Friday, 5 October 2012

ABU Podcast September 2012 - Patti Astor Interview

What a night that was.

Last night was the (slightly later edition) Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show (listen to it just below)......

 Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover show

......on Disco Scratch Radio and in an exclusive interview I was privileged to be able to speak to the legendary Patti Astor.

Fred, Patti & LEE
Patti has an encyclopedic memory and seems to remember everything that went on whilst she was busy being Queen of the Downtown Scene in the early 80's. Check the show if you haven't as she has some great anecdotes.
Also if you didn't know, Patti is set to release her autobiography, 'Fun Gallery... The True Story' this Saturday (6th October) which is guaranteed to hold more than it's fair share of historical hip hop stories, legendary artists and Patti's whole back-story.
There is a special book launch being held in New York City at Clic Bookstore and Gallery, 255 Centre St , New York, New York 10013. A Facebook Group has been set up, too which you can visit here.

In the interview we mentioned a couple of her earlier films, Bachelorette Pad and Get Tux'd (which features performances from Ice T, Prince Whipper Whip and Hen G). Here they both are on Youtube.

Download this month's ABU! Takeover Show with Patti in interview
23 ABU Show (DSR95) September 2012 - The Patti Astor Interview Special

FUN Gallery.... The True Story - Facebook Page

The FUN Gallery Website - Order your copy of the book here, signed by Patti herself!

Note: for the completetists, even though this was broadcast at the beginning of October I have labelled this as September just to stop any confusion when the 'proper' October show is broadcast at the end of the month. Word!

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ramses said...

Superb show Ben, probs for having a true legend on your show and double props for conducting such a good interview. Listening to Ms Astor makes me realise how uneventful my life has been!

Some excellent tracks played as well - The Escapades of Futura 2000 just gets better with age, really enjoyed that swing track at the end too - what was it?

And as always the audio trickery was top notch. Hats off sir.

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