Tuesday, 6 April 2010

DMCA Warning. Oh yes.

It had to come sooner or later.
Some loudmouth has gone bleating to the cyber-cops and as such some of my Mike Allen links have had to be taken down (sorry RUSE ONE).
Is this the beginning of the end of Ageing B-Boys Unite! as we know it? Well, obviously hopefully not as there is two years of hard work invested here.
My man SCENES over at The Underground Strikes Back blog has the same problem as some of you may know, so this is not an isolated incident.

That's all they are. LINKS.
Links to the files.
They are not directly found here on this website so I am not breaking any laws. I'm not HOSTING the files, just telling where you can find them if you so wish.

Got to go now, my mouth is hurting as I am biting my tongue with much force.


Just to mention that there are other ways to obtain these links if you really want them. But I have to know who you are (friend, regular or 'Follower'...etc)  rather than just some chancer. Got to be careful now.


d1111s said...

It comes to us all. Power on mate, in this game you have to be prepared for the worst.

All I can say is Back Up and if the time comes you can be reborn.

Ruse One said...

Why would anyone complain about the Mike Allen tapes?


This is probably the same thing that happened at Bust The Facts....

Anonymous said...

Who cares about sharing very old radio shows. They are just great memories for us aging b boys. We're not stealing anything, just reliving our youth. The sad people that got them removed need to grow up.

Lowrider Dave said...

As Ruse One says, why would anyone complain about the MA tapes - madness.
Reliving my teen years with these tapes!

Waxer said...

Jesus B what is wrong with people, not like it's copyrighted, I bet some twat with an axe to grind has done this. I have loads of tape rips on my site and no one's said anything to me. It's not hosted by Google though. Might be an idea to get your own host mate...

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