Friday, 15 May 2009

***Style Wars News***

Word on the street is that esteemed urban culture photographer and author of Subway Art, Henry Chalfant is trawling through unused footage from the classic documentary Style Wars to include on (another) special edition for dvd.
The spin here though is that it is for an upcoming Blu-Ray release.

Last November (2008) Henry Chalfant and myself (Carl Weston) went out to Los Angeles for a week to go through some 29 hours of unused style wars footage,” Weston stated. “Henry and myself are in the early stages of prepping a HD Blu-Ray release of Style Wars. We wanna make sure all of the best of the unused footage is on that release. I shot all of this footage of the screen of the flatbed editor so the audio/video quality is very low.”

Did I hear right? 29 hours? How much does a Blu-Ray player cost anyway.....

And also, check back here very soon because I've got an Ageing B-Boys Unite! special exclusive Style Wars treat coming up for ya.

Here's a little taster of the Special Edition............

StyleWars - Outtakes from Carl Weston on Vimeo.


ramses3rd said...

Embarrasingly I've never seen Style Wars, but I'll certainly give it a crack if it appears on Blu Ray (treat yourself to a player Ben, you'll never look back!)

Benzini said...

I'm in two minds as whether to make you the first ever banned member from my blog with an opening comment like that! ;-)
Seriously mate, you just HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM!
I posted it a while back but the link for the full version is here on Google Video

As for Blu-Ray, well I'm starting to 'um' & 'ah' about it but one question is quite essential. And that is, does a Blu-Ray player have a backwards compatability to play 'normal' dvds? Cos I've built up quite a collection and I don't think that I could start all over again. I mean I've done it once when I switched from VHS.
Hmmm, then I could justify buying a PS3 to the missus if I told her it wasn't 'just for games'. haha.

ramses3rd said...

I know, I know... I live with my shame on a day to day basis.

Thanks for the link - I can't promise I'll watch it, I'll probably wait for the Blu Ray release (I've become suspiciously patient in my old age) but I'll definitely be watching it soon one way or another. And yes, Blu Ray players are backwards-compatable (multi-region capabilities vary from player to player so a bit of Googling is recommended). Also - thanks to the miracle that is upscaling - it'll make your DVDs look better too. Go on, you know you want to!

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