Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mike Allen - A Waxer Tribute

I spoke to my homey, Waxer very recently and he was in a state of fevered excitement.
Y'see, he had gone to visit Mex Luthor - an ageing b-boy to the highest degree from Brighton - and was in the process of looking through all the Mike Allen artifacts that he had recently acquired.
The excitement stemmed from the fact that upon discovering other mind-blowing Mike-related items that I am sworn to secrecy not to reveal just yet, Waxer had in his hands......something so incredible it almost defies logic.
Waxer DiscoScratch was holding THE original 12 inch vinyl copy of The Russell Brothers 'Party Scene' that THE Mike Allen used each and every week on Capital Radio (and subsequently BRMB).

Check the video below to see for yourself just how this latest news regarding Uncle Mike is affecting us mere mortals. Waxer, as you can plainly see, is in a state of shock and you can tell by his honesty is just pouring out his heart over the experience of seeing things mere man was never meant to see. Truly.
Respect to the M-A-X going out to my breadbin, Wax and of course, the man who has been instrumental to the whole shenanigans, Mex Luthor.

1 comment:

ramses said...

I haven't even watched the video yet but effing HECK - the original Party Scene??? Talk about Holy grail....

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