Wednesday, 16 March 2011


....or UK Fresh '11.

Yes, the 2nd version of the legendary UK Fresh '86 is coming to The Scala, London on Saturday 16th July 2011.

There are some big acts lined up including Newcleus, Captain Rock, The B Boys, Grand Mixer D.ST and maybe Freestyle ('Don't Stop The Rock').
This is more than exciting to me as;
a) I never got to go to UK Fresh '86 and
b) Hearing some classic Electro being performed live may just blow my mind.

Tickets will go on sale at 6.00pm on Thursday 31st March and I will update you with prices hopefully before that. Bear in mind though that this IS a Morgan Khan event and as such it will NOT be cheap!
Apparently there will only be 1000 tickets for the event and unlike before, will only be one performance.
However, along with the live acts there will also be live graffiti, b-boys and dj's playing from the Street Sounds albums ‘Anthems’, ‘Rare Grooves’ to ‘Jazz Juice’ and House.
There will be a Street Sounds Memorabilia and Graffiti Exhibition as well as the Street Sounds Wall Of Fame - if you purchase your ticket online you will have an option to write an email back talking about your experiences from the 80's in hip hop. These will then be collated and printed on the wall.

Also the whole night will be filmed for a future dvd release - obviously Morgan has been kicking himself for 25 years wishing he'd hired some film cameras for Wembley.

So who's up for this, then??


ramses3rd said...

I was toying with going to this, then I decided I probably wouldn't, then I discover (on this very blog) that DST will be there and now I'm not sure again. I probably won't. But I might.

PS The Scala holds some very fond memories for me; before it became a club venue it was a fleapit cinema - I saw Dawn of the Dead there. Thrice. And Zombie Flesh Eaters.

Adam said...

Would love to go to this, missed the original, will be worth it just for 'Jam On it' alone... although Newcleus being a 'proper band' may ruin it by doing it properly live.

If there's anyone out there who wants to go but like me would feel a 'tool' on your own, giveme a shout at My name's Adam.

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