Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Grandmaster Flash in Norwich

Tomorrow evening (Thursday 13th November) I shall be extremely ecstatic whilst simultaneously feeling extremely bored and pissed off.
Why? Well, I shall be in the same room as Grandmaster Flash, one of the godfathers of hip hop - something I have never experienced before. However, from almost everyone I've spoken to about Flash these days I seem to hear the same sentiments, "don't waste your money", "he's a sellout/nob/diva"....etc.
I've seen and heard him in interviews and whilst he does come across as brash and maybe a bit too over-confident he has been in this game for a long, long time. Attitudes change as do his audiences and he has to adopt his musical range to accompany that. Maybe. Or does he genuinely love just every style of music?

I'm not attending this gig expecting to be blown over by his talents but rather just to be able to tick a personal box on my virtual hip hop wishlist off. The Message was the first 12" I ever got (via my dad who bought it for himself) so this means a lot to me.

The warm-up acts are Chrome and DJ Format who are no strangers to playing in Norwich and will get a big crowd response I'm sure anyway.

Review afterwards.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Flash in Norwich! Got to make the scene! I didn't realize Chrome & Format were on the bill. Is this when we find out "Bad" IS bad NOT good? We eagerly await your report...
XX Patti "A"

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