Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Reply From Steinski

Original page from The Street Scene magazine I posted previously

About 4 years ago I did a post about The Street Scene - a UK music mag from the Street Sounds camp from the mid 1980's - and posted some scans I'd taken.
One article in particular had preyed on my mind ever since. The mention of Steinski and a certain 'new track' called Technical Difficulty.
I have wondered for years if this ever got to see the light of day and I finally got an answer.

Last Friday Steve Steinski did a live stream of his latest mix. Well I say 'mix', it was more of a series of spoken news reports with minimal background music. Entitled Accidents, Mistakes and Emergencies, Steinski gave a no-holds barred, emotional 72 minute journey into some sad parts of American history via the news media.
It's still available and can be heard here along with a tracklisting.

So after this I got to thinking about Technical Difficulty and grabbed to chance to send Steve a personal email asking him about it.
I never expected a response yet he was gracious enough to spend a bit of time writing me a lovely reply and finally gave me the chance to close this chapter.

A lifelong influence, idol and all round good egg. I'm a little bit ruddy bloody chuffed to put it mildly.

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