Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More From The ABU Gallery

I was recently sent this great design from the man, WARZ - the driving force behind the wonderful StylE Warriorz RevengE blog - and I have decided to include it in the ABU! Gallery (see also here and here).

A brilliant piece and I love it. Cheers once again, Mista Warz.

I'm sure you've all checked out his site and visit on the reg-reg for rare UK rap mixes, forgotten DJ mixes, DJ Shadow rarities and just the all-round sort of stuff that gets the ABU! thumbs-up.


Mista WARZ!!! said...

My feelings on graffiti are much like my feelings on Hip Hop in general, I like it 'Old School'.
Hence my Old School graf style, ask me to do a def B-boy character and I'm ya man. Ask me to knock up some graphic design bubble character or some new skool squiggley letters and I'm fucked.

I can't move with the times and nor do I care to, I guess tht's why I gravitate towards blogs like ABU.
Glad ya dug my doodlings, Reepz me old china tea plate. And thanx for the free publicity (again).

Repo said...

No probs, mate.
My feelings exactly. Like I say to anyone who'll listen, my heart and mind is with the old school of hip hop back when the whole scene was fun, new and bursting with energy.
The music is something I'll never tire of and still to this day keep finding albums I never listened to. Add to that my quest to track down original breaks and beats and also my newest genre, library music, then really I haven't got time to start searching for new music.
Respect, sir and thanks once again for the great piece.

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