (Repo Edit)
02  Kev Luckhurst - Wild Style Lesson - from Wild Style OST
03  Blondie - Pretty Baby
04  Kurtis Blow - Rappin' Blow (Instrumental)
05  The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
06  Fab 5 Freddy - Change The Beat
07  Cymande - The Message
08  The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
09  Crime Cut - from Wild Style OST
10  Down By Law - from Wild Style OST
11  Rammellzee & Shockdell At The Amphitheatre - from Wild Style OST
12  The Apples - Killing (In The Name Of)
13  William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got
14  Specifik - Rotate The Wax (Instrumental)
15  Ice T - Dog'n The Wax (Instrumental)
16  The Clash Ft Futura - The Further Escapades Of Futura 2000
17  Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
18  DJ Supreme - Impeach (The Sequel)
19  Manzel - Space Funk
20  Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel
21  Grover Washington Jnr - Knucklehead
22  Bronx Style Bob - NY Ninja (Instrumental)
23  Rammellzee Vs K-Rob - Beat Bop
24  Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - The Love I Lost
25  Nubian Crackers - Beat 35
26  Cold Crush Brothers & Fantastic Freaks - Basketball Throwdown
27  Pieces Of A Dream - Mt. Airy Groove (instrumental)
28  DJ Shadow - Aye
29  Repo136 - Muggy Bonehead
30  Rammellzee - Live at Antenna Club UK (1982)
31  Blondie - Rapture
32  Cuckoo Clocking - from Wild Style OST
33  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel / Adventures…. (Scratch Perverts Mix)

34  Pumpkin - King Of The Beat (Instrumental)
35  Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss
36  James Chance and the Contortions - Contort Yourself
37  Sequence - Funk You Up
38  John Coltrane - Acknowledgement (from A Love Supreme)
39  Jefferson Airplane - Today
40  Jurassic 5 - Swing Set

Saturday, 20 October 2012

ABU Crew Live In Norwich TONITE

 I will be guesting tonight at the premier monthly hip hop night in Norwich (downstairs @The Rumsey Wells) alongside Mr Eps (as heard on Future Radio). Residents DJ Just-1 and Chrome will be rocking the decks as usual.

As always it'd be great to see any of you down there. It's always a jovial atmosphere and the music selection is spot-on.
Opens at 8pm until midnight.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Grandmixer DST Source Sample

I found this today but it's got me thinking that I may go on another time-consuming search.

It's the 'scream' that's heard in the Grandmixer DST track, Why Is It Fresh? at the part where the guy says, "now why don't we make believe we're in school....".
I found the scream whilst listening to a Power Records rip on Youtube. It's all rather silly with some over-the-top voice actors and the scream appears behind some speech. The fact that it's not entirely clear makes me wonder that it was a stock piece of audio and must've been taken from a larger library of sounds.
I fear I shall not rest until I've found the proper source.....

This goes out to my boy, Irish Craig in particular.

Go to 4 mins 35 for the scream.

The scream is here at 4mins 27 of this Captain America adventure.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Inch High Takeover on DSR THURSDAY 11th

The Queen is in session! 
It's another Inchy Takeover on Disco Scratch Radio TOMORROW evening (11th Oct). Funkety-funk and hippity-hop all being played from vinyl. Mmmm, nice.
Inch High73 always provides a dope mix whenever she springs up on DS or indeed via her Soundcloud page and so is well recommended and receives the official ABU double-thumbs-up.
Tune in as always to at 9pm. There are a number of ways to listen once you've hit the page - personally I try to listen to anything on the net via a stream to VLC (iTunes and Quicktime are long-time bugbears with me and I WILL try to avoid any use possible)

Friday, 5 October 2012

ABU Podcast September 2012 - Patti Astor Interview

What a night that was.

Last night was the (slightly later edition) Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show (listen to it just below)......

 Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover show

......on Disco Scratch Radio and in an exclusive interview I was privileged to be able to speak to the legendary Patti Astor.

Fred, Patti & LEE
Patti has an encyclopedic memory and seems to remember everything that went on whilst she was busy being Queen of the Downtown Scene in the early 80's. Check the show if you haven't as she has some great anecdotes.
Also if you didn't know, Patti is set to release her autobiography, 'Fun Gallery... The True Story' this Saturday (6th October) which is guaranteed to hold more than it's fair share of historical hip hop stories, legendary artists and Patti's whole back-story.
There is a special book launch being held in New York City at Clic Bookstore and Gallery, 255 Centre St , New York, New York 10013. A Facebook Group has been set up, too which you can visit here.

In the interview we mentioned a couple of her earlier films, Bachelorette Pad and Get Tux'd (which features performances from Ice T, Prince Whipper Whip and Hen G). Here they both are on Youtube.

Download this month's ABU! Takeover Show with Patti in interview
23 ABU Show (DSR95) September 2012 - The Patti Astor Interview Special

FUN Gallery.... The True Story - Facebook Page

The FUN Gallery Website - Order your copy of the book here, signed by Patti herself!

Note: for the completetists, even though this was broadcast at the beginning of October I have labelled this as September just to stop any confusion when the 'proper' October show is broadcast at the end of the month. Word!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The ABU! Podcast - Patti Astor Special TONITE!

Tonight is the ABU! Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio. And we have a scoop.

For the first time, we have a special guest in interview. But being that ABU deals strictly with the original old school we have someone who comes from the real heart of hip hop during the first era of hip hop. I am very pleased to say that our inaugural guest interviewee is none other than Patti Astor.

Patti was right in the centre when hip hop was at it's earliest stage. Being in New York City, she witnessed the people who would soon become instrumental in making the culture what it became and regularly rubbed shoulders with luminaries such as Fab 5 Freddy, Dondi, Rammellzee, Charlie Ahearn, Glenn O' Brien, Keith Haring, Crazy Legs, Kenny Scharf amongst many others.

Please join me tonight as Patti has crazy stories to tell and a varied musical taste as a background to speak over. Listen as she talks about the events behind Wild Style where she played Virginia, the journalist looking to break the story of hip hop in the South Bronx.

This is really not to be missed.
Tune in tonight at 9pm (GMT) at the usual place Disco Scratch Radio

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hold Tight - 1 of 4

This Thursday. Bigger and better, forget about deffer.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yet Another Post On These Wild Style Wallets

Post # 3 about the Wild Style wallets.

So, I posted originally about some wallets with the classic WS graf logo back in May of this year, right?
They were only £6, remember?
Then a week later the guy selling them then puts them up to £20, yeah?

Well, turns out that after selling erm, zero wallets at this price he's now had a change of mind and put them back to the original price of of £5.99.

For today, at least.

Brotherhood EP

This is for DJ Diablo. It's The Brotherhood EP from 1991 as requested.

The tracklisting goes like this:

01  Intro
02  Descendants Of The Holocaust
03  Rips In The Fabric
04  Just A Manifestor
05  Drivin'

Download Link

If anyone is holding a copy of the Descendants Of The Holocaust REMIX as well then please let us know, too.

I want to send a massive shout to Marc aka Skyrock STS for blessing us with this. Please go and check out his music productions which are great slabs of instrumental funkiness and remixes. I'm really digging this one below with some very cool organ over a wicked drum break.

Also I want to send an almighty ABU shout to all the fam who offered to help with this. You know who you are and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know how deep we roll. Respect.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Facebook Group Page Banner - DOPENESS

I know I've banged on about the ABU! Facebook Group previously but I wanted to show anyone not on FB what appeared on Friday.

Old school writer BANZAI has recently been picking up the cans again and proceeded to rock the digital style and came up with this funky-fresh, Wild Style-inspired banner. Indeed, he brought out the computer rock and this new banner is now pride of place whenever you visit the group.

Big props go out to Surrey's well-respected graf veteran for this which was entirely unexpected.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

UK Rap Flood - Tap Now Turned Off

A while back I put up this post with links to downloads of a whole load of UK singles.
They weren't MY uploads and as I mentioned in the post, I FOUND them out there already floating around on the internet.
Most if not all of these links are now dead. I didn't bother to download any myself which was a pretty dumb move on my part I'll admit. However, recently there's been some interest in certain titles from the list so if anyone has the following up for grabs then please get in touch or post the link in the comments.

  • Outlaw Posse - Party / Outlaws In Effect
  • Ronin Inc - In The Mix
  • Cut 2 Kill - Jus' Coolin'

Also I had an email from a founding member of The Brotherhood (previously Son Of Funk), DJ Diablo who is desperately after an mp3 of the Descendants Of The Holocaust EP and the Desecendants remix single that came out shortly after.
Am I the only one thinking of the old JR Hartley Yellow Pages ad...?

If you can help out then please, please get in touch.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Poppin On St Elsewhere

Lockin' in the Waiting Room

I can't ever remember watching this early 80's series when it was shown here in the UK on Channel 4 although I knew it had a few stars in the making such as David Morse (The Green Mile, The Langoliers), Howie Mandel (voice of Gizmo in Gremlins!), William Daniels (voice of KITT from Knight Rider!) and of course, Denzel Washington.

Check out this first scene once the main credits have run. What version of Beatbox is that? It sounds like there's an added sample of 'pump, pump, pump' from Original Concept in there.

Props to Dez Clarke for spotting this on The Chrome Angelz Facebook group page.

Can't embed so go straight to the source. Apologies for those damn ads.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Style Warrior Disco Scratch Takeover - TONITE!

Yes folks, our man-of-the-moment, LG is taking control of the famed Disco Scratch Show for tonight (Thursday).
Be at the usual hangout and get up, get into it and get involved as he delves into hip hop's past, present and even, future.
Can you dig it?
Dopeness abounds.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

ABU! Guest Spot On The Hip Hop Sessions - Sept 2012

I had another guest appearance on DJ Just-1's weekly radio show yesterday evening and played a bunch of 90's hip hop, Electro and funk for an hour.

The download is below and is very recommended - not just for my tunes - as Just-1 brought along some really great 12"s, rarities and just good music. My pick of the bunch was the Tat Money-produced Ebony Broadcast System - Just Made Da Mutha F_ka Up with it's riff of Run DMC's Here We Go - devastatingly fresh, I thought.

Remember, The Hip Hop Sessions with DJ Just-1 is on Future Radio every Tuesday 10pm - Midnight.

This session was broadcast on Tuesday 11th September 2012



01  Tragedy - At Large (DWG)
02  IBM Nation - This Is For The Nation
03  Ron B - Stitch By Stitch
04  T-Wiz - Good Thing Going
05  Men Of Respect - True Bad Boy

06  J-Roc - Drug Dealer
07  Chris Lowe - Midnight Blue
08  Baritone Tiplove ft Jollirock - Thinking About The Payback
09  Ebony Broadcast System - Just Made Da Mutha F_ka Up
10  Funky Natives - Warning
11  Chill Divine - Putting It Wildly


01  The BBC Rude Bwoyz Dem - The Party Is About To Begin
02  BDK - Raw
03  Caveman - I'm Ready
04  Icecube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted
05  Public Enemy - Can't Truss It
06  The Pharcyde - Return Of The B-boy
07  Cash Money & MC Marvelous - New Sheriff In Town
08  Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet  

09  DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Rhythm Trax House Party Style
10  Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds - 2001
11  Le Par Bongo Rockers - Apache
12  Katzenjammers - Cars
13  Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (Instr) 
14  Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock (Instr)

Lunchroom Battles - Old School Freestyles

This Soundcloud audio has only been out for one day but seems to be blazing the internets everywhere.
Entitled 'Lunchroom Battles "Desperately seeking Vanessa"', it's a tape of freestyles that took place in hip hop's history all interspersed with newer skits as well as odes to DJ Roc Raida (RIP).

Expect routines from Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, The Juice Crew Allstars, Stetsasonic and Run DMC amongst others. Also a very rare audio of Nas and Akinyele speaking their rhymes Live At The BBQ over the UFO break. Dynamite.
You may have heard of that legendary routine between Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee and here it is in full. Who won? Listen for yourself.
Who else loves La-Di-Da-Di as much as I do? Well here are Doug and Rick giving us a live version but with added dirty lyrics about the ex-Miss America winner and songstress, Vanessa Williams.

The standout for me is a brief freestyle from Fab 5 Freddy using Sucker MC's. Nice, raw hip hop at it's finest. 

To be fair if you've got Rap Archives Legends in your collection then a good percent of what's here is on that cd already.

You can listen to it here:

Sunday, 9 September 2012

UK Originals - Mighty Ethnicz

It's da Style Warrior, y'all
There's two reasons why I'm posting about the above group.
The first is that I need remind you that there are only SEVEN more days for you to purchase your special edition Mighty Ethnicz tee from the supreme UK-flavoured garment designer, Style Warrior.
As you should already know, LG takes a legendary British hip hop logo and puts his own spin on it and manufactures only the best quality garments.
For all the details go straight to the source here.
But whatever you do, don't go to The Source - it's shit.

The second reason I'm talking about da Ethnicz is because I need to pick your collective brains.
I'm sure you're all familiar with their single 'Harmony Hall', yes? Well what I need to know is the break used on the track. If anyone knows then please let ME know as recently this got into my head via WARZ and to him via the Breaka Down boys. It's a familiar-sounding break and I'm sure some of the ABU! fam will know it. If not then yah-boo, it's in YOUR head now. Oooosh!

Check the video below and see if you can remind yourself what that break to the beat is.....

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Disco Scratch Is Back!

The summer holidays are now officially over. Disco Scratch is ready and raring to go - and not before time, too. Our Thursdays can now have some routine to them which is a breath of fresh air as these past few weeks have been a free-for-all with no structure.

I'll let your host, Waxer, take the reigns:

Yes indeedy, after 6 weeks off, stressed out parenting B Boys & B Girls the world over have been inundating the Desk Of Villainy with millions of requests asking when the show is back… I have lost count of the amount of pairs of knickers I have had posted to me in attempt to get me back on air… countless presents left at my door, like Neo in The Matrix
Well, your dreams have been answered, tonight at 9PM GMT, myself & probably both the Normans will be darkening your ears with another 2 hours of tuneage & banter to bring order to your worlds of school-runs, making packed lunches, ironing uniforms & finding out once they’re at school you’ve left the tags on etc, etc…
Join us all tonight as we welcome in the new season on Disco Scratch at 9PM GMT, see you in the chatroom:

So that's 9pm tonight at
And of course it goes without saying that we hope that there is a large percentage of Street Sounds-related tracks played tonight as ABU! is on Morgan's crotch. Well, aren't we? 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Pioneers Hip Hop Show - TONITE!

Design courtesy Mr Krum 2012

Okay boys and girls, it's the FIRST Tuesday of the month so you know what that means....?

Whirlwind D of Solid N Mind is at the controls for 2 hours of juicy, good-time, hippity-hoppity music over at Guildford's Kane FM studios tonight at 7pm.

Tonight the emphasis is on 1991 and you don't need me to tell you how funkay-fresh that year was, do you? Actually I think I must have had Cypress Hill's debut album on full-rotation for most of the time as that was one of my favourite albums at the time.
Oh yes, cassette rocking it's way on my Sony Walkman (I think it was this one or at least one similar) as I walked the 30 minutes to work and back each day. I used to have a lot of tapes on rotation back then and because it was tape it was easier to just listen from start to finish rather than fart around fast-forwarding past lesser-liked tracks.
Ahh, the days of listening to a full-length album....

Anyway, yes, also on the Pioneers Hip Hop Show tonight you'll hear the Old School Chart and a prize giveaway of the Good People EP courtesy of Diggers With Gratitude.

Not to be missed. 
Check the Kane FM website at 7pm.

p.s. Fingers crossed that some Streetsounds stuff gets played as well because I know how much you ABU! readers love Mr Khan.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mike Allen DVD Intro Teaser

The Mike Allen Tribute project continues to rock n roll.
Mex Luthor who is heading has just released this brief video to keep Uncle Mike fresh in yo minds.

A reminder that all details are on the official Facebook page which can be found by clicking HERE.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Some FULL-LENGTH Movies - Youtube List #1

I don't know if it's because I'm just late to the party or what but I've noticed in recent months that Youtube seems to have relaxed it's policy of restricting videos to longer than it's 10-minute limits.

And actually there are some real nuggets available to watch now. Everything from new-ish horror flicks to Grindhouse (and it's sub-genres of exploitation loveliness) and early 90's 'hood films.

I'm a fan of 1970's cinema myself, amongst others, and have found some stuff that I've only previously read about so this is a bonus for me.
I've compiled a brief list of what's out there to watch but be warned that you never know if any one of these will be around for long so if you see something, go and grab it while you can.

No doubt I'll put up another list in the near future. However if you see something you want to shout about let us know as I'm always interested to see vintage films in their un-PC, sample-worthy goodness.


The Brother From Another Planet (1984) - Bit of an 'art film'.

Wild Style (1982) - You KNOW it.

Beat Street (1984) - Eat yo eggs.......

Breakin (1984) - THAT broomstick scene.

Breakin' N Enterin' - Full Movie Version (1983) - The movie that 'Breakin'' was loosely-based on.

The Last Dragon (1985) - Part hip hop, part Martial Arts. The main character is named Bruce Leroy. WATCH THIS.

No Retreat, No Surrender (1986) - Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and dripping with cheese. A sub-Karate Kid but still great.

Eddie Murphy - Delirious (1983) - What do you mean you haven't seen this? Legendary standup performance from when Eddie was funny. Well, almost as funny as his Donkey.

Eddie Murphy - Raw (1987) - Filth flarn filth.

Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin' (1971) - The Master at work.

Original Gangstas (1996) - Starring the original stars of many Blaxploitation flicks.

Trespass (1992) - Ice T - Originally entitled 'Looters' and then the Rodney King riots happened.

Crips And Bloods Made In America (2008) - Great doc from Stacey Peralta.

King of New York (1990) - Starring Christopher Walken. And featuring Laurence Fishburne's legendary 'pimp walk'. What more do you need?

Panther (1995) - Van Peebles

Menace II Society (1993)

South Central (1992)

Paid in Full (2002)

Disorderlies (1987) - starring the Fat Boys! Remember?


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - The original version.

Dawn Of The Dead (Director's Cut) (1978) - Memories of my local video shop as a kid.....

Day Of The Dead (1985) - "I hope you choke on it!"

Don't Go In The House (1980) - Not seen this but one of the many 'DON'T' films....

The Hills Have Eyes (1977) - That baldy bloke.....

Cujo (1983) - Stephen King horror. Not recommended for dog-lovers.

Maximum Overdrive (1986) - Cheesy and bad. Brilliant adaptation of a Stephen King short story.

House (1986) - "NORM!!"

Shaun Of The Dead (2004) - Pegg. Frost. Wright. Genius film.

Prince of Darkness (1987) - John Carpenter directed chiller. DJ Shadow fans take note.

The Tunnel (2011) - Not seen this but certainly looks good.

Hostel (2005) - Torture-porn pioneering film. Not everyone's cuppa tea.

Grace (2009) - Dead baby needs blood to survive. YOINKS!


The Wanderers (1979) - Made same time as The Warriors.

Bloodsport (1988) - "I break you like I break your friend"

Invasion USA (1985) - Chuck Norris

The Octogon (1980) - Chuck Norris

Good Guys Wear Black (1978) - Chuck Norris

Missing In Action (1984) - Chuck Norris

Missing In Action 2 The Beginning (1985) - Chuck Norris

Missing In Action 3 (1988) - Chuck Norris -

The Running Man (1987) - Arnie film based on a Stephen King short story. Sampled in the ABU! Podcast intro, too.

Red Heat (1988) - Can't remember but was this the film that used James Brown's grunts during the fight scenes?

Convoy - The Movie (1978) - You know you love this.

Kill The Irishman (2010) - Great movie. Based on a real bloke, apparently.

Unlawful Entry (1992) - Kurt Russell and Ray 'The Otter' Liotta

No Country for Old Men (2007) - Coen Brothers. One word - mesmerising.


Jackass 3.5 (2011) - You either love em or hate em. Best one so far, I reckon.

Bio-Dome (1996) - Watched this the other day. Very 90's. Kylie Minogue is foxy, though.

The Big Doll House (1971) - Women in cages exploitation classic.

The Big Bird Cage (1972) - And a sequel of sorts.

Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS (1975) - Nazi-spoitation.

Get Christie Love! (1974) - Remember the scene in Reservoir Dogs mentioning this?

Disco Godfather (1979) - Holy Moley, it's Rudy Ray Moore!

Three Tough Guys (1974) - Geto Boyz N The Hood.

Mr. Majestyk (1974) - "Y'know what we got here? Motherfuckin' Charlie Bronson. Mr. Majestyk!"

The Stone Killer (1973) - Charlie B in the place to be.

And lastly, something for the kids. And the big kids.

Tom & Jerry full-length videos (90 mins average)
Tom & Jerry Vol 01:
Tom & Jerry Vol 02:
Tom & Jerry Vol 03:
Tom & Jerry Vol 04:
Tom & Jerry Vol 05:
Tom & Jerry Vol 06:
Tom & Jerry Vol 07:
Tom & Jerry Vol 08:
Tom & Jerry Vol 09:
Tom & Jerry Vol 10:

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just Jam 5th Anniversary

Now THIS is a true-school old-school homage.

Just Jam began as most things do, small. It was a modest b-boy event which took place each month in the North-East of the UK catering for anyone who was into the whole hip hop ethic, from the dancers to the dj's to the mc's to the writers to just about anyone who was just down.

Being as Just Jam was preaching from the Book Of Bambaataa and playing musical treats that would light up the dancefloor then it was only a matter of time before this cauldron of fiery funk would bubble up and out.
And so it was that its popularity deemed it necessary to move to a new venue because quite frankly, Just Jam had a lot more tricks up it's sleeves and was begging to stretch it's crazy legs.

Now the Just Jam crew cater for EVERYONE who wants to be involved. For those that want to see a b-boy battle or get on the mic and freestyle or if you just want to immerse yourself in the whole vibe then you can get with this.
There is even a hip hop theatre!
This is truly a doowutchyalike experience and it's here in the UK.

You see the poster above? Look at that. See what they've done to recreate the classic Wild Style poster and you can just guess how much love and respect this lot have for the old school.
I put this photo up on the ABU! Facebook page and it caused a lot of interest. And none moreso than ABU!'s own original NYC b-girl, Patti Astor who loved it and was chuffed in the choice of her new replacement!

Now. Have a gander at this video. If you thought that was fresh...bust THIS!

For more information check these links:

Main Website

Facebook Group

Follow Just Jam On Twitter

The event is held on Saturday and Sunday 27th-28th October 2012.
The main website has details of accommodation also.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jive Records 1988 Showcase

Big shout to my man, Irish Craig for sourcing this.
It's a promotional showcase for the Jive/RCA Records company from 1988 featuring Steady B & Tat Money, KRS-One, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince and Kool Moe Dee.

For historical purposes alone this is great.
And for seeing Moe Dee lose his rag, professionally, is great, too haha.

By the video evidence at the end it looks like The Skinny Boys were on the bill as well but not included here. I wonder who else from Jive was missed off?  The Classical Two? Schoolly D? Too Short? Samantha Fox?? Backstreet Boys???

Friday, 24 August 2012

How Clubbing Changed The World - Tonight

Tonight I'll be in front of the box as there's a couple of programmes that might be worth checking out.

“There’s games beyond the f*cking game.”
First off at 10pm is Idris Elba's How Clubbing Changed the World on Channel 4.
Now. You may remember there was a so-so programme last year featuring the same above British actor (Stringer Bell from The Wire) which had a countdown of the 10 best moments in hip hop's history.
It was bad. It was wrong.
However, I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll be seeing how clubbing history will be twisted this time.
I'm expecting to see a hip hop section and will also expect to see Kool Herc driving around in his convertible with speakers in the seats, Jazzy Jay cutting up out in the street with a guy doing the Caterpillar on some cardboard and also, I will be disappointed if I don't see that footage of the school hall jam with Bam, Herc and Red Alert in attendance with a ZULU NATION piece freshly sprayed.
These are the stereotype and stock footage of ANY factual tv programme doing a piece on hip hop's history. No?

So, as I'll be still sitting watching this, I will then be excited to see the next piece of entertainment right after at midnight, same channel.
House Party is an unprecedented "live six-hour dance music event" with no ad breaks and will be featuring dj sets from Grandmaster Flash, Radio 1's Annie Mac, "Ibiza favourite" Erick Morillo, R'n'B collective Soul II Soul, London quartet Horse Meat Disco (who?) and Canadian exponent A-Trak.

"Has it been spelt right? I can't bloody well see it"
Obviously Grandmaster Flash's set will be eagerly awaited. Hopefully he will bring some of that old school flavour to the show although if recent reviews of his dj sets are anything to go by then be prepared for anything from Tinie Tempah to Lady Gaga.
Soul II Soul I think will put on a better set being that Flash just seems to depend on his name to pull crowds rather than his choice of records. Jazzie B is a connoisseur of the groove so I'm expecting good things.
A-Trak, if memory serves, was that kid who took the DMC's by storm a while back. However I heard he was behind that Barbara Streisand record the other year, too. Hmmmmm....

It is hosted by BBC 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth.
No. Me neither.

Anyhoo, Channel 4 have stated that they will not repeat the programme on 4oD (although it is on Channel 4 +1) so you will need to catch it live.

There's a trailer of the House Party show here.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Strictly Coolin' And A-Rulin'

Strictly running things in the East, strictly keeping the sound hard to the core and of course strictly dropping some lovely stuff on our collective ageing b-boy bottoms is the Strictly Business crew once again.

Now That's What I Call A Dope Website Logo #76

My homeboy Ric Flair has put together another collection of rather brilliant songs from hip hop's yesteryear with the emphasis being on dopeness. Just one look at the tracklist and you know just why you LOVE hip hop, want to MARRY hip hop, want to SLEEP with hip hop and have little hip hop babies (but we know what happened when 'House' flirted with hip hop and they moved in together for some snuggles and created the bastard off-spring hip-house. Never again).

Best thing to do is download the collection and then listen while reading Ric's comments on the page. It's like a mad version of one of those old Star Wars read-along books except with less Jar Jar Binks and more fruity language.

Check the tracklisting for Strictly Gems Part 3 - yes, there's two others available!

Aaron Dee & C-Nice - Dissasemble The Beat
Busy Boys - Classical
Captain G. Whiz - Go G. Whiz
Charlie Brown & The CB Girls - You Can Make It
Cobra MCees - The M Go
D.Moet & X-Calibur - Dance to X-Calibur
Deuces Wild -  Hard Is Hard
Divine Sounds - Me & My Posse
Fat Boys - Fat Boys Scratch (Remix)
Gangstarr - Movin' On
His Majesti  -  Armed & Dangerous
Juice Crew All Stars - Juice Crew All Stars
Kay Gee The All - My Record Is Hot
Legion Of Doom - Live Bait
MC EZ & Troup - Get Retarded
MC Shan - Juice Crew Law
MC Tony Rone - I'm Just Rappin
Ministers Of Black - Step Into My Office
Phill Most Chill - That Girl
Roxanne Shante & Kool G Rap - Deadly Rhymes
Stereo Crew - She's A Skag
Supreme Force - Handling Things
TDS Mob - Crushin' Em
The DOC - It's Funky Enough
Top Choice Clique - Peace Of Mind
Tuff Crew - Let it Rip
Ultimate Force - I'm in Effect
Versatile Sounds - Like This
Witchdoctor & The Dominating 3 MCs - Rock The House

Sounds appetising, yes? Grab the collection HERE.
But before you do, visit the source first HERE. In fact you'll need to because that be where the password is.... bwahahaha....

Class Az from off the telly an' everything!

But that's not all. Strictly butter, strictly butter, baby.
The SB crew are too cool for school and have to unleash their metaphorical musical member and stick that flavour in your ear. In other words they are having a shindig on 17th August in north London.
If you are a Facebook Fag then CLICK HERE. If you aren't then go and smack yourself 20 times with Professor Griff's Kaoss Theory Wizard Of Oz Dominic Littlewood or whatever the funk it was called. Then LISTEN to it over and over for 20 times. Yeah. Do that.

Alternatively here's what it says on the Facebook Event page anyway.
Soz for the Griff thing. LOLZ.
BBQ action ensues as well! That's got to be worth getting elbows-deep with the Camden hipsters, hasn't it, no?

North London’s new monthly Hip Hop night is back to bring you the best beats, rhymes & baselines this side of the river. No barriers, no beef & the best bar staff in the world. And boy… have we got a show in store…
9pm-4am -£5.00 / BBQ from 7pm

/// LINE UP \\\


Irish Hip Hop has always been somewhat of a hidden genre, eclipsed by its English & US counterparts - however, Redzer, Terawrizt, Liam & DJ Mo-K (stars of the recent BBC doc ‘Irish Rappers Revealed’) are set to fly the flag for their hometown. Catch them here whilst you can.


Turntablist, Remixer, Mashup DJ, Cut-up composer- brace yourself as the DMC female finalist brings us back to the beat – BIGTIME.

-> ELLIOT FRESH & EVOLUCIAN So fresh and not so clean… check out their Livestock EP for a sneak preview. Im hooked. It’s going to be HYPE.


AKA Technical Development & Hey!zeus. Expect deep lyrics, dope beats and droplets of jazz.


Well known Dublin emcee Siyo hit 2012 hard and fast with the new video for his track Shinobi Flow.


UK Hip Hop & 90s US Classics


Raw Hip Hop & B-boy breaks


Ghetto blast from the past.


Strictly Dusted Classics and Surprise Instrumental Business

-> Big Al

Old School, New School, True School


***Join this SB event group to keep up to date***

Stay tuned....

Strictly Business 

So. There we go. Now you know. Ya gotta flow, Joe. Tic Tac Toe. Ho ho ho, open up yer do'. Hawaii Five-0. God only knows. Will You Love Me Tomorrow. Whoa! That's English for stop a horse! Don't steal my mojo. Hip Hop Horraaayyyy, Hooooooo. Should I Stay Or Go. Let it flow, let yerself go, slow and low, that is the tempo.

We out.
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