Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ice-T - Rhyme Pays (1987)

Remember ICE-T in "Breakin..."? He was the only cool person on that. Obviously it goes without saying that JC gets props (Van-Damme), too.

Unfortunately Reckless never made it to his debut album (or The Coldest Rap, for that matter) but instead we got the brilliant, punctuating synths of 6 N The Morning which is the 2nd track and my personal favourite. This track was inspired by Schoolly D's PSK (which can be found further down this blog) as Ice-T has often been quoted.
West Coast lays it's mark right here. By an OG named Tracy Lauren.

Download Ice-T - Rhyme Pays (1987) here.

The password to unpack this album once you've downloaded it is Thanks to my man Def D for the blood and sweat.


Def D said...

Your welcome bro.. love your blog by the way... very different and fresh ;)

Benzini said...

Thanks for the kind comments, D. It was actually your blog and Essential Elements (check the Blog Roll for url's, people) that spurred me into starting my own.

Def D said...

No probs B,
I actually love what your doing with this blog, I find it a very entertaining.. your very much on my wavelength, I'm also an aging b-boy, keep doing what you doing bro.. peace and respect to you and your family.. yeah I've read your other blog too :)

jerome green said...

Hi Benzini,

Thanks for posting Ice-T. Been going through a lot of early to late 80s West Coast after picking up the Arabian Prince CD from Stones Throw. When I look back at Ice-T's career, it really is impressive (I'm an SVU fan, can you tell?) and legendary.

Keep bringing the greatness.
Peace, Jerome

Benzini said...

Hey thanks, Jerome ('the green- eyed brother, brother with the green eyes...').

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