Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sure Shot Productions No Half-Steppin Xmas Jam

Last Saturday was the Sure Shot Productions No Half-Steppin Xmas Jam and as expected was a truly great experience.
DJ's on the night were residents Just-1 and Chrome with Waxer and myself, Repo guesting behind the wheels of steel.
In front of the decks were some absolutely blinding acts. Billed as 'Special Guests' was SUSPEKT who tore up the place.
Following fresh on their heels was a performance from WHIRLWIND D of SOLID N' MIND with WAXER providing scratch duties. Bearing in mind that this was only his second live performance in 20 years then this was even more breathtaking.
Norwich's own CHROME & ILL INSPIRED took to the stage next and proceeded to wreck shop. These two have their routines down and it really shows. Chrome's funky rhymes are matched only by the lyrical dexterity of Bill's fantastic, jaw-dropping lyrics. 

DJ JUST-1 got on the wheels straight away and
Next on was the welcome return of KILLA INSTINCT who pushed the envelope even further with MC BANDOG giving it everything he had even though he was suffering from a previous leg injury. Unfortunately K.I. don't perform in the UK as much as we'd all like so watching them here was a bit of an early Christmas present.

It was my turn to rock the jingle bells so I got busy throwing on the black plastic but as time was precious it turned into a 3-man merry-go-round with Chrome and Waxer joining me.

What a night. It's hard to say what exactly was the best moment for me but some highlights include:

Going to the Graffiti Crimbo Jam prior to the evening jam and seeing KILO's absolutely dope piece (below).

Meeting a load of friends I hadn't seen since the 3 The Hard Way Xmas Jam last year in Birmingham.

Showing Auntie Repo to the ABU! Massive.

Waxer's impromptu demonstration of smashing Bring Forth The Guillotine to pieces during his set!

So much respect for Chrome and Just-1 for getting this all together. Remember this is every month although no live acts, but special guest dj's.
And also catch Just-1's Hip Hop Sessions every Tuesday on Future Radio at 10pm.

And also a big hello to anyone who is visiting the blog for the first time after picking up one of the little ABU! cards that were left around the pub on Saturday ;o)

The 'Reader's Wives Club'!
Killa Instinct

MC Chrome
Repo & Inch High
A rather excitable Waxer with Repo
Bill Ill Inspired
Lennie from Suspekt
DJ Just-1
Scenes with Inch
KILO's piece at the Crimbo Graf Jam


Ric Flair said...

East coast represent.
Love it.
Yo Ben - Check out this years Christmas treats at http://strictlybusinesshiphop.blogspot.com/

Merry Christmas people.

Anonymous said...

Damn spending so much time on FB,& thinking u'd put some of this on there-4got about the blog,& most sites i check lately ! I'll try & backspin on a gravel drive with no top on as punishment !!! : D
Good 2 see everyone having a good time & smiling(tho i didn't even recognise Waxer-must be all those stimulants he has 4 all that work he does !) !
Merry Xmas EVERYONE !
Homer Jay. dB0)>

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