Sunday, 11 July 2010

Clyde Stubblefield's Long-Lost Brummie Son

It appears that the UK has a new Funky Drummer in it's midst. Yes, new video footage reveals to us that hip hop producer, DJ, radio show presenter and all-round biscuit entrepreneur, Waxer has a new talent up his Adidas sleeve.
As to what that talent is I'm not quite sure but here we can see some Pumpkin-esque skin-hittings as Steve tries to replicate the classic drum pattern of Schoolly D's almighty PSK What Does It Mean on an authentic 80's-looking, Simmons drum kit belonging to the Son Of Waxer.

Regardless of whether he fully achieves it or not, I see a series of videos in which Waxer recreates a new beat each time. Next month lookout as he plays his inimitable version of Sucker MC's!


Steve Stubblefield said...

Your post has caused great humour in the Palace of Villainy young Jedi! I see you have already named the next installment. I have convinced Byron that the drums need to live in the cellar with me and might have a bash at that later! Well funny, respect!

martinlfinch said...

Wicked post Repo me old china :-)

Steve`s drumming leaves a lot to be desired, a bit like his taste in biscuits (asdas own is a no no steve!!!!)

Right steve, a chance to prove yourself son, i wanna see you attempt T LA ROCK - IT`S YOURS drums. :-)

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