Sunday, 1 February 2015

ABU Album 2 Launch Podcast Upload Show #47

The inaugural return of the ABU Takeover show on Disco Scratch Radio went exceedingly well last Thursday night with a wealth of listeners and chatters in the chatroom. A great response and certainly a positive indication of the year ahead.

Be sure to check this link out from the master of the Disco Scratch himself, Waxer, with some great words about the show.
ABU is a small extension of myself and only continues because of all your wonderful support and that can be anything from just reading this blog occasionally, leaving a comment, being in the chatroom during a show, 'Following' the ABU Facebook page or sending me an email. Whatever you do, that's the kind of support that makes me realise that there are many other like-minded individuals around the globe and gives me the kick up the bot to carry on.

Here is the link to the show from last week:

And below is the tracklisting.

01 The Jackson Five - It's Great To Be Here (Maybe Tomorrow, 1971)
02 The Saint Orchestra - Return Of The Saint (1978)

03 John Williams - Theme From Superman (Main Title) (1978)
04 Deathhop - Idiot At Work (ABU 2, 2015)
05 Skyborg - Request Line
(ABU 2, 2015)
06 Kid 'N' Play - Gittin' Funky (2 Hype, 1988)
07 DJ Demented Man - Lights In The Sky
(ABU 2, 2015)
08 pomDeter - Eddie Cheeba skit
(ABU 2, 2015)
09 Bomb Da System (Soski) - All I Know
(ABU 2, 2015)
10 K-Sly - Excretions
(ABU 2, 2015)
11 Aesop Rock - Bug Zapper (Instrumental) (2014)
12 Doug E Fresh - Chill Will Cuttin' It Up (Oh, My God! 1986)
13 Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Rhythm Trax - House Party Style (He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, 1988)
14 Bulli Space - ElectroZinc (Journey Into Bulli Space)
(ABU 2, 2015)
15 Mr Mark Collins - Getting Old
(ABU 2, 2015)
16 MC Serch - Here It Comes (Return Of The Product, 1992)

The Funk Trunk
17 Average White Band - Person To Person (Person To Person, 1976)
18 Captain Sky - Super Sporm (The Adventures Of Captain Sky, 1978)

19 Chrome - Johnny The Fox Cuts It Up
(ABU 2, 2015)
20 Repo136 - 'Alright, Fresh!' (Beat St Minimix)
(ABU 2, 2015)
21 pomDeter - The New Blow Your Caravan Egyptian Style
(ABU 2, 2015)
22 Juice MCs - Look What I See
(ABU 2, 2015)
23 BDP - Love Gonna Get 'Cha (Material Love)
24 Braces Tower - Eleven Twelve (Pasteism EP, 2004)
25 Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - I Gotta Good Thing (SteveB's Guided Minds Remix)
(ABU 2, 2015)
26 Rob Jammin & Raychelle - ABU Is Back!
(ABU 2, 2015)
27 Eric B And Rakim - Pass The Hand Grenade (Don't Sweat The Technique, 1992)
28 De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (De La Soul Is Dead, 1991)

Roots Of The Roots
29 Carly Simon - Why (Soup For One OST, 1982)

30 RJ Scratch & Bulli Space - Mantronix MegaMix
(ABU 2, 2015)
31 Ric Flair - It's Going Down
(ABU 2, 2015)
32 pomDeter feat Nick Crumplebang - Crumpl Hip Hopapotamus
(ABU 2, 2015)
33 RJ Scratch and Myk Apache Throwdown - Just Kut pt1
(ABU 2, 2015)
34 Big Daddy Kane - Young, Gifted, And Black (It's A Big Daddy Thing, 1989)
35 DJ Mek - Back In My Day
(ABU 1, 2014)

And.....Coming Soon:

Record reviews of Whirlwind D's newest 45 and Chrome & illinspired's 'All C N I' album.
I've got book reviews due soon as well but I never get time to read them. Plus I always have around 5 books on the go at any time....and never finish any. Dayum.

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