Sunday, 18 October 2009


These podcasts are well worth spending some time listening to. Your host is "TG-The Analog Master of Disaster" who you may have met over on which is where I know him from.
Have a look at the archives for shows with Mr Magic, Melle Mel, Jazzy Jay, MC Chill and others.
The first one I went for was a special on Beat Street and Breakin' with special guest co-host, Fast Break (who appeared in Beat Street).  

Check the archives here.

Also TG has made a video for Bon Rock's "B-Boy" song from 26 years ago. A strange choice, but Mr Rock seems happy enough to appear. The little b-boy - Little Vicious - is pretty fantastic as well.


rap music said...

not bad for a song from 1983 and a budget of 64 dollars

DJ Heliobranco said...

Huge props to TG...rediscover this Bon Rock, it´s time to reveal the good things about happiness, dancing and all that...peace to all bboys across the globe...

dj heliobranco

Mervin Martin said...

do you mind posting some stuff on your blog for me please

Benzini said...

@Mervin - Having looked at the 2 blogsites I'm not convinced I can help you as that's not really a direction I'm going in.

If you've got anything that old school hip hop fans would like then drop me a line about it.


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