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April 2012 ABU! Takeover Show - DOWNLOAD

Helloooooo everybodyyyyyyy. Hellooooooooo, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaaa!!

Track listing in the Comments
So here it is, the April Edition of The Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio which went out on the air yesterday evening.

I know I'm always banging on about getting in the chatroom each Thursday to get involved live when the Disco Scratch shows are on but last night was exceptional.

The chatroom was pretty full with such regulars as Inch, Hayhooooooe, Waxer, RobinS, Wock, RuseOne, Scenes, JimCee, Grixter, Bradski, Ridla, SteveB, Metronik, Sine, LG, CoolC all in attendance at sometime throughout the evening.
And we even had an honorary appearance from the man like Agent Finch for a fleeting time as well! Brraaapp!

As well as this there were some new faces such as SDK, myhiphophistory, deathop, SirGandalfSpamDigger (hmmmm...) and, er, Bob_James.

However there were two more newbies in the chat that I was very happy to see, namely Future Radio's very own Hip Hop Sessions regular, DJ Mr Eps who dropped in and fueled a Grange Hill debate. And also we had the legendary underground actress and ex-FUN Gallery owner, Patti Astor stop by and chat, too. You may remember Patti as 'Virginia', the lady reporter in Wild Style. She regularly posts in the ABU! Facebook Group as well and drops serious knowledge and great anecdotes about the early 80's hip hop scene in New York City.

There was a great vibe throughout the evening which made the session pretty special. Then there was a 30-minute bonus beat after-hours session with Waxer putting on some nice Nautilus-related joints. And then........ the mother of all Easter Eggs. If you were listening you would have heard the world's first full-length play of 'Strong' which is the opening track from the upcoming WD-40 EP from Whirlwind D & Waxer. Remember, anything played AFTER 11pm is not part of the download version of the show. This is all strictly live. There will be no re-runs, brother.

Big shout to my man, Ric Flair from the Strictly Business crew. These guys make some of the dopest and most comprehensive compilations known to man. Ric chose this month's selection in the Album Spotlight section (see Comments for the reveal).

Thanks to EVERYONE to tuned in live last night and of course to anyone who is listening to the download. Your support is greatly appreciated. This is from the heart.

One Love.
Truth is absolute.


Listen to the show on the mini-player just below or right-click and save by clicking HERE to download the show for later.

P.S. Oh yeah, just for fun but a task for you retro game-heads out there. Can you guess the intro music I've messed with right at the beginning of the show?


Repo said...

01 Love Bug Starski - Starski Live At The Disco Fever
02 Grandmixer D.ST. - Home Of Hip Hop
03 MC Krazee A - Into The Music
04 Lord Shafiyq - My Mic is on Fire
05 LL Cool J - Ahh, Let's Get Ill
06 John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13 - Main Title
07 Afrika Bambaataa & Family - Bambaataa's Theme (Assault On Precinct 13)
08 Boogie Boys - Break Dancer
09 Paul Hardcastle - Forest Fire
10 MC Serch - Here It Comes Again
11 Cookie Crew - Females (Get On Up)
12 Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike

13 The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough
14 The D.O.C. - Portrait of a Master Piece

15 Just Ice - Put That Record Back On
16 The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document
17 The Bizzie Boys - Droppin' It
18 Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five - Beat Street
19 2 Live Crew - Mega-Mixx II (for METRONIK)
20 Kurtis Blow - Do The Do
21 The Ultimate Force - Cuts Like These (as requested by RAMSES)

The Funk Trunk
22 Alan Hawkshaw - Daytripper
23 Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - The Hustle

24 K-Solo - I Can't Hold It Back

Roots Of The Roots
25 Squeeze - Cool For Cats

26 Just Ice - I Run The Streets
27 Big Daddy Kane - Like That, Y'all
28 Beastie Boys - Rhymin' & Stealin'

Ric Flair said...

Aaaaah yeaaaah !
I got picked outta the hat !
Thanks for the plug Repo,
Nice selection as always.
Assault on Precinct 13 theme is uberdope.
No idea what that tune is on the intro though ?!?................

ramses said...

Even by your high standards this was an excellent show Ben, and I got my request played - smart.

Great to hear Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 again (note to self: check to see if there's a Blu Ray available) and you know I've always got a jones for that library funk. Daytripper has a special place in my heart beacause (and batter me with hot concrete if you know this already) it was used by Intervision video in the 80s at the start of all their tapes, so I'll forever assosciate it with such classics as Creepshow, Rabid, Dawn of the Dead and of course Kingdom of the Spiders with William Shatner.

Love the two Top Shelf tracks (and personally I couldn't care less when they were recorded) and your drop-ins at the start of Beat Street were pure nectar. Nice to hear some Squeeze too, I've still got a lilac vinyl copy of Up The Junction somewhere upstairs.

And if I ever meet DJ Random I'll have to cuff him hard for making me laugh out loud in the middle of the street, thus making the people of Harold Hill think I'm some sort of idiot.

Repo said...

Yes Ric, and what a crackin' pair of cuts you chose, old son. That's made me revisit the whole album again and I have to admit I did rather sleep on the DOC's stuff in the early 90's (oo-er, obviously). I think the slew of gangsta material was driving me crazy back then so it's nice to listen again in a different age.

No one seems to know what the intro tune is. I will say that it was a fighting game for the Spectrum and C64 in 1985. Hmmmmmm.....

Repo said...

Well Mark, I thought you in particular might enjoy this one. Plenty of library and cinematic bits and bobs.
Yes, I certainly remember the Intervision logo during plenty of early-80's video sessions. You mention Kingdom Of The Spiders which I've just had a flashback to. I haven't actually seen the film itself but always remember my dad had this giant poster of it which scared the bejesus out of me.

There were a few gambles in this month's show and I'm glad you appreciated the Squeeze track. To me the vocal delivery always felt more talky/rappy than 'singy' - thus why I jammed it into the show.

And Deejay Random is a nutbag. He has a weekly show on Freestyle FM on a Wednesday which consists of nothing but hardcore turntablism with funk and hip hop for about 3 hours and Random rambling obsceneties over the top. It's wicked ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great tracklist! Thanks for letting the songs play out :)

Thanks for the show and this blog!!!

noe madStyleVandals said...

you know what I love about your show Repo? the stoopid ass samples...that Sangglepuss sample just blew me away!

keep up the great work my man!

ramses said...

No one seems to know what the intro tune is. I will say that it was a fighting game for the Spectrum and C64 in 1985. Hmmmmmm.....

The only two Spectrum fighting games I remember are Bruce Lee and Way of the Exploding Fist... any of those? Nice track by the way.

P.S. If you watched your fair share of Intervision tapes you might want to seek out Telex by Derek Scott...

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