Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Strictly Paul C

Some of you may be aware of the name Paul McKasty, also known as Paul C. Some of you may not be familiar. If you aren't then it's not entirely your fault as there is little information in existence about him. However you should go to this webpage and read it in it's entirety.

Paul C was a unique hip hop producer/engineer/beatmaker who was modest to the point of invisibility. He didn't need to shout about his achievements as his work spoke for himself. If you read the credits on the back of your dusty record covers you will see his name on everyone from Biz Markie and Ultramagnetic MC's to Eric B & Rakim and Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud.
Actually that's not quite true as he either used different aliases or was credited incorrectly as Paul "C", Paul C., Paul C. 1212, Paul C. McKasty, Paul Cee, Paul McKastee or even plain Paul. And these are just some of the nom-de-plumes you might find, there are more.

Now, my reason for doing this post is simple. Ric Flair from the wonderful Strictly Business blog has written a brilliant piece on Paul which you can read here.
And not only that. He has compiled probably the most in-depth and exhaustive list of Paul C productions you will ever find - 4 volumes to be right and exact - which can you download and fill-up your chosen media-playing device to bursting point.
Ric deserves a massive bucketful of props as to my knowledge this has not been tackled before. The tracklisting is immense.

Also worth mentioning is a labour-of-love film project which has been put together by Pritt Kalsi - who you may know from the King Of The Beats producer contest.
It's entitled Memories Of Paul C McKasty and going by Pritt's track record should be another beautifully-edited piece of killer celuloid.
I haven't seen it yet but will do shortly. You can see parts 1 & 2 here with part 3 coming next Sunday.

Strictly kings and better.

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