Thursday, 11 September 2008

9/11 Anniversary

I had the great fortune to visit New York City in February, 1998. The weather wasn't brilliant but that didn't matter because the experience far outweighed a bit of rain. It was like being on a gigantic movie set; busy, bustling, energising. Everywhere I looked it seemed I'd seen it before in some film - and I probably had.
One day I visited Wall Street. I went by subway and was very disappointed in the state of the trains - they were so clean!
I remember looking up at the Twin Towers and just feeling the awesomeness of these huge iconic buildings, the power was just immense.

Listen to Steinski's 9/11 tribute track.


View from the Ferry

Outside Madison Square Garden - feel the energy

And that's me.....

The sound of da police


m71 said...

not to get corny, but the best thing about NYC is the people. The longer I'm away from home the more I miss my fellow NYers.

Ben said...

I'd certainly agree, m71. I remember New Yorkers as straight-talking and helpful citizens.

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