Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waxer's Disco Scratch Forum & Blog

Waxer has been ducking and diving around the UK hip hop scene for a number of years now. Predominantly mooching in the south of England, Steve fell in love, like many a British ageing b-boy, with the sound of Electro which introduced him into the whole scene. With Planet Rock and Adventures on the Wheels Of Steel banging his eardrums he soon progressed to the art of dj-ing and vinyl collecting (mmmm, the smell of new vinyl and the oh, so gleaming protective wrapping. You want me to peel you off? You like it don't you? But slowly, yes, so slowly. Let's not get it all over and finished, let's savour the moment. I'll just make a slight opening and let my fingernail just glide into your slit and feel the corners....sorry I don't know where I'm going with this.)

The hallowed Electro series from Morgan Khan's Streetsounds was soon in his collection and he began hitting the lino. And soon he was also hitting the lines writing KRIM with his cousin, TAME. Following this, Waxer bought the legendary Gemini MX-2200 mixer (as used by Cash Money - I've still got mine somewhere!) from the equally legendary 4 Star General when it was still downstairs in a shop in Carnaby Street (General George, anyone? Who rocked Troop?!).

He was also a follower of the great Mike Allen and religiously listened to his shows each weekend catching the freshest jams of the mid-80's on London's Capital Radio, recording them on the same ten cassettes over and over again. Hindsight's a bitch, ain't it?

As the 1990's approached, Waxer was moving on and dj-ing for small events with modest audiences (ten people? I think we've all been there at some point!) and accumulating his posse and rolling deep under the new moniker of DJ Radiate whilst spookily looking like Marshall Mathers. From here he went stella and rubbed shoulders with some real hip hop talent............

But I digress, you can read the whole story in full here. It's certainly a stonking read and I await to see the obvious film adaptation ("Waxer - A Life In Vinyl") with Eminem in the title role.

The amount of similarities between Waxer's and my early hip hop life are so close that we could be cousins. Ironically enough as I'm now living in Norfolk, 'cousins' is not a term I'd like to shout about too much in this county.... ("...you fill in the pond with concrete, you plough the family into the field, you blow up the tree, and use the leaves to make a dress for your wife who's also your brother" - Alan Partridge)

Now one of the reasons I'm mentioning Waxer here is because he runs a fantastic blog over at http://discoscratch.co.uk/ and on the forum for this month only there is a chance to grab many old UK classic hip hop singles and albums. Each day will bring about a new slice of wax so you best mosey on over there.
Sign up for the new forum and get chatting because this has the potential to be MASSIVE. I'm urging everyone who reads this blog to check it out because at the moment Waxer feels like he's back in 1990 dj-ing in a pub in Havant. Let's get busy and show your faces!

Disco Scratch - The Blog http://discoscratch.co.uk/

Disco Scratch - The Forum http://discoscratch.co.uk/forum

Disco Scratch - The History http://discoscratch.co.uk/history


Anonymous said...

i like the way you addressed buying a new piece of vinyl haha classic!

WAXER said...

Well Benzini my mellow, what can I say an absolutely glowing review from a highly respected individual! I am indeed indebted and hope that we can get our heads together for some sort of pod-mp3-tinternet-drunken-old school-whatever craziness enters our heads-type shenanigans!

Here's to the future OF THE PAST!

ABBU/DS the new force in the future of the past!

Peace, Steve.

Anonymous said...

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REPO136 said...

I don't normally let any spam go through nowadays but this one is particular was so different from the norm that I gave it a pass.

And Waxer might appreciate the fact that it was his post that was invaded by this filth flarn filth ;-)

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