Sunday, 28 July 2013

ABU July Podcast 2013

Yes, it's the summer shutdown but I went ahead anyway with the end-of-month ABU show last week. Albeit in a live style and fashion.

This month there's a selection of West Coast electro, East Coast boom bap, hip hop beats, smooth funk and rough as arseholes funk, a bit of BBC Radio 2-influence going on for good measure (haha).


July 2013 ABU Live Podcast

Tracklisting is below in the Comments.


Repo said...

01 Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers Ubiquity
02 Chief Rocka - Lords of the Underground
03 Change The Scratch - DJ Jeff
04 Gangster Chronicle (Repo's Mix) - London Posse
05 Soupy - Maggie Thrett
06 He's Incredible - T La Rock
07 Damn It - Feels Good To Be A Gangster - The Geto Boys
08 Straight Out Of Compton - Nina Gordon
09 Cowboy '78 - The Wiseguys / Stealth Otter Buttocks
10 The Grand Old Duke Of York - Carl Orlaff
11 Itchiban Scratch - Chris 'The Glove' Taylor
12 Message II (Survival) - Melle Mel & Duke Bootee
13 808 Beats - Unknown DJ
14 Egypt, Egypt - Egyptian Lover
15 The D.O.C. and The Doctor - D.O.C.
16 Passive Aggressive Feat. Jabbathakut - The Bitterati
17 Aerosoul - Tommy Tee
18 Letter to the Better - Masta Ace
19 Storm King - Bob James
20 Boogie Down Bronx (Bronx Version) - Man Parrish
21 Rap Summary (Lean On Me) - Big Daddy Kane
22 Chrome & ILLINSPIRED @HHOMM5 Live
23 Verbal Diarrhoea - Beattrix
24 Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
25 What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
26 Battle Tipped Rhyme - Solid 'n' Mind
27 Put It On Paper - Chrome (Ft MC Squared)

ramses said...

Great work sir, rough and tough and all that stuff. Really enjoyed the DJ Jeff track, some nice electro action (stand up Man Parrish and Freeze Force) and always a sweet pleasure to hear Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Gangster Chronicle was also funky fresh. Did you add the piano sample? If so, what the christ is it from? Pretty sure it's a film, but the old Ramses memory hain't what it used to be, and it was never very good even at its peak.

Re. Itchiban Scratch, I didn't know the 'Henry' sample wasn't on the Jan & Dean LP. When I was younger I always thought it was from Hong Kong Phooey (or was his name Penry?)

Oh, I feel your pain regarding new school uniforms; both my boys are changing schools this year, my wallet is screaming like a girl. If you need to cheer yourself up you could do worse than Google "Ghana film posters" and delight in the artistic masterclass therein. That's what I did.

Tommo said...

Always love your shows Repo. 100% quality each time and along with LG's shows, essential for any 40+ hip hop lover like me. Quality scratching of the fart too!

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