Friday, 6 March 2009

Masquerade - One Nation!

Who remembers the UK crew Masquerade? They were on Morgan Khan's Streetwave label back in 1985 and had two relatively underground hits; (Solution To) The Problem and One Nation which was mixed by none other than Mike Allen.

The Dazzler has kindly furnished us with a quality rip of the One Nation and with no less than 5 mixes and scans all from a cassette EP.
My pick is the DEF mix with it's nice rap and Good Times bassline steal.

One Nation (Def Mix) (9:16)
One Nation (P.A Edit) (7:18)
One Nation (Street Mix) (7:12)
One Nation (Extended Groove) (7:30)
One Nation (Horny Alternative) (4:21)


Ramses said...

Mixed by Mike Allen - explains why he played it so much on his show! There's Morgan centre-stage on the tape cover too (although I'm sure his voice can't be heard on the record...) Never was much of a fan of Masquerade although it's nice to see a scan of a Streetwave cassette - I used to have the Roxanne EP on tape and it looked exactly the same as that. Thanks for the memories!

Waxer said...

Now that is flavour! I do LOVE a tape rip!

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