Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ABU - The Album!

Over in the ABU Facebook group one of the members, Pom, came up with a rather brilliant idea just recently.
How about we pool our resources and see if we could create an album's worth of tracks?
Well, it has gone down well and we have a wealth of artists and producers wanting to get involved.

However as some ABU peeps are not on FB I must stress that this isn't exclusive to FB by any means. In fact a lot of you have been down with us long since Facebook was on the scene so I welcome you with open arms to come and get involved.

The basic criteria is.... keep that old school ethos. Electro, breaks, golden age boom-bap beats, human beatboxing, scratchin'...... maybe you have some unreleased stuff that you made years ago. As long as it is of decent quality then get involved.
I'm also thinking of having little skits all over the album so if you prefer that steez then go ahead.

The deadline is the last weekend BEFORE Christmas. Therefore I will give a special showcase /album launch on the December ABU Takeover Show on Disco Scratch Radio on Boxing Day evening.
It will be an mp3/download affair and there are some very fresh design bods working on the artwork so that you will be able to burn to disc yourself if you are that way inclined and have some cd-ready covers and inlays.

Drop me a line and send your stuff to ageingbboysunite@yahoo.com


Kool Moe Reepz

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