Saturday, 4 September 2010

The First Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast

I'm proud to unleash upon you the very first Podcast from ABBU!

An hour of good-time hip hop, electro, funk and comedy with minimal chat from me.

Don't look at the tracklisting below if you want to keep a feeling of surprise of what to expect.

Malcolm McLaren - World's Famous
SL Troopers Ft Seet Pea - Movement
Master Ace - Movin On (remix)
K-Solo - Letterman
Steinski Choice Cuts.Com Relaunch Mix
The Dynamic Duo Ft Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntable
Cybotron - R9
Style - The Assassinator
EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin
BDP - Poetry
The Funk Trunk track - Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa

Any questions for the Letters To The Ageing B-Boy section send them to with the subject line 'Podcast'.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for the show, song requests, comedy links or anything else.

Download the show here.


Waxer said...

Yo Big B!!! You can't imagine how perfect the timing is< i'm just off to bed to read a big collection of Hip Hop Connection mags I just got today from a boot sale and this is the perfect complement.

Hats off to you mate, looking forward to this on a regular!

Respect, I'll spread the word!

ramses3rd said...

Really good stuff Ben. Like the varied format, great intro & skits, the comedy interlude is an excellent idea, and don't even get me started on the commercial break! All this and a shout-out too!

PS Thanks for reminding me how deadly the drums are on Shaft In Africa, haven't listended to that in a long time.

Very much looking forward to next month's offering. Blogtastic.

martinlfinch said...

REPO man, this mix is right up my street, such a great selection of tracks! Some of my favourites are included, i`ll be bumpin this for a long time!

Loved the intro, was that your daughter??

Look forward to the next installment son, keep em coming...


Ben said...

@Waxer - Sounds like a good bit of digging there. I never seem to find many mags at car boots any more. Don't tell me you found some single number issues?!

Ben said...

@Ramses - Yeah, I thought I'd spice it up a bit. Still early days so I'll have to see what works and what doesn't.
Shame about the quality on the Franklyn skit but I'd listened to the album more than a few times this year and what with the Bazza and James bits, well it had to be done really.
Shaft In Africa - what can I say? Deadly drums, indeed. Sample heaven.

Ben said...

@Agent Finch - I brought out the big guns for the first show. I wanted to keep it down to an hour so some harsh decisions had to be made about what I had to keep off. Wait and see next month for some more treasures.
Yes, I engaged in a bit of nepotism and roped in both my daughters for vocal duties. The long version of one of my youngest's voiceovers - Evie - included her saying 'can I have a biscuit now?' in payment for her work.
The King Of The Biscuits fam-a-lam rolls deep, ya heard?!

martinlfinch said...

haha i`m surprised there`s any biscuits left after daddy REPO has filled his belly.

Loving the show Ben, the format is spot on, dope tunes, laid back chat, jokes & the adverts are genious, i remember them so well (must be old!) A wicked fun podcast, keep it that way B, it works very well!!!
And thanks for the shout out!


Ray Vaughn said...

Not going to comment on the tunes - no need to!

Liked the commercial break. Always hated that Kinder Surprise advert but this was handily offset by the inclusion of Kia-Ora. An advertorial classic.

Looking forward to the next one!

Ben said...

@ Ray - That Kinder ad always - quite excusably - freaked me out as a kid. I suppose this is a way of exorcising that particular demon ;-)
And Kia-Ora is a given. It was the first one I thought of. And it's reference in Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright's comedy, 'Spaced' just immortalizes it.

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